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  • 1. Personal Development and Leadership March 2014 Strategy: • Study the book “Mastery that was provided. (Greene, Robert. Mastery. Penguin Books, 11/2012. VitalBook file.) • Familiarize myself with social networking. (Ex: LinkedIn, Tumblr, Feedly, etc…) • Meet other masters in my field and align myself with them. Goal: To develop mastery skills that will help me throughout my career.
  • 2. Advanced Programming for Mobile Games April 2014 Goal: To understand the computer languages used to create and develop mobile games and apps Strategy: • Watch video tutorials on Lynda.com. http://www.lynda.com/Eclipse-tutorials/CC- Essential-Training/94343-2.html • Practice with eclipse compiler to familiarize myself with the environment. • Take notes on the differences in languages.
  • 3. Emerging Technologies for Mobile Games May 2014 Goal: To connect to different devices and become skilled at how to use the technology in them. Strategy: • Read article Gasson, M. N., Kosta, E., Royer, D., Meints, M., & Warwick, K. (2011). Normality Mining: Privacy Implications of Behavioral Profiles Drawn From GPS Enabled Mobile Phones. IEEE Transactions On Systems, Man & Cybernetics: Part C - Applications & Reviews, 41(2), 251-261. doi:10.1109/TSMCC.2010.2071381. • Join game clubs; retail stores, ie. Game Swap; community centers and or create my club own so as to to share multi-player ideas with local avid gamers. • Study new hardware for mobile gaming.
  • 4. Mobile Game Discovery and Industry Analysis June 2014 Goal: To identify different game design options to generate revenue. Strategy: • Read Broll, W., Lindt, I., Herbst, I., Ohlenburg, J., Braun, A., & Wetzel, R. (2008). Toward Next-Gen Mobile, AR Games. IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 28(4), 40-48. • Network with people in the industry via LinkedIn. • Keep up to date with new feeds from reputable game sites. (Ex: Gamespot.com, Gamefaqs.com, PCGamer.com, etc…)
  • 5. Game Theory and Innovative Game Design July 2014 Goal: To understand the psychology of gaming and familiarize myself with play patterns. Strategy: • Read Dufwenberg, M., Gächter, S., & Hennig- Schmidt, H. (2011). The framing of games and the psychology of play. Games & Economic Behavior, 73(2), 459-478. doi:10.1016/j.geb.2011.02.003 • Study modern game design patterns. • Join Gamers vs games club at FSO to examine unique experiences during gameplay.
  • 6. User Interface Design and Visual Development August 2014 Goal: To design the user interface for my own mobile game. Strategy: • Read Subramanya, S. R., & Yi, B. K. (2007). Enhancing the User Experience in Mobile Phones. Computer, 40(12), 114-117. • Research different interfaces from different games. • Visit local parks and attractions for visual inspiration.
  • 7. Mobile Gaming Business September 2014 Goal: To learn what makes my game designs marketable and successful in the industry. Strategy: • Read Donelan, J. (2006). small screens run deep. (Cover story). Computer Graphics World, 29(4), 28- 30. • Follow popular mobile businesses and how they fair in the market. Companies such as Gameloft, Ravio studios, and Kabam. • Join Game Production club at FSO to study different production methods.
  • 8. Storyboard and Game Design October 2014 Goal: To integrate my research and create storyboards. Strategy: • Read Moreno-Ger, P., Sierra, J., Martínez-Ortiz, I., & Fernández-Manjón, B. (2007). A documental approach to adventure game development. Science Of Computer Programming, 67(1), 3-31. doi:10.1016/j.scico.2006.07.003 • Familiarize and study different storyboards. I hope to gain skills in efficiently creating my own storyboards for how to implement game design. • Follow Game Design techniques learned from my Bachelors Degree.
  • 9. Mobile Game Development I November 2014 Goal: To understand reverse engineering and programming for mobile devices. Strategy: • Follow tutorial at Lynda.com to master Objective C programming language. http://www.lynda.com/Visual- Studio-2010-tutorials/C-Essential-Training/83789-2.html • Read Kurkovsky, S. (2013). Mobile game development: improving student engagement and motivation in introductory computing courses. Computer Science Education, 23(2), 138-157. doi:10.1080/08993408.2013.777236 • Research other mobile games to reverse engineer that would benefit my own game.
  • 10. Mobile Game Development II December 2014 Goal: To develop my mobile game and direct my focus on topics such as object oriented programming. Strategy: • Read Edwards, R., & Coulton, P. (2007). Teaching embedded programming through mobile games development in Symbian. International Journal Of Electrical Engineering Education, 44(4), 307-624. • Learn object oriented programming through Lynda.com. http://www.lynda.com/Visual-Studio-2010- tutorials/C-Essential-Training/83789-2.html • Follow development leaders such as Mike Morhaime at blizzard games.
  • 11. Mobile Game Testing January 2015 Goal: To detect different program errors and/or bugs. Strategy: • Read ROTHMAN, R. (2011). Video Games Take Testing to the Next Level. Education Digest, 76(7), 4- 8. • Follow fellow students on LinkedIn and/or Skype to keep updated on progress. • Practice making error and bug reports for real world experience.
  • 12. Mobile Gaming Thesis: Technical Writing and Professional Presentation February 2015 Goal: To present myself and my work professionally. Strategy: • Read Martin, P., & Pemberton, J. (2003). Making the Executive Presentation. Information Management Journal, 37(6), 58-62. • Read Linsdell, J., & Anagnos, T. (2011). Motivating Technical Writing through Study of the Environment. Journal Of Professional Issues In Engineering Education & Practice, 137(1), 20-27. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)EI.1943-5541.0000032 • Watch tutorial at Lynda.com for making a Prezi presentation. http://www.lynda.com/Business-Collaboration-tutorials/Up- Running-Prezi/108883-2.html