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Idents presentations

  2. 2. Why are Idents Important? Attracts audienceIdents are important as it attracts the audiences. To be noticedIdents help channels be easily and quicklyrecognised as they have a tendency to show areoccurring theme or style. Visual RepresentationIdents visually represent a channel. The channelsbrand and personality.
  3. 3. How are Idents enhanced byMotion Graphics/Compositing?Motion Graphics and Compositing enhanceidents by making it more unique and exciting.With motion graphics and compositing you arenot limited when creating unique and excitingidents. It is more appealing and attracts. An identwith animation or mind blowing visual effects cando a good job of keeping the audience tuned inand interested. It can enhance the way achannel is viewed for e.g. if a channel uses 3danimation in its idents it may suggest that itscurrent, exciting, unique etc.
  4. 4. Design Choices that should beConsidered Colour Typography Graphics Movement Visual effects
  5. 5. ColourColour is an important decision when designingan ident. Colours in indents can be a key factorof recognizing a brand. It may even be moreeffective than a logo in some cases. For e.g.white and purple can be easily recognised as E4and red and white can be easily recognised asFX. Certain colours are reflected on the mood,theme, style and personality of a channel sochoosing the correct colour needs to reflect onthe channel.
  6. 6. TypographyIn whatever way the typography is depicted the font muststay the same or similar. This helps the audienceremember the brand for their certain font of thetypography. To do this the typography needs to be uniqueand clear. Custom made that shows the personality of thebrand. The typography can be depicted in many ways forthe theme but usually the font stays the same. For e.g. Inthese two HBO idents the font is the same yet the surfaceis altered changing the effect and giving it a differenttheme .
  7. 7. GraphicsThe graphics in idents can be the main attractionwhen the audience sees an ident. It can bepresented in 2D or 3D and can be used for thelogo, typography, images etc. Other elementsthat should be considered are the colour, sizeand style choices. The graphics in an ident mayreoccur for other following idents so the correctchoice must be considered to enable audiencesto be attracted.
  8. 8. MovementThe amount of movement in idents should be considered.As movement is a key factor that enhances the interestsof the audience and makes the ident more exciting andeye appealing. Idents usually have lots of movement andare never stationary. The movement can come from thelogo, objects, the scenery etc. This can be animation, liveaction etc. Things to consider about movement is thespeed, the motion, the timing and placement. Depending
  9. 9. Visual EffectsThe use of visual effects in todays Idents is usedregularly. Giving it a high quality and a highdefinition look. Channels use visual effects inidents to try stay updated and give it a new andrefreshing look to previous idents. When havingvisual effects in idents various things need to beconsidered such as the type of visual effect thatwill be used(animation, live-action effect etc.)
  10. 10. Overview of Key/pivotal Idents Sky Movies Showcase ident E4 ident - Living Room (December 2007) E4 ident - Barn (December 2007)
  11. 11. Sky Movies Showcase ident (2011)
  12. 12. Sky Movies Showcase ident (2011)This sky movies ident uses great use of motion graphics andcompositing. Main elements used in this ident are the graphicsand visual effects and clear use of compositing is seen. Theseelements are used in the background, buildings and scenery.This is shown in different places and times. Although there is nota colour(s) that represent the brand the colours used are clearand bold. The logo is revealed at the end with the typographybeing a fine white colour with a basic but clear font that isbacked up by a bold purple and blue background frame showingthe colours of the ident. There is a lot of movement happening inthis ident. The camera moves left in a panoramic motion, thereare birds, flares, sparkles, particles, objects and people that areconstantly moving that keep the audience interested at all times.Sky Movies Showcase 2011 ident is highly visually appealingand exciting that shows exactly what the channel is about.
  13. 13. E4 ident - Living Room (December2007)
  14. 14. E4 ident - Living Room (December2007)E4’s Living Room Ident is full of creativity and afun mood and atmosphere. It uses the coloursvibrant purple and white which is recognised asE4. The logo is shows several different ways andseveral times. It shown in the form of cd’s, spraypaint, on boxes and more. This is how motiongraphics is used, mainly being stop-motionanimation or Claymation and is most likely set in a3D room. Two sheeps have been composited in.The main center E4 logo is done by motiongraphics and also composited. Some visualeffects is used from the small rockets being firedaround the room.
  15. 15. E4 ident - Hotel (December2007)
  16. 16. E4 ident - Hotel (December2007)E4s Hotel ident show repetition in the designchoices it uses. Such as the colours, theme,creativity, style and even characters. For e.g. thecolours purple and white are still used. The logo isalso shown in different ways, animation and a 3Droom is used. Using the same style of presentingmeans that the audience can easily recognise thebrand as similar idents have been usedpreviously. Both Idents are in the same format.