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PowerPoint Problems …

PowerPoint Problems
Better Speech Making

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  • Intentionally blankHow many of you have been bored by PowerPoint presentation?Why start a speech with Walt Disney like PowerPoint opening?Get away from big screen splash and flash for your opening and closing.Tell a story…maybe with a simple metaphoric imageMany of you are successful and are good speakers. The challenge is successful trap. Some of you can speak on anything anywhere anytime. So what happens. Curiel and thoughts are not planned for the current audience. I know three years ago I started to go to the national speakers Association Oklahoma took part in speaker tuneup program… And failed miserably in my first speech. I have a standard 20 min. presentation they asked for an 8 min. presentation I rushed through the speech I read the screen I walked in front of the screenIf you use the proven behavioral and presentation methods, you will be successful.I will use a variety of slide styles for contrasts.Four behavorial facts…why use them?
  • Killer number one boredom generator
  • Level of detail is a critical determinate in the flow of the speech. Some occupations explicitly have a preference for presentation order.For example, scientist, engineers, doctors and financial analysts, want the method of analysis, then the detail and finally the conclusionsSummary.Executives and general population want the conclusion and call to actions summary up front. They then expect the support point and facts to follow. These guideline also follow industries and agencies operational natureStorytelling appeals across the whole spectrum. Age, experience and level of expertize call for different speech adaptationIf it is a mix audience, the s


  • 1. © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 2. Speech “Killer” © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 3. Bam !GO! Three Seconds © 2012 Ray Payn
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  • 5. [1] Audiences think faster Slow Talk than you speak 3 to 1 ratio• Talk 150 to 200 Plus WPM Wondering Distracted• Comprehend 600 Plus WPM• Gunslinger: Shoots1/20 of Second• 600 thought-moments: 1 minute • Gunslinger awareness 1/10 of sec. • People judge at 1/100 of sec. source: Richard Weaver II Ph.D.
  • 6. Subject Words Chunk: Images Links PowerPointPre-Speech Post-Speech Success Variable Social Media – Media Technologies Speeches © 2012 Ray Payn
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  • 8. Rapid GrowthHughes Aircraft…urgently neededbetter marketing presentationsfrom scientists and engineersMeticulous detailed peopleI was there © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 9. Primary PrinciplesThe Power of Human are image-story orientedPresentation Imagetics™ Integrates words and images in chunks – AppleImagery got it Integration triggers positive, rich imagery in audience minds It primes the audience to be Receptive to the message…it invites action Imagetics™ is more that the speech It’s the whole interactions before, during and after the speech © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 10. Ray Payn, NSA - Board Director Creator Speaker Success ProgramNSANational Speakers Assn.San Diego ChapterAward © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 11. PowerPoint 300 Plus 1. Screen: no match to speech bad ways 2. Subject: old with cliché 3. Screen: too text full 4. Screen: read it 5. Screen: walk in front 6. Rushed content – major issue 7. Subject: too detailed – abstract 8. Voice: monotone – whisper 9. Added to the list
  • 12. Short-Term Memory The brainbox Limits 90 50 3021 300 Brain 75 Box 5Short Term Working Memory CapacityHuman Attention Span: 7 + or - 2 Miller Ph.D. Harvard 1955 Study
  • 13. 3. Take away lost:• 40% - 60% Short term Loss• 4%-10% Remembered - over time • They forget: middle of speech • Remember 100% feelings about you Stuff-F-Educators Bob McCormick - Prime ref. Hermann Ebbinghaus
  • 14. Take Boredom InventoryCanned Salad and Canned Speech
  • 15. Position Emphases: first vs. last said People Remember either: • Last is First • First is First 1957 Carl Hovland Ph.D 1992 AllPsych-Online
  • 16. Change Out Worn ConceptsGrowth: Change Perceptions Change Metaphor
  • 17. “…like Herding Cats” how about Sound …herding sea otters Stupid or 100 five year olds List 100 More“COMPARING APPLES AND ORANGES”As compared to bananas and camels? Find New Refresh Old cliché
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  • 19. Dimen… .…sionalYou
  • 20. Solo youBeginning - Ending © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 21. Genoa Ladies
  • 22. Flow between 12 First Last5 Minutes 10 abstract to 5 Minutes 8 details 6 Series1 4 2 0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 3 Seconds 3 Minutes30 Seconds 1 Minute 1 Minute 30 Seconds 3 Minutes 3 Seconds Excel
  • 23. Time Line Profiles AssessThe nature of the audience structures howmuch detail you start with. If it’s a technicalor financial oriented, you will need to explainyour research and analytical steps. Amotivational nature needs a story to startwith. A mixed audience needs repeatedvariation from summary to details
  • 24. Body Language Dialogue1. Make sweeping scans – read the room2. Pick people focus points – talk to them3. Pause at key point – change pace4. Ask thought questions – “time sponge”5. Adapt to feedback positive negative
  • 25. The Eyes Have It
  • 26. Something about themJoke, Humornews Bungee pulling Interesting Visual
  • 27. Subject Words Chunk: Images Links PowerPointPre-Speech Post-Speech Success Variable Content, Connections & Technologies Speeches © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 28. H1 Land Speed Racer 1935 The speech endYour new speeches start © 2012 Ray Payn
  • 29. Imagetics™ Technology Architecture Networking Marketing Contacts Web Be a Source Twitter FaceBook E-mail Feeds RSS Connections Content Blogs Surveys E-zine Feedback Speeches New Content Speeches Products Prep Files - Database DVD/Videos Podcasts Books Seminars Teleconferences © 2012 Ray Payn