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Published on develops and distributes the GamePlan platform, a premiere fully-integrated, easy-to
use online organization management system customized to meet the needs of sports associations of
various sizes and configurations. Recognized over three consecutive years by Inc. Magazine as a top
5000 fastest-growing private company, Everysport.Net has been in existence since 1997. Check us out at

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Presentation Game Plan

  1. 1. FEATURES •Flexible Registration •Advanced Rescheduling •Volunteer Involvement •Rule-Based Scheduling •Accounting and Financial Integration •Advanced Ad-Hoc Reporting •Content Management
  2. 2. Flexible Registration Our platform easily provides online registration customized to the way your organization operates. We include a feature-rich, easy-to-use online registration system designed to save time and money for everyone involved. Form printing fees are eliminated and registrations can be opened sooner to greatly improve cash flow to your organization. Parents and coaches also will benefit by registering at their convenience. No more standing in long lines to register – GamePlan’s registration system takes only minutes! Flexible Configuration Easily configure registrations to the way your sport organization operates. Include waivers of liability, custom agreements, candy programs, work duty and buyout programs, and much more! Teams, Groups, or Players GamePlan allows various types of registrations, ranging from entire-team registration, individual player registration, work duty programs, and much more Membership Verification GamePlan allows organizations to verify membership in a variety of ways, including by zip code, membership number, USA Hockey membership, and more!
  3. 3. Advanced Rescheduling GamePlan includes an advanced rescheduling system, which can be configured in any way your organization desires. Games may be rescheduled either by authorized administrators or by the managers themselves (with reschedule selections based upon specific rules and limits). Games that have been rescheduled are instantly posted on your site so that parents and players may view a current schedule at any time. You also have the option of sending out automatic text messages and/or emails to notify parents of schedule changes or cancellations. Maximize Resources Simplify Management Ensure that officials are always present and eliminate double-bookings. Easily identify recentlyrescheduled games and minimize wasted slots. Eliminate telephone hassles and allow coaches to take responsibility for rescheduling cancelled games. Free up volunteer and administrators to perform other tasks! Rule-Based Rescheduling Coaches have access only to those new times that are allowed by your preferences. Restrict the number of available slots, require advance notice for reschedules, and much more!
  4. 4. Volunteer Involvement GamePlan supports a variety of parent, volunteer, and work-duty programs. These programs may be configured in any way that you desire, including as standalone registrations, links to player or team registrations, and with robust exemption and buy-out options. Our parent-volunteer system fully integrates into our registration system, which allows parents and players to select their work duties as they register. Flexible and Customizable Configure programs that operate the way your organization requires. Add coupon- or role-based exemptions, support buyouts, and assign multiplecredits to holiday work-duty sessions. Visible and Timely Easily view work duty programs at any time and identify sessions that are filling quickly. Control buy-out prices and exemption codes to balance extra cash flow with volunteer hours. Secure and Policy-Driven Ensure that all participants meet program requirements, and implement fines and penalties for missed sessions. Future registrations until these holds have been addressed.
  5. 5. Rule-Based Scheduling GamePlan provides sophisticated scheduling services tailored to the way your organization operates. Utilizing a unique and advanced rule-based engine, our scheduling system is able to provide a schedule that meets your needs with virtually no limitations. Rules may be applied at a highly-granular level, and we offer a variety of flexible rule templates that may be composed for complex scheduling needs. Additionally, GamePlan provides sophisticated scheduling services customized to the way your organization operates. You're in Control! Most scheduling systems impose schedule types, game counts, and other constraints on an organization. We take the opposite approach — you supply us with a set of rules that define how your organization operates, and we generate a schedule that conforms to those rules. Schedule Flexibility Rules can be as specific or as general as needed; apply them to individual teams or across entire leagues. Enforce rules by day, apply them only across certain hours, and relax enforcement to meet advanced requirements. Robust Planning To forecast capacity and evaluate team maximums, introduce planning teams when the actual team is not yet known. Rapid schedule generation allows the planning of many scenarios to determine which constraints are optimal for your organization.
  6. 6. Accounting and Financial Integration GamePlan provides full financial reporting that occurs instantly for all transactions that take place at your organization. Additionally, all financial transactions may be synchronized with QuickBooks®. Now you can easily handle payroll, timekeeping and expense management! Financial Reporting Full-financial reporting occurs instantly for all transactions that take place at your organization. Reports may be customized for specific needs and periodically emailed to authorized administrators. Accounting Integration GamePlan is designed for use with the QuickBooks® accounting system, and all transactions may be synchronized with an existing accounting file. Forecasting and History View archived transactions for previous years and forecast future cash flows. The additional financial visibility offered by GamePlan allows tighter financial controls and more accurate budgeting.
  7. 7. Advanced Ad-Hoc Reporting GamePlan's reporting features far surpass those found in other organization management systems. In addition to a robust set of predefined reports, administrators may create highly flexible ad hoc reports, report subscriptions that are e-mailed to individuals on a periodic basis, and custom reports that may be published to website visitors. Ad Hoc Reporting GamePlan allows authorized administrators to create highly flexible custom reports over organization data. Save reports for use by other administrators, or create private individual reports. Report Subscriptions Reports may be created on-demand, or delivered on a schedule to authorized administrators. Keep current merchandise sales records, view weekly registration statements, or automatically view league status on a period basis! Flexible and Robust Reports may be delivered as a web page or exported in a variety of formats. View organization data as an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF.
  8. 8. Content Management The GamePlan platform leverages a robust, full-featured content management system that provides simplicity in administration without sacrificing deep functionality. Easily post new content, update schedules and last-minute location closures, and create custom forms. With GamePlan, it's easy to keep all website visitors up to date through time-sensitive announcements, e-mail reminders, and online calendars of events. Easily Manage Content Role-Based Security Easily add new articles, announcements, and create new forms. Customize your website in most any way possible! Delegate management responsibilities to other administrators by role, and create sections of your website that may be edited by others. Easily create team pages and other specialized sections of your website. SEO and Analytics View site visitors and usage patterns using builtin Google Analytics reporting, and optimize your organization's placement in search engine rankings using keywords, per-page descriptions, and optimized headings.
  9. 9. • Announcing Gameplan Integration Officials Management System • St. Louis, MO (June 19, 2013) • • with and assignr have announced that, a web-based referee assigning system is now integrated with GamePlan, an online organization management system for athletic associations. Communicating your game schedule to your officials couldn't be easier. When you create and commit your league schedule in GamePlan, the game information is pushed into Your officials can select a game or be assigned to games based on their qualifications. If a rain-out, cancellation, or change occurs, the officials will be automatically updated with the change via text messages and/or emails. ONE CLICK AND YOU’RE DONE – it’s that easy! The official can then accept or reject the updated game. NEVER have a game without officials and NEVER have officials show up for games that aren’t being played.
  10. 10. Contact Us EVERYSPORT (855-383-7977), or send us an e-mail at develops and distributes the GamePlan platform, a premiere fully-integrated, easy-to use online organization management system customized to meet the needs of sports associations of various sizes and configurations. Recognized over three consecutive years by Inc. Magazine as a top 5000 fastest-growing private company, Everysport.Net has been in existence since 1997. Check out our web site at