The sub genres of horror
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  • 1. Rachel Williams
  • 2. It combines the intrusion of an evil force, event, orsupernatural personage of horror movies with gunfightsand frenetic chases. Prevalent themes include; gore,demons, vicious animals, vampires, and mostcommonly, zombies. This category also fuses the fantasygenre.
  • 3. The horror is principally derived from the graphicdestruction or degeneration of the body. Other typesinclude; unnatural movements, and the anatomicallyincorrect placement of limbs to create monsters outof human body parts.
  • 4. Combines comedy and horror fiction. This genrealmost always inevitably crosses over with the blackcomedy genre.
  • 5. A type of story that contains elements of Goth andhorror. At times it may have romance that unfolds inthe setting of a horror tale, usually suspenseful.Traditional: Modern:
  • 6. Features nature running amok in the form of mutatedbeasts, carnivorous insects, and normally harmlessanimals or plants turned into cold-blooded killers. Itsometimes overlaps with science fiction andaction/adventure.
  • 7. Relies on characters fears, guilt, beliefs, eerie soundeffects, relevant music, emotional instability and attimes, the supernatural and ghosts, to build tension andfurther the plot.
  • 8. Often revolves around subjects that include but arenot limited to killer aliens, mad scientists, and/orexperiments gone wrong.
  • 9. Often revolves around a psychopathic killer stalking andkilling a sequence of victims in a graphically violentmanner, mainly with a knife or axe. Sometimes overlapwith crime, mystery and thriller genres, and not alwayshorror.
  • 10. They focus on graphic portrayals of gore and graphicviolence. Through the use of special effects andexcessive blood and guts, they tend to display an overtinterest in the vulnerability of the human body and itsmutilation. Not all splatter films are slashers orhorrors.
  • 11. Zombie films feature creatures who are usually portrayedas either reanimated corpses or mindless human beings.Further sub-genres have evolved, such as "zombiecomedy” or “zombie apocalypse”.