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Conducting Expert Reviews Using the VIMM Model

Conducting Expert Reviews Using the VIMM Model



Innovative techniques to make Heuristic Evaluations and Expert Reviews more valuable for business and technical stakeholders

Innovative techniques to make Heuristic Evaluations and Expert Reviews more valuable for business and technical stakeholders



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    Conducting Expert Reviews Using the VIMM Model Conducting Expert Reviews Using the VIMM Model Presentation Transcript

    • Expert Reviews Using the VIMM Model to Communicate to Stakeholders Michael Rawlins, Certified Usability Analyst Presented to the Connecticut Chapter of Usability Professionals August, 2009
    • About me... Michael Rawlins Director, User Experience, Open Solutions Inc. •Certified Usability Analyst since 2003 •Led UCD teams at major Fortune 100 companies •Performed 100’s of Expert Reviews 2
    • Power of the VIMM Model 3 Credited to Human Factors International
    • Definition of VIMM Reducing: Visual Clutter Intellectual Complexity Memory load (short & long term) Motor load (and inconsistency) Credited to Human Factors International 4
    • Key takeaways... VIMM is as an organizing principle VIMM to communicate findings VIMM helps you establish a common language with a stakeholder (leverage their mental model - their mindset) 5
    • Stakeholder Mindset... 6
    • Stakeholder Need... Data that communicates the level of risk and exposure to business failure Easy to understand metrics and frameworks that can be trended over time Their agendas satisfied - often times they are not as interested in learning a discipline like Usability 7
    • Definitions... An Expert Review (ER) is an evaluation of the status of an existing device, application or website. A single reviewer (or team of reviewers) examines the user interface in a very specific context or construct (example: apply a checklist of generally accepted *heuristics) *Heuristics are “rules of thumb” 8
    • ER’s Generate Quick Wins... Planning tool - evaluate existing web site or application Establish a common language - when preparing for a major redesign Support Usability Testing Cycle - identify critical issues Post-Mortem Tracking Mechanism - post release assessment tool to identify design additional issues 9
    • The typical ER Identify heuristic violations (severity and impact) Feature annotated screens illustrating issues Outline of short & long term recommendations Action plan, highlighting critical changes for improving application or website 10
    • Simple ER Checklist Rating Scale Comments area 11
    • More Structured ER Categories Applicability Comments 12 Credited to Xerox
    • ER with a set of Heuristics •Structure •Visual Layout •Text •User Interface Metaphor •Information Content •User Assistance •Navigation •Consistency & Standards •Mental Workload •Graphics & Animation •Errors •Feedback •Flexibility & Efficiency •Initial Experience •Accessibility 13 Credited to IBM
    • Communication is Key... Position ER’s with your stakeholder as a Preventive Measure - an assessment tool that helps mitigate risk of costly usability issues Provide positive and negative usability issues (always lead with the positive) Only a diagnostic tool - does not represent actual behaviors of target users 14
    • Innovations... 15
    • Organize with VIMM Model Credited to Human Factors International 16
    • Add Scorecards and Graphs Scorecards illustrate trends 30 22.5 15 7.5 2007 0 2008 2009 Structure Design Layout Interaction 17 Scorecard Credited to Human Factors International
    • Add Impact Matrixes Communicate the risk of not fixing 18
    • Create Action Plans 19
    • Add Risk Assessment 20
    • Rationalizing Findings... http://www.measuringusability.com/problem_discovery.php#estp ER’s cannot be measured unless you collaborate with multiple reviewers. Multiple reviewers often results in multiple findings. This tool helps rationalize. Credited to Jeff Sauro - Measuring Usability Planning tool “How many reviewer will it take to find 85% of the problems” 21
    • Justifying Results... Credited to Jeff Sauro - Measuring Usability Increase Predictability: communicate to stakeholders that science is involved 22
    • Summary Stakeholders need evidence that usability issues exist ER’s capture evidence quickly & effectively ER’s inspire collaboration with your peers Innovate ER’s using VIMM model Present to stakeholders using charts, graphs, to stakeholder support decisions 23
    • Reading... Jacob Nielson and Robert L. Mack (editors), Usability Inspections Methods, John Wiley & Sons, 1994 Wendy Yee, (whitepaper) The Value of an Expert Review and 5-Step Review Checklist, Human Factors International, 2002 Usability toolkit http://www.stcsig.org/usability/resources/toolkit/toolkit.html 24
    • questions... (michael.rawlins@gmail.com) 25
    • thank you... 26