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Ct Feb 2009 Newsletter V2

  1. 1. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS FEBRUARY 16, 2009 www.ctupa.org NEWSLETTER Our February Meeting 2009 A One-hour crash course to BOOST your effectiveness & success by Membership Drive! instantly CONNECTING with a# kinds of people. We have great news for our members! We have made paying your yearly dues simple and painless (i.e. now you have no excuses). Our Connecticut Chapter now has a PayPal “It’s easy to communicate with account, and all you have to do to people who think like you; those remit your 2009 dues is go to who don’t represent the challenge. PayPal and email $25.00 ($10.00 for students) to Learn to communicate effectively ctusability@gmail.com. What with all kinds of people – even those could be easier? If you're not very different from you – and familiar with this method of sending money (I certainly managing & influencing will be a wasn't) all the assistance you snap.” might need is right on the PayPal site. The next Chapter meeting will A heightened awareness of the be held on Wednesday, February 25, differences among people, and By the way, if you are not 2009 at Synapse Group in Stamford, exactly how to move them toward familiar with PayPal, please note CT. This technique is invaluable yes with small adjustments to your you don’t even need a PayPal during two key phases of user communication style. account to use their service. You experience design. For example, can still pay your dues right from • Clues for SpeedReading – how when developing personas - the PayPal web site by using your to quickly understand people’s values understanding what personality types Visa, Master Card, Discover or and motivations, and preferred of the user you interview and profile American Express. Be assured communication styles. ensures that you understand the that the transaction is secure - • Tips for SpeedReaching – “emotional drives” and “motivations”. PayPal has a spotless reputation specific advise on how to for protecting customer data and Even more exciting, during 1:1 communicate successfully with ALL employing the very strongest usability testing cycles, types of people. encryption and data transmission SpeedReadingPeople ensuring test • A one-page desk reference tool technology. facilitators understand how to for instantly employing extract the most compelling - Paul Linton SpeedReading & SpeedReaching information from the users during Treasurer, CT UPA skills with prospects, clients and “think aloud protocol”. paul.linton@pb.com colleagues. SpeedReading People will deliver the following in this mini-workshop: http://www.ctupa.org PAGE 1
  2. 2. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS FEBRUARY 16, 2009 February Meeting location: Synapse Group, 225 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT. As is our custom, light refreshments will be available at 6:30, and informal networking will ensue until the meeting commences at 7:00. http://www.synapsegroupinc.com/ Upcoming Meeting: Mad*Pow! Ride Share Program In 2009, we are going to We are please to announce that Mad*Pow, a experience design agency be reaching out to our growing will be presenting at our March meeting -- which will be hosted at The membership for more Hartford will be in Hartford, CT on their main campus. Please mark participation. One thought is your calendars! We are working out the details of the Mad*Pow to “ride share” to our monthly presentation -- but expect it to be an amazing evening. Mad*Pow has meetings. It is a great way to emerged as one of the most exciting experience design firms in the meet fellow usability country -- with major Fortune 500 clients. professionals -- and cut down on the expense of traveling to a chapter meeting. If you are interested in learning more about the program -- please send me a note, or introduce yourself to me at the next meeting. - Herb Wexler, Vice President CT UPA herbwexler@optonline.net PAGE 2 www.madpow.com
  3. 3. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS FEBRUARY 16, 2009 INTERFACE TOOL TIPS... Zoho – A boon to Zmall Ofices Home Ofices The future of applications is online delivery and access. Zoho, is a major player in this space but there are many other players in this arena including Coghead, DabbleDB, QuickBase (Intuit), WebOffice (WebEx). To date, Zoho has launched 19 different applications — from word processing and spreadsheets to CRM, email, Wikis and databases. They reached the 1 million users mark in August of 2008. I chose Zoho for three reasons-the number of applications available, the ease of use of the individual applications and I think Zoho will still be around in a few years. Personally I spend most of my time with Zoho Creator. This is their database application builder. I have completed applications for companies in Great Britain, Canada, The target market for Zoho is small businesses North Carolina, Texas and Connecticut-all from the and most of the applications are free until you comfort of my home office. reach a set number of users. Completed applications can easily be incorporated into existing The time to build an application is greatly web sites. reduced partly because the tools are easy to use but more importantly communication barriers between The screen shot above shows the applications the developer and the application owner are reduced. that Zoho offers. As you can see they cover all of As soon as the programmer makes a change it is the information needs of a small office. You can immediately available to the user. find more information at www.ZOHO.com or contact me. This enhanced communication improves the usability of the application. - Herb Wexler, Vice President CT UPA herbwexler@optonline.net PAGE 3