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  1. 1. Thinking about going to a camp? Here's 10 reasons why you'll want to consider Rawhide Ranch!<br />It’s The Best Camp In Southern California!<br />Located in Bonsall, Rawhide Ranch is the camp for horse lovers. No other camp in Southern California lets you ride a horse or plunges you deep in to the “Old West” like Rawhide Ranch can. You’ll learn horseback riding, archery and how to use a rifle. Rawhide Ranch gives you an authentic experience unmatched by any other camp, and was even voted Parent's Choice for Best Overnight Camp 2010 by Parenting Orange County Magazine!<br />It Builds Character<br />Rawhide gives you an experience and knowledge that other camps just can't compete with. We’ll teach you leadership skills that you wouldn’t learn in school, just ask Girl Scout Leader J.L.<br />“I just want to send a thank you to all of you for such a wonderful weekend. It was a learning and growing experience for our girls and our moms. I could not have asked for a more perfect place for our girls and moms to learn independence and personal responsibility.”<br />Your Kids Will Interact With Animals<br />Other camps focus on the outdoor experience but forget who lives in the outdoors; the animals! Rawhide puts you up-close and personal with animals like horses, goats, cows and other livestock you wouldn’t normally find in the suburbs, allowing your child to expand their horizons!<br />The People Are Great<br />Our instructors are top notch and focus on giving our campers the total camp experience. Rawhide Ranch’s directors Tom and Val Ewan are passionate about what they do, believing that building character in children is of the utmost importance.<br />It’s An Experience They’ll Always Remember<br />Camp goers can’t wait to return to Rawhide Ranch. We gave them an experience you can’t find in schools or anywhere else. Tammy wrote in to tell us about her experience:<br />“Dear Rawhide Ranch Staff:
Just a letter of thanks to ya-all for a " non-stop-talking-about-it" camp for our son, Bryce. In fact, he had SUCH A GOOD TIME there, he's planning on coming back this summer.”<br />The Animals Have Personalities<br />Our animals and livestock have the greatest personalities, you’ll just love them. Apollo the Goat just wrote his first Blog post to give camp goers his day-to-day routine,
“Every day I get to eat Alfalfa Pellets and hang out with my goat friends. Sometimes we even go bother the sheep— it’s really fun to mess with them. When campers come for outdoor education, scout camps, or summer camp I get lots of attention.”<br />Kids Need Camp In Their Lives<br />While schooling is important, many kids won’t get the life values they need in a public school system. A stay at Rawhide Ranch gives children a strong foundation of character that can be built upon and it’s something you can't get just anywhere. .<br />HYPERLINK " http://rawhideranch.com/rawhide-report/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/heybuuud.jpg" <br />You’ll Learn More About Animals Here Than Anywhere Else<br />We here at Rawhide Ranch believe in hands-on learning and that’s just what you’ll get during your stay. You’ll learn how to care for horses, and the animals at our EZ Stock Farm; you're certain to bond with them! You may learn what makes an animal tick from a textbook but a trip to Rawhide Ranch will teach you what makes an animal fun.<br />We’ll Teach You How To Ride A Horse<br />Even in the age of automobiles, horseback riding can’t be matched. It’s the best way we can think of to bond with an animal and you’ll have an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life. It’s fun and just one of the many activities we offer here at the Ranch.<br />You’ll Make Lifelong Friends<br />Going to camp with like-minded people who also love nature helps our campers build strong relationships with instructors and other camp-goers. Rawhide Ranch is a perfect place to make new friends that will last a lifetime, whether they're two or four-legged.<br />