Cati credentials & budget presentation


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Cati credentials & budget presentation

  1. 1. Appendix – CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews)
  2. 2. Unmatched CATI Capabilities delivers multiple benefits to our clients A total of 66 (Dubai) workstations working throughout the year. 1 CATI Manager 3 Supervisor 3 Team leaders 6 Auditors 4 Full time interviewers & 75 part timers Vast tracking experience across the region: TNS Dubai CATI is one of the oldest set up operational since 2006. Adoption of best practices: The world- class CATI set up with state of the art software (NIPO and Invade) and amenities. Dedicated full time staff: A large pool of trained resources on are our full time staff to ensure that clients only get the best quality. Largest turnover: Over 150,000 interviews conducted every year Unprecedented measures to ensure the quality: Availability of recordings of the calls as per ESOMAR guidelines upon request
  3. 3. Methodologies for Random surveys There are two techniques to conduct a random survey among the representative sample of general populations. 1. Use of a large telephone directory of the general population & 2. By generating a large telephone directory through RDD (Random Digit Dialing) method. Detail of RDD method for number generation: a. An excel based macro is used to generate the large amount of database of telephone number by using some valid strings of the telephone numbers. b. The strings of valid numbers could be landline or/and mobile numbers that currently are existing in each market/city. c. The numbers are selected from different areas of the city/country so that we have a chance of getting some representation of numbers from different geographical locations. These numbers can be referred as seed numbers. d. Alternatively the seed numbers can be also referred from previous studies that are conducted in these countries. e. Once the database is created then the invade software randomly dials the valid numbers and connects to the interviewers.(Predictive and Power Dialing) f. This methodology provides the best option of conducting a random study in absence of any database.
  4. 4. Data collection mechanism Data collection: CATI – Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews The questionnaire is translated into a computer interviewing language (NIPO) which enable the interviewer to input respondents’ answers with just clicks. So manual intervention is minimized in this process. Why CATI? No error Saves Time Audio Recording The software enables us to record all achieved interviews for back-checking which is used only as a quality control measure but not reporting. Data is automatically entered while interview is being achieved. All instructions in the questionnaires are entered in the NIPO software enables the interviewer to only see questions to be asked. Better response Interviews conducted as per respondents’ convenience, resulting in better cooperation. Respondents unavailable/ busy are reached again automatically
  5. 5. Importance of quality control in CATI Like any consumer connect study, quality control is of paramount importance… Logistics: CATI set-up and work stations designed in a manner so as to keep noise reduction levels to the minimum. Calls are monitored and supervised throughout the day using D-Entry software A dedicated and equally experienced management/supervisory personnel appointed at key steps / levels of operations. Periodically, calls are recorded and checked for quality even after the training periods CATI questionnaires appears on screen and skipping instructions (e.g. IF NOT VISITED OUTLET THEN TERMINATE) are handled by the computer Interviewer has no say in determining the course of the interview. Hence, the chances of interviewer errors are virtually eliminated.
  6. 6. Level of trainings and quality check for the Interviewers is very stringent • Interviewers selected are experienced and have done similar studies in the past • Each interviewers are well versed with the study objectives and design. • Interviewer briefing and call accompaniments form a key part of training process. • High Performance level maintained via even distribution of workload among interviewers. • Call times (morning, afternoon, evening etc.) are different in different countries and we acknowledge this as being important towards getting lower refusals and better quality information • Data checks and quality controls checks on the data are done by our Data processing departments. In case of any inconsistency of information obtained, the interview is revisited for further checks and call backs are made, if required. • Random checks of the recordings are done on a regular basis to check on any deterioration of quality and corrective action taken.
  7. 7. Evolved quality control norms for CATI 100% interview recording AUDIT SYSTEM D-Entry 10 - 100% interview monitoring depending on the project recuirment Remote monitoring through watch Remote monitoring: Telephone Listening
  8. 8. High quality of process • TNS has a well documented training manual for interviewers. • Training is done on interviewer process, quality of response and recording of information. • TNS CATI interviewers are well trained in the art of obtaining the most relevant information in an unbiased fashion. The art of interviewing is far different from what is used in Call Centres, which is sales driven. • Information collected more accurately reflects the consumer’s opinion • Negative and positive response are captured with equal importance. Our opening line is ‘ there are no right or wrong answers and we want your honest opinion’ • This especially gains more importance in the Middle East where hospitality levels are high and consumers over claim or tendency to give a positive response is high. • Minimizing cultural differences / Accent neutralization • Given a central set-up, CATI interviewers are hired from different nationalities and conduct interviews with respondents belonging to their country of origin only. • TNS staff understand the importance of not deviating from the questionnaire
  9. 9. CATI Budget
  10. 10. Growth To sustain growth, we need to wipe out trough any disparities killing profitability. 1- avoid studies not feasible through CATI • Studies which involve sensitive TG and questions (E.g. BAT related to smoking habits) • Studies where the interview length exceed 15 minutes • Studies which have too many interlocking quotas • Studies which have insufficient databases and high number of tries • Studies where the TG is extremely difficult to get over the telephone e.g. HNI Customers, High profile respondent like CEO/ CFO of the company. 2- Build our own Database by 2 ways. • Collate all kind of databases DP has across all types of studies CATI, F2F, CAWI, CAPI • Hire a team of 5 CATI @ home interviewers, who regularly conduct interviews Asking basic profile questions. 3- To have CATI@ HOME team to grow our Capacity and save our operational cost.
  11. 11. Seasonality in CATI Based on last 3 years productivity report, we have seen that 49% of the CATI interview volume is achieved in H1 and 51% in H2 as illustrated bellow. Period / Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 H1 29803 25872 31931 36916 H2 23028 25334 42942 Total Hours 52831 51206 74873 We have predicted 38479 Interviewing hours for 2013 H2, which brings up a total of 75390 of total interviewing hours. 2014 37977 39580 7755775390 38479 For 2014, We have predicted 37977 interviewing hours for H1 & 39580 for H2 Which bring up a total of 77557 total interviewing hour for 2014. 2.8 %
  12. 12. How can we increase productivity in 2013- 2014 Increase the productive time of our call center agents 1- By using a software that can be purchased or developed internally, which monitors the agents through the entire day. Ex.: if an agent is going on a brake, he have to press a button and then it will count the start time till he comes back. 2- Restart the reward & recognition program on a monthly basis (top 3 Best performers). 3- By changing the Payment method: On phone hours: Make the on phone hours rate 20 to 21 AED, which will encourage the agent to make more calls or stay on the phone and off course we will pay the Log in hours or getting interview number : +-5 AED
  13. 13. CATI Structure for 2014 CATI MANAGER CATI Supervisor English CATI Supervisor English CATI Supervisor Arabic CATI Supervisor Arabic CATI InterviewersCATI InterviewersCATI Interviewers CATI InterviewersCATI InterviewersCATI Interviewers CATI InterviewersCATI InterviewersCATI Interviewers CATI InterviewersCATI InterviewersCATI InterviewersCATI Interviewers 20 Part-timers in Office 55 Part-timers @home At end of 2013 beginning of 2014 we will be launching CATI@Home, We would Like to have most of our Part timers working from home instead of working from Office. Bellow is an illustration of the new CATI Structure for 2013 - 2014.
  14. 14. Budget Required for 2013- 2014 1 Full time Supervisor: salary package between 5,000 to 7,000 AED per month Depending on his experience. Phone Budget Required 2013 H2 670373 AED 2014 H1 661708 AED 2014 H2 689640 AED Total 2021721 AED Interviewer Payments Budget Period/ Year 2013 2014 H1 0 797517 H2 807960 831182 Total 807960 1628699