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RawGoodies® Product Catalog. The Positive Living Boutique. www.rawgoodies.com
(A Bhod Luxe Inc. Company)
A brand of over 300 products developed with the understanding and importance of the mind & body connection. Find all you\'ll need for a Positive Living experience. Professional Skin Care; Aromatherapy; Bath & Body Care: Skin Care for Babies, Kids, Tweens, and Mommies-to-be; Organic Cotton Diapers & Linens; Natural Soy Home Fragrance; Yoga & Meditation Accessories; Therapeutic Teas; Eco-friendly Jewelry. All Skin & Body Care products are 100% All Natural, Enviro-ethical, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free (No Animal Testing) and endorsed by PETA (you can find us listed on PETA’s site under Cruelty free companies). Visit us on-line for all your Positive Living needs at www.rawgoodies.com.

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Raw Goodies 2012 2013 Catalog

  1. 1. CATALOGUE 2012–2013
  3. 3. We believe that wellness comes from achieving balance. Our mission is to encourage you in the fulfillment of your potential, and in the success of your “positive living.” We strive to empower you in healing your mind, body, and soul, while we jointly contribute positively to our world and our planet. Living positively enables us to see the world clearer. In turn, we achieve greater success in the quality of our lives, through the conscious and responsible choices that we make for our- selves, and for our loved ones. RawGoodies® products are created and produced with the understanding of the mind-body connection, and its importance to our overall health. Indulge in the goodies of our modern world, with the pure recipes of ancient elements and the raw treasures of our earth. Live your best life — naturally. “I want the RawGoodies® experience to be a force Our products are free of toxins, parabens and synthetic preservatives, gmos of infectious positivity that touches lives, inspires (genetically modified organisms), and artificial colours. We are against animal positive change, and encourages us all to share that powerful feeling with others in our life’s path.” testing and we are peta approved. We pride ourselves in naturally sourced products for ultimate healing balance on a multi-sensory level, giving you the utmost quality Ellie Borden, in a responsible eco-friendly product line. Founder of RawGoodies® and The EnableSuccess Coaching Firm (www.enablesuccess.ca) Welcome to the RawGoodies® positive living About the founder of the RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique boutique experience. RawGoodies® founder Ellie Borden is an NLP Business and Personal Life Coach, Feng Shui Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. After her first child was born, she launched a Health and Wellness distribution company, and began the research and development of the RawGoodies® positive living brand. With the help of experts in industries such as, Aromatherapy, Medicine, Dermatology, Yoga, Therapeutic Tea, and many more, Ellie’s vision of a naturally-sourced, eco- friendly, socially responsible brand was realized. Now a mother of two girls, she emphasizes the importance of a toxic-free world, and is excited to be sharing the RawGoodies® experience with the world.4 5
  4. 4. WELCOME TO TABLE OF THE RAWGOODIES® CONTENTS POSITIVE LIVING BOUTIQUE Live your best life -Naturally Welcome to the RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique Catalogue! Get ready to indulge in Goodies that will soothe your skin, your soul, and your senses. Lose yourself in nature’s most alluring aromas and finest ingredients when you try our AromaSpa Collection. Benefit from Specialty Aromatherapy Synergies and Body Pampering Goodies that smooth and soften every inch of your body. You’ll surely have to smell & tell! gift sets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Or turn back time with our Skin Care Goodies made specifically for both men and women. Try our Perfectly Flawless - Hydrating Pearl Serum in conjunction with our Coenzyme Q10 Firming Raspberry Crème — the ultimate duo for a radiant, youthful glow. pro skin care — women’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 You’ll find it hard to resist borrowing your little one’s RawGoodies® when you experience the yummy scents and witness the incredible benefits of Pro skin care — men’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 WHAT’s your skin type? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 our earthy.ME collection — a favourite for babies, toddlers, ‘tweens, and moms. Try our unscented Organic Baby balm for the toughest eczema, diaper rash, or cracked nipples. Or, let your little one enjoy our incredibly scented Strawberries and Cream Milk Bath and Lotion duo! AROMATHERAPY SYNERGIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Sit back, relax, and appreciate the unbelievable scents of our Ambiance Soy Home Fragrance Collection — non-toxic, phthalate and lead free, and infused with pure essential oils. Our natural soy based candles and soy square melts are the ultimate treat when melted and used for skin BATH & BODY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 treatments or massage. Also, our natural rattan reed diffuser kits provide flameless fragrance for up to six months, they are a perfect decor accent, and they make ideal gifts. KIDS AND ‘TWEENS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 SPECIALTY ORGANICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Unwind and centre your being with the ancient gift of yoga practice and meditation with the RawGoodies® Heart Freedom Yoga, Meditation, and Therapeutic Tea Collections. Savour our anti-aging King of all Kings — Monkey King Green Tea. The liquor has a lingering, sweet after taste with a FOR THE HOME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 hint of flowery overtones. Its anti-aging and weight loss benefits crown this tea the royalty of green teas. YOGA & MEDITATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Once you have pampered and healed your inner and outer beauty, you’ll be ready to add that lasting touch of glam for the goddess in you. Accessorize with eco-friendly jewelry collections and dab a drop of one of our luxurious RawGoodies® Parfums on any part of your body— even if THERAPEUTIC TEAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 ECO-GLAM JEWELRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 that’s all you plan to have on. Happy Living! Naturally yours with love, The RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique team LUXURY PERFUME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 866 7
  5. 5. Let’s Party Join the Movement HOST A PARTY JOIN Share the Change If you would like to host your own RawGoodies® home party, contact us to locate a consultant near Join our team and be your own boss with more fun, more income, and the freedom for life! you. Your area’s consultant brings the fun (including wine and three of the RawGoodies® collections of your choice), and all you do is gather your guests. You’ll have a blast and receive free JOIN THE MOVEMENT & YOUR ‘GOODIES KIT’. RawGoodies® products every time — no obligation or sales pitch to become a consultant. SHARE THE CHANGE! Get a powerful jump start to your new life with the RawGoodies®, 16-product, Best-Seller Starter Kit. Packed with our stunning Love The RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique? Like the idea of bestsellers and business aids, it’s everything you need to start your working from home and earning extra cash in flexible, family-friendly new business. Sell only three of the sixteen items in your ‘Goodies Kit’ hours that suit you? Want to support wellness and the environment all and you have made your investment back! Every one of the other 13 while doing something fun and friendly? Join a booming and ethical items that you sell is clear profit. This represents the road that leads to industry as a RawGoodies® Consultant and get all of the above by Be a RawGoodies® host 1. Contact us with your party date and invite your guests; 2. Once everyone arrives, your consultant will introduce the starting your home based positive living Eco-business! your financial independence at an incredible 50% starter kit commission. Purchase your very own Goodies Best-Seller Starter Kit with no pressure or obligation. RawGoodies® positive living boutique products for everyone to sample and buy — the rest is all about having fun. She/he will present the latest Call 1 (855) ECO-LOVE for more information. Be a part of an incredible team of empowered individuals, and make the for only $295.00 today. Open to everyone who loves The RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique — no experience needed. collections, best-selling goodies, and give you positive living, RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique products your own journey to a Custom starter kits are available upon request with a free consultation. Hosting a RawGoodies® positive living beauty, and wellness tips; new career and life — Request for information today. Why? Contact us for yours today! boutique party is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 3. You will be privy to exclusive offers and free products, as well as cash bonuses! • Our consultants benefit from incredible success; Also available: *Exclusive guest offers and prize draw at every event with more than 10 guests. Our hosts receive a free RawGoodies membership card once she/he has hosted 5 parties of 10 or more guests each — please see our website for membership program benefits. ® • Incentives; • RawGoodies® Positive Living Boutique personalized Consultant biz cards; • Free training; • Additional catalogues and marketing materials; • Extensive marketing materials; • Coach training for team management; • Cash and product bonuses; • Image Consulting; • Support & tailored solutions from a successful and dynamic team; • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Business Coaching; The RawGoodies® • • Party sales of $299 Party sales of $300 or less receive $25 worth of free products. and more receive $60 worth of free products or a $30 cash bonus. • Multiple product collections to choose from, or to use in rotation at their shows; * Goodies Deluxe Starter Kit contents may vary. ‘Goodies Kit’ is only available for new Consultants with a maximum of 3 Kits host benefits are: • Party sales of $500 and more receive $100 worth of free products or a $50 cash bonus. • And most importantly — freedom to experience per consultant. 50% commission is applicable on initial starter kit contents only. All commission thereafter is based on sales performance in a calendar month. 35% commission is earned on all sales up to $1,599 in a calendar month, 40% commission • Party sales of $700 and more receive $140 worth of free products or a $70 cash bonus. life to its fullest potential. is earned when sales of $1,600 or more are achieved in a calendar month, and 45% commission is earned when sales of $5,000 or more are achieved in a calendar month. Additional prizes and cash bonuses available for top quarterly regional sales. • Party sales of $1000 and more receive $200 worth of free products or a $100 cash bonus. Please note that it is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. In The RawGoodies® host/hostess option — great for pre “night on the town” warm-ups, corporate de-icers, grad parties, casual dinner/cocktail HOW TO GET STARTED. order to join the RawGoodies® Empower At-home career opportunity you must sign our Consultant Agreement, our Code of Ethical Recruitment Conduct, our Promise for Eco-Love agreement — promising to do your best to live greener, and purchase parties, sorority house girls-night-in, and skin type analysis spa parties. one of our Starter Kits (Custom or Deluxe). Terms & conditions the host benefits are open to all hosts of RawGoodies ® positive living boutique party dependent upon the total sales value of the host’s party: (i) when the value of sales at the host’s party totals $299 or less, the host can select To become a Consultant simply order your ‘Goodies Deluxe products with a msrp of up to $25 (the host may choose products with an msrp of more than $25 and pay the difference); (ii) when the value of sales at the host’s party totals $300 or more, the host can receive a combined msrp of $60 worth of free Starter Kit’. Share and sell to your social network using the product or a $30 cash bonus; (iii) when the value of sales at the host’s party totals $500 or more, the host can receive a combined msrp of $100 worth of free product or a $50 cash bonus; (iv) when the value of sales at the host’s party totals $700 or more, RawGoodies® Catalogue, or directly from your ‘Goodies Kit’ and the host can receive a combined msrp of $140 worth of free product or a $70 cash bonus; and (v) when the value of sales at the host’s party totals $1000 or more, the host can receive a combined msrp of $200 worth of free product or a $100 cash bonus. To find out more about joining or hosting a party In the event that a selected product is not available, RawGoodies ® shall substitute the product for another of equal or greater value. Collections shown in this catalogue may be purchased as part of the host benefits, subject to availability. No already earn 35–50% on your sales. Your ‘Goodies Kit’ contains all that discounted products may be selected by the host as part of the host benefits. RawGoodies ® reserves the right to exclude certain products from time to time from the host benefits. All host benefits must be claimed by the host from their party you need to get started. See below for details. Terms and call 1 (855) ECO-LOVE consultant before the party order is placed with the RawGoodies ® head office. The host rewards have no cash value and may not be exchanged. RawGoodies ® reserves the right to amend or withdraw these host benefits without penalty. Conditions apply.* or visit www.RawGoodies.com8 9
  6. 6. Gift Sets RATED #1 GIFT IDEA “SPECIAL RESCUE MY MAN” SOLES “Special Man” “You Deserve the Best” “Rescue my Soles” MEN’S PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE A COMPLETE SKIN CARE GIFT SET SOLE RESCUE PEPPERMINT 3-STEP SHAVING SET PREPARED FOR HER SKIN TYPE FOOT CARE GIFT SET Price: $129.95 (ANALYSIS INCLUDED) Price: $69.95 SKU: PSMSSHGS Price: $499.95 SKU: ASGSSRB • Organic jojoba pre-shave oil Pro skin care collection (Pictured here unassembled & unwrapped) • 1 Sponge slipper set w/drawstring bag • Deep conditioning shaving creme SKU: PSWSCMPGS • 1 Foot shaped callous remover • Ultimate repair aftershave balm • 1 Deep cleanser, ideal for her skin type, age and environment • 1 Sole rescue peppermint cooling cream • 1 Toner, ideal for her skin type, age, and environment. • 1 Sole rescue peppermint cooling foot spray • 1 Exfoliant, ideal for her skin type, age, and environment • 1 Anti-aging & antioxodant masque, ideal for her skin type, age, and environment • 1 Botanical eye makeup remover (all skin types) & 50 cotton squares with storage container • 1 Miraculous eyes — Intensive Daily Treatment — Anit-aging and hydrating (all skin types) • 1 Intensely concentrated anit-aging serum, ideal for her skin type, age, and environment • 1 Miracle moisturizer, ideal for her skin type, age, and environment • 1 Gel face mask (thermo-sensitive) & 1 Gel eye mask (thermo-sensitive) Gel masks not pictured above. UNDENIABLY THE BEST GIFT A WOMEN CAN RECEIVE also available: CUSTOM GIFT SETS, GIFT BASKETS, GIFT CARDS, AND GIFT REGISTRIES FOR EVERY OCCASION.10 11
  7. 7. Gift Sets Gift Sets TOP HOT SELLER ITEM “It’s all about baby” “It’s all about mommy & baby” “It’s all about mum” “earthy.ME Luck of the Draw” “Tantalize” “Clove Elixir Magic” organic baby care gift set DELUXE BAMBOO & ORGANIC (ORGANIC COTTON TOTE INCLUDED) available in assorted scents FOR NAILS ambiance gift set on Price: $149.95 COTTON GIFT SET Price: $99.95 Price: $89.95 Price: $19.95 decorative glass base SKU: ASORGGSM Price: $239.95 SKU: ASORGGSMM SKU: ASGSEMSF SKU: ASGSTAN Price: $84.95 • 2 Organic cotton terry diapers SKU: ASORGGSML • Organic cotton & bamboo tote • 1 Bubble yum fun lotion • 1 Nail and cuticle oil SKU: ambcegs • Organic baby soap • Organic nursing pads (6 Pack) • 1 Bubble yum fun milk bath • 1 Nail buffer (Pictured here incomplete, unassembled & unwrapped) • 2 Bamboo stretchy terry diapers • 2 Organic cotton wash cloths • 2 Organic cotton wash cloths • 1 Strawberry & cream lotion • 1 Cuticle stick • Organic baby soap • 1 Raindrop design oil warmer • 4 Organic cotton baby wipes • Organic massage bar (Unscented) • 1 Strawberry & cream milk bath • 2 Organic cotton wash cloths • 1 Tea light 12 pack (unscented) • Organic baby oil • Organic lip balm (Honey/Natural) • 1 Lip balm (Minty lip silk) • 4 Organic cotton baby wipes • 1 “Peace” Pure essential oil • Organic diaper spray • Organic baby & belly oil • 2 Milk bath wooden scoopers • Organic baby & belly oil • 1 “Clove Elixir” Candle 12 oz • Organic baby balm • 1 Reusable red tin • Organic diaper spray • 1 “Clove Elixir” Square melt 6 pack • Organic all-in-one cleanser (Unscented) • Organic baby balm • 1 Decorative reusable purple leaf glass base • Biodegradable liners (50 Pack) • Organic all-in-one cleanser (Invigorate) • 1 Organic cotton terry liner • Biodegradable liners (50 Pack) • 1 Air flow cover (M) • 1 Bamboo stretchy terry liner • 1 Air flow cover (M/L) • Organic nursing pads (6 Pack) • Organic cotton receiving blanket • Organic lip balm (Peppermint) • Organic massage bar (Sensuous mama) RATED #1 SOY FRAGRANCE FOR SPAS “Oolong Brilliance” “Green Tea Eminence” “Bamboo Sugarcane Spa Escape” Oolong Tea Variety Pack Green Tea Variety Pack Gift Set AMBIANCE GIFT SET ON (Pictured here unassembled & unwrapped) (Pictured here unassembled & unwrapped) Decorative GLASS BASE em Give‘ ies” Price: $39.95 Price: $39.95 Price: $84.95 Good SKU: hftoogs SKU: hftgrgs SKU: AMBBSGS the “ ll love they’ or! • 1 Top Tie Guan Yin (Top Iron Goddess) NET WT: 15g. (0.5 oz.) • 1 Dragon Well (Long Jing) NET WT: 8g. (0.28 oz.) • 1 Contemporary design oil warmer • 1 High Mountain (Li Shan) NET WT: 25g. (0.8 oz.) • 1 Dragon Pearl Jasmine NET WT: 20g. (0.7 oz.) • 1 Tealight 12 pack (Unscented) you f • 1 Dong Ding NET WT: 20g. (0.7 oz.) • 1 Big Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) NET WT: 10g. (0.35 oz.) • 1 Phoenix Eyes Jasmine NET WT: 20g. (0.7 oz.) • 1 Bitter Tea NET WT: 10g. (0.35 oz.) • 1 Dreamy escape pure essential oil • 1 Bamboo sugarcane candle 12oz • 1 Ginseng Noble Beauty Oolong NET WT.20g. (0.7oz) • 1 Wild Grown Bitter Tea NET WT.15g. (0.5oz) • 1 Bamboo sugarcane square melt 6 pack also available: CUSTOM GIFT SETS, GIFT BASKETS, GIFT CARDS, AND GIFT REGISTRIES FOR EVERY OCCASION. • 1 Monkey King NET WT.10g. (0.35oz) • 1 Decorative reusable green leaf glass base12 13
  8. 8. RawGoodies® Professional Skin Care encour- Pro skin care ages cell turnover and restores clarity for an instant glow. Ensuring you top quality skin care that is clinically proven and rich in antioxidants CLEANSERS NET WT. 180ml. ℮ 6oz. to reverse the signs of aging caused by environ- mental exposure. purifying foaming wash NOURISHING Purifying Beta Carotene Sweet CALENDULA CLEANSING Foaming Reparative Orange Acai CREME Wash Cleanser Cleansing Crème Price : $44.95 Price : $44.95 Price : $44.95 Price : $44.95 SKU: PSCL01 SKU: PSCL02 SKU: PSCL03 SKU: PSCLO4 Specifically formulated for dry and normal This gentle foaming cleanser cleans and A creamy, ultra mild, fragrance free, This potent brightening cleanser gently skin types, this cleanser contains organic purifies while retaining the skin’s natural cleanser that effectively and gently washes sweeps away devitalized skin cells sweet almond, aloe vera and jojoba oils, moisture balance. Organic extracts away impurities. Beta carotene repairs and that diminish your skin’s appearance. as well as seabuckthorn which nourishes, of plantain, witch hazel, and burdock protects highly sensitive skin against UV Formulated for hyper pigmented or moisturizes, and encourages elasticity encourage healing and improve clarity, damage while cucumber extract soothes environmentally stressed skin – this creamy without leaving any oily residue. making this an ideal cleanser for oily, and cools to reduce redness and promote formula delivers bioactive vitamin C derived combination, or acne-prone skin. healthy circulation. Ideal for hyper sensitive from acai, raspberry and cranberry plus or post procedure skin. lemon and orange extract that naturally reenergizes devitalized skin. EXFOLIANTS TOP SELLER Kukui Nut Banana Pineapple Adzuki & Bamboo Volcanic Scrub Enzyme Exfoliant Exfoliant NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. NET WT. 120ml. ℮ 4oz. Price : $41.95 Price : $44.95 Price : $45.95 SKU: PSEX01 SKU: PSEX02 SKU: PSEX03 Harvested from a nutrient-rich volcanic source. An exfoliant that dissolves dead skin cells Dual action micronized adzuki rice and Kukui nut containing vitamins A, E, F, in addition without scrubbing. Banana, rich in minerals and bamboo powder gently remove dry, dehydrated, to linoleic and linolenic acids, helps revitalize antioxidants, softens and maintains an optimal devitalized skin while colloidal oatmeal soothes and restore skin’s normal activity. Pineapple moisture level. Pineapple and papaya enzymes and calms irritation. Blueberry fruit fibre, enzymes add skin conditioning benefits while gently remove surface debris. Each non-abrasive containing naturally occurring antioxidants and organic shea butter, vitamin K and pure botanical treatment will leave skin feeling softer and vitamins C & E, helps to further nourish and extracts protect and moisturize. suppler. Ideal for sensitive or reactive skin. protect sensitive skin for a radiant complexion. See page 28 for “skin care to match your skin type.”14 15
  9. 9. Botanical Beauty at its Best Pro skin care Pro skin care SERUMS NET WT. 30ml. ℮ 1oz. MASKS NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. HOT NEW SELLER Anti-Aging Botanical Murumuru Grape & Pomegranate DNA Restoring Silk Treatment mask Mango mask Hydrating mask Antioxidant Mask Price : $69.95 Price : $69.95 Price : $69.95 Price : $69.95 TOP NEW SKU: PSMSK01 SKU: PSMSK02 SKU: PSMSK03 SKU: PSMSK04 SELLER This unique plant-based collagen and hyaluronic Mango Butter, rich in Vitamin C, unites with A unique gel-based formulation effectively hydrates Our vegan based DNA Restoring Antioxidant acid anti-aging treatment mask combats the effects Rainforest source Brazilian Fruit and African and protects, ensuring healthy, glowing skin. Aloe Mask is the equilibrium restoring treatment of aggressive external factors that diminish skin’s Shea Butters to intensely hydrate and restore vera leaf and mushroom extracts nourish and that calms irritation while protecting skin from Organic Perfectly Age Rewind Acai Shiitake youthful appearance. Infused with mineral rich suppleness. Organic Sunflower, Seabuckthorn and soften, while vitamin E and pomegranate seed oil premature oxidation. Visible signs of aging or Seaweed Flawless-Hydrating C+ Serum Firming Serum micronized mother of pearl, and botanical extracts, Jojoba oils boost moisture levels while supplying a soothe redness and brighten. Nature’s own cellular irritation are neutralized by an indulgent cocktail with DMAE Pearl Serum providing nourishment and moisture on a cellular host of protective benefits. Excellent when used to stimulant, chia seed, intensifies the healing and of yeast derived pseudo-DNA/RNA Complex, level. Gentle acids stimulate cellular metabolism and restore natural suppleness, elasticity and softness. rejuvenating benefits of this age-defying masque. organic rosehip oil, ferulic acid, boswellia, Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 blood circulation. Essential for sensitive or dry skin. vitamin C, and sugar apple extract. SKU: PSSRM01 SKU: RSSRMo2 SKU: PSSRM03 SKU: PSSRM04 Concentrated grape skin and antioxidant This nutrient-rich moisturizing serum is drenched Reduce visible signs of aging by fighting A potent, revitalizing serum designed TONERS EYE CARE gotu kola target wrinkles, age spots and sun in water binding humectants, absorbing quickly destructive free radicals. L-ascorbic acid, as especially for the care of sensitive skin types. damage. This unique free-radical fighting blend and leaving skin flawlessly smooth and hydrated. well as potent plant-based hyaluronic acid and Formulated to dramatically improve skin tone, of natural source vitamins and botanicals are Concentrated organic seaweed extract, organic bioflavonoids blend to create a serum encouraging texture and firmness, this lightweight serum delivered in a potent base of alpha lipoic acid aloe vera, squalane and phytohyaluronate enhance younger, firmer looking skin. In addition to also provides superior hydration, suppleness and DMAE that works on a molecular level to penetration of vital nutrition deep within the skin’s significant antioxidant benefits, it hydrates and and resiliency while resisting irritation and redefine and revitalize skin. cellular structure. Ideal for dry, devitalized skin. replenishes dehydrated, mature, or sun-damaged redness. Innovative ingredients and powerful skin. Suitable for all skin types. botanical extracts encourage collagen synthesis and fight visible signs of aging. MOISTURIZERS NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. MAKE-UP RATED HOT BLEMISH REFRESH #1 SELLER BLASTER CoEnzyme Liposome Chamomile Hypo-allergenic CITRUS Q10 Firming Red Wine Lychi Cucumber SMOOTHING Antioxidant Organic Alfalfa Miraculous Botanical Eye Raspberry Crème Moisturizer Balancing Gel Calming Crème MOISTURIZER Balancing Toner Mineral Mist Eyes-Intensive Makeup Remover NET WT. 180ml. ℮ 6oz. NET WT. 120ml. ℮ 4oz. Daily Treatment Price : $92.95 Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 Price : $89.95 Flawless SKU: PSmoi01 SKU: PSMoI02 SKU: PSMOI05 SKU: PSMOI03 SKU: PSMoi04 NET WT. 15ml. ℮ .5oz. NET WT. 120ml. ℮ 4oz. Raspberry extract, Amazonian This rich, deep moisturizing crème, This lightweight gel is formulated to absorb Mild, hypo-allergenic formula. Sunflower This highly concentrated Price : $39.95 Price : $32.95 Price : $72.95 Price : $29.95 Mowrah butter, bio-active for face and décolletage, uses excess sebum production while providing seed oil, rich in vitamins A, D and E, moisturizer helps to balance, SKU: PSTO01 SKU: PSTO02 antioxidants, omega-3, omega-6, and liposomes to deliver nutrients deep the skin with vital nutrients. Arbutin, lychi creates a natural moisture barrier, making repair and nourish your skin. SKU: PSEC01 SKU: PSEC02 vitamin E help reduce dryness and within the skins cellular structure. A and organic marshmallow extracts work it exceptionally effective when protecting Lycopene, derived from tomato and This non-alcoholic toner restores vital nutrients An ultra-fine hydrating mist beneficial for all skin An intensive eye treatment for the special needs of This gentle, non-solvent makeup remover is repair cellular damage. Organic oils cocktail of highly potent antioxidants, to create harmony in the skin’s mantle. sensitive skin, improving skin tone and tangerine oil both contain naturally as it adjusts to the optimum ph level of your skin. types. It revitalizes with a unique mineral complex the eye zone that is prone to visible signs of aging suitable for all skin types. A purified spring water and vitamin C help deter free radicals organic oils and extracts rejuvenate Retinol Palmitate encourages exfoliation, enhancing texture. Olive oil and mango occurring vitamin C which offers Infused with antioxidant grape skin and organic containing Dead Sea salts, and is rich in organic including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, moisture base is pH balanced to avoid irritation or stinging. and combat signs of aging, leaving moisture deficient skin. Each drop and effectively removes keratinized skin butter, with emollient and highly oxidative nourishment to stressed skin. algae extract to moisturize and revitalize. Excellent seaweed extract, vital minerals and nutrients. loss, free radical damage, and collagen breakdown. Calming botanical extracts of organic cucumber, skin with a radiant, youthful glow. infuses skin with highly beneficial free cells that aggravate problematic skin. abilities, resist environmental aggressors This is the ideal daily moisturizer for removal of residual makeup, surface residue left Organic alfalfa, witch hazel, and sesame oil add skin Organic marshmallow extract increases circulation and eyebright, comfrey, and chamomile soothe Excellent for dry, devitalized skin. radical scavengers. Ideal for mature Use as a daily moisturizer or as a spot such as pollution, sun exposure, wind and for those who experience uneven after cleansing, or for a refreshing midday tonic. conditioning benefits. Each spray will revive makeup reduces dark circles, as calming organic calendula, sea and balance. skin, suitable for all skin types. treatment targeting blemishes. rain. Use as a daily moisturizer on even pigmentation, sun damage, or and boost skin circulation for an energized look. buckthorn, and organic sunflower instantly refresh and the most sensitive skin. extreme dehydration. encourage elasticity and smoothness. See page 28 for “skin care to match your skin type”.16 17
  10. 10. Pro skin care SHAVING A simple three-step regimen using superior, natural, and organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin and safe for the environment. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Organic Jojoba Deep Conditioning Ultimate Repair now that’s Pre-shave Oil Shaving Crème Aftershave Balm NET WT. 30ml. ℮ 1oz. NET WT. 120ml. ℮ 4oz. NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. swagger Price : $41.95 Price : $41.95 Price : $52.95 SKU: PSMSH01 SKU: PSMSH02 SKU: PSMSH03 Prepare your beard for the smoothest shave ever! Make precision shaving easy when trying to maintain Cools and calms skin inflammation, reduces Formulated to soften facial hair and reduce friction sideburns and other facial hair for an ultra close, smooth redness, and eliminates razor burn often associated while shaving, thus, minimize razor burn, and make shave. Organic yucca extract penetrates the hair shaft with shaving. Natural antiseptic clary sage and shaving easy. Organic jojoba, grape seed and rosehip with moisturizers that condition your skin and your beard. anti-bacterial pomegranate extract encourage skin’s oils deliver vital nutrition while providing protection Mushroom and German chamomile extracts reduce natural healing process and protects it from external for even the most sensitive skin types. inflammation, while organic arnica hydrates to provide irritants. This ultra sheer formula is also suitable as superior skin conditioning and comfort while shaving. an effective light moisturizer. See page 28 for “skin care to match your skin type”.18 19
  11. 11. CLEANSER TONER MOISTURIZERS EXFOLIATING MASK SERUM NET WT. 250ml. ℮ 8oz. NET WT. 250ml. ℮ 8oz. NET WT. 50ml. ℮ 1.7oz. NET WT. 120ml. ℮ 4oz. NET WT. 30ml. ℮ 1oz. 2 IN 1 Triple Power Blueberry Cooling Calming Timeless Swagger Timeless Swagger SMS ANTI WRINKLE™ Antioxidant Cleanser Tea & Seaweed Hydrator⁺ Equilibrium⁺ 2 in 1 Exfoliating Mask POMEGRANATE SERUM Price : $39.95 Price : $34.95 Price : $69.95 Price : $69.95 Price : $42.95 Price : $64.95 SKU: PSMCL01 SKU: PSMTN01 SKU: PSMMOI01 SKU: PSMMOI02 SKU: PSMMSK01 SKU: PSMSR01 Harmonizing extracts of blue lotus and German A unique alcohol-free formula that contains the Infused with nourishing organic and natural Purify skin of imperfections, blackheads, Designed to gently buff away impurities and Detoxify and defend against environmental stress chamomile will soothe and de-stress skin. Organic robust antioxidant properties of wild blueberry oils, plus a powerhouse of phytonutrients and discoloration, and blemishes with the aid dead surface cells as it tones, smooths and and aging with this restorative serum, rich in natural green, black, and white teas deliver a triple burst and white tea combined with the healthful vitamins. Combat dryness and dehydration with of retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), echinacea purifies skin. Organic squamosa, derived from antioxidants and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Minimize of powerful antioxidants to protect skin from harsh detoxifying benefits of Atlantic seaweed extract. this silky smooth moisturizer that will leave extract, and tea tree oil found in this daily use the sugar apple tree, is combined with powerful visible signs of aging using a potent blend of SMS environmental conditions. Ideal for today’s man on A clean, fresh fragrance soothes the senses your skin looking its very best. Cooling mint leaf moisturizer for normal to oily skin. Calm and nutripeptides to enhance collagen production and Antiwrinkle ™ (derived from the Sugar Apple Tree), the go, this cleansing formula, dissolves oil and dirt while the toner perfects skin’s balance by extract rejuvenates and revitalizes, while rice soothe eruptive skin with powerful calendula, improve intercellular cohesion. Anti-aging free CoEnzyme Q10, nutripeptides, and pomegranate quickly and effectively, without stripping essential removing any left over residue and debris. nutripeptides encourage cellular well-being yucca and arnica extracts. Establish equilibrium radical scavengers, derived from pomegranate, seed extract. nutrients necessary for retaining balance. that minimizes the signs of aging and improves using this oil absorbing gel based crème, rich in cranberry, and vitamins C and E, provide protection the tone and overall complexion of your skin. natural and organic extracts. from harsh environmental aggressors. Normal to dry skin. Powerful Timeless20 21
  12. 12. SKIN CARE TO MATCH YOUR SKIN TYPE SKIN CARE TO MATCH CLEANSERS CLEANSER NORMAL DRY OILY COMBINATION SENSITIVE MATURE ALLERGY-PRONE / ENVIRONMENTALLY STRESSED / YOUR SKIN TYPE ROSACEA PIGMENTED Nourishing Calendula Cleansing Crème Purifying Foaming Wash Product to Skin Type Reference Beta Carotene Reparative Cleanser Sweet Orange Acai Cleansing Crème Discover your own RawGoodies® beauty secret by targeting your skin type, and you have uncovered timeless beauty. TONERS Your Skin Type — Do You Know Yours? To Be Able To Give Your Skin The Proper Care It Needs, You TONER NORMAL DRY OILY COMBINATION SENSITIVE MATURE ALLERGY-PRONE / ENVIRONMENTALLY STRESSED / ROSACEA PIGMENTED Must First Determine The Type Of Skin You Have. Antioxidant Balancing Toner Normal Skin Less than 25% of women have this skin type. This skin type is smooth, soft, and supple. The complexion appears fine-textured and almost free of blemishes having only the periodic one or two. It radiates, it Organic Alfalfa Mineral Mist has a healthy glow, and it usually never feels too oily or too dry. Normal skin however, does need to be properly taken care of to remain problem free. Dry Skin EXFOLIANTS This type of skin has a fine texture and appears transparent. Dry skin feels uncomfortably tight with no moisturizer, and it has a tendency to show fine lines in the areas of the mouth and eyes. This skin type may also have dry patches and small whiteheads around the eye area. Dry will feel especially parched following washing. Without proper care and some TLC, dry skin will almost always show signs EXFOLIANT NORMAL DRY OILY COMBINATION SENSITIVE MATURE ALLERGY-PRONE / ROSACEA ENVIRONMENTALLY STRESSED / PIGMENTED of early aging. Kukui Nut Volcanic Scrub Combination Skin This type of skin is oily in the T zone area, while the rest of the face is dry. The T zone area is your Banana Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant forehead, nose, and chin. As all skin is unique, the degree to which both areas will be oily or dry will vary; nevertheless, both areas require separate cleaning routines to restore them to a balanced level. Adzuki & Bamboo Exfoliant Oily Skin Oily complexion will feel greasy to the touch and appear sallow and course. Oily skin is usually predisposed to blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads and prone to large pores. Oiliness reappears MASKS within hours of washing and absorbs makeup such as foundation or blush quickly. MASK NORMAL DRY OILY COMBINATION SENSITIVE MATURE ALLERGY-PRONE / ROSACEA ENVIRONMENTALLY STRESSED / PIGMENTED Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin appears fine textured, almost thin. Sensitive skin is subject to allergies and may suffer allergic conditions. This skin type needs to be treated very gently. If you have sensitive skin, you Anti-Aging Botanical Silk Treatment should only use hypoallergenic products that are specifically formulated for your skin type. Murumuru Mango Masque Acne-prone Skin This skin type will usually have a course texture and feel and appear oily. Acne-prone skin has large pores, blackheads, and red blotches that may become more irritated under anxiety or stress. Both Grape & Pomegranate Hydrating Mask sensitive skin and acne skin may occur together or separate, and may be present to some degree in one of the other four skin types. DNA Restoring Antioxidant Mask22 23
  14. 14. aromaspa REMEDY SYNERGIES Roll-ONs Apply directly onto skin with a focus on the body’s pressure points. NET WT. 10ml. ℮ .3oz. Head On Under the Breathe Dreamy Good Vibes Straight Weather Ease Escape Price : $13.95 Price : $13.95 Price : $13.95 Price : $13.95 Price : $13.95 SKU : ASRMRHS SKU : ASRMRUTW SKU : ASRMRBE SKU : ASRMRDE SKU : ASRMRGV Headache relief. Cold and flu. Sinus pain & congestion. Insomnia. Menopause, hot flashes, PMS. 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL For use in an oil warmer, bath, or for a therapeutic NET WT. 10ml. ℮ .3oz. massage when diluted with our Carrier Oils (p.29) Head on Under the Breathe Dreamy Good Vibes Straight Weather Ease Escape Price : $11.95 Price : $7.95 Price : $17.95 Price : $17.95 Price : $27.95 SKU : ASRMPHS SKU: ASRMPUTW SKU: ASRMPBE SKU : ASRMPDE SKU : ASRMPGV Headache relief. Cold and flu. Sinus pain & congestion. Insomnia. Menopause, hot flashes, PMS. See page 60 to chose an oil warmer perfect for your favourite Pure Essential Oil Blends26 27