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Webdev battacherjee

Webdev battacherjee



Published by Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, January 2012, Licensed Vendor for BlackBerry World App and Development, Social Media, Digital Content by BlackBerry Laws, ...

Published by Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, January 2012, Licensed Vendor for BlackBerry World App and Development, Social Media, Digital Content by BlackBerry Laws, Copyrights, Authorship, Commercial Rights and Compliance , Health & Safety Compliance, IP Laws Pioneer for Data Encryption, Global Entrepreneur, Global Sales and Social Media Networking, Global Vending, Attributed Use for all Global Resellers of BlackBerry Products and Services, Digital Content, Patent, Global Promotion for BlackBerry Apps Development and the Foundation for a Raving Tigers BlackBerry Business Solutions as per stipulations and agreements on policies and rights over use , print and distribution to re-distribution over corporations of Global Merchandising of Communication Devices that pioneers data encryption and Social Hubs as attributions to the hallmarks of BlackBerry Dev Alpha C into the market release version of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 as separate and treated as one unit of manufactured programming,from its concept to approval which must meet Blackberry standard for its release and hacked for its vulnerability on CrackBerry exclusive to both "Gods" and Demons" of this world of the Fruit-wares, called BlackBerry and these could be coded as well. Z10 and Q10. Written by: Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, Blackberry Dev Alpha A to C, 2012 to present and 10% only addicted, for the love of GOD! No mercy until I get my millions and a private jet, a school or an intellectual law institution or many. I am the Pioneer of WORK IN MOTION FOR my Raving Tigers Business Solutions which is for micro/macro economic developments and dependent on consumerism as well as the provision of scholarships to increase revenues for BlackBerry in the deliverance of its goal for mobilisation of these technologies, as an integral part of the backbone of every struggling small business owners who only needs one device, a BlackBerry. © 2013 Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of RIM and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.



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    Webdev battacherjee Webdev battacherjee Presentation Transcript

    • Introduction to Web Development Prosanta Bhattacherjee Application Development Consultant Adam Stanley Application Development Consultant
    • Agenda • Why Build Web Applications? • Browser Options • Web Standards & Features • Device Software • Designing your Web Application • Pushing Data • Lessons Learned • Upcoming 5.0 Browser features
    • Web Applications Why to build web applications • Reuse existing development skills • Reuse existing development tools • Reuse existing web applications • Established, well-known standards (HTML, JavaScript®, CSS)
    • Web Applications Why not to create a web application • Require access to advanced capabilities of the smartphone (i.e. camera, SD card, address book, etc) • Application needs to be functional regardless of coverage availability
    • Browser Options • Basic difference between the browsers is where the requests break out to the internet • Underlying engine is the exact same • BlackBerry® Browser – Requests routed through BlackBerry® Enterprise Server • Internet Browser – Requests routed through BlackBerry® Internet Service • WAP Browser – Requests routed through Carrier’s WAP gateway • Hotspot (or Wi-Fi®) Browser – Requests routed through Wi-Fi access point
    • Browser Options
    • Browser Options
    • Browser Options
    • Browser Options
    • Browser Options
    • Browser Options
    • Mobile Data System Mobile Data System Connection Service (MDS-CS) • Performs server side optimizations to improve device browsing experience • Generates image thumbnails • Injects BlackBerry specific HTTP headers • Pre-compiles JavaScript and sends bytecode to device • May store user cookies (depending on service settings) • Component of BlackBerry Internet Service, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • Handheld Software Version 4.5 • Upgrade for all BlackBerry 8000 Series • Check with carrier for software availability Version 4.6 • Entirely new browser rendering engine • Increased support for many different web standards Version 4.7 • Touch-based navigation • No significant changes for developers Version 5.0 • Gears Support • Scriptable SVG • HTML5 form controls
    • Development Environment Use any standard web IDE • Same development and debugging environment as a desktop web application MDS Services Simulator • Simulators server component of BlackBerry solution • Bundled with BlackBerry® JDE or available as a separate download BlackBerry Device Simulator • Each simulator package represents a publicly available device software version • Simulates almost any facet of a real device (user interface, keyboard / trackball interaction, network conditions, GPS, etc.)
    • BlackBerry® smartphone simulator Simulator • Available for download • Public Smartphone models • Simulates behaviours • User interface • Network conditions • Application • User input interaction • Test different device models and software versions
    • Development Environment • BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio • BlackBerry Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse • Debugging • Support for debugging web projects with the BlackBerry Smartphone • Profiling • Visibility into the content of XMLHttpRequest requests and response data • Visibility into data traffic for web-based content,
    • Web Development Tools BlackBerry® Plug-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 1.2 www.blackberry.com/developers/webvisualstudio
    • Web Development Tools BlackBerry® Web Development Plug-in for Eclipse™ 1.0 www.blackberry.com/developers/webeclipse
    • Web Development Tools Features • Debugging from the BlackBerry® smartphone simulator • Set breakpoints in JavaScript code • Remote website debugging • Integrated watch windows • Improved visibility of XMLHttpRequest data • Reporting on time-to-load of web resources
    • Features • Remote Website Debugging • Production Support • XmlHttpRequest • Request, Response • Profiling • Images, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    • Breakpoints in JavaScript Debug JavaScript code directly from the BlackBerry® smartphone simulator Step through code using development environment controls
    • Supported Features - Markup Content Type Component Partial Support Full Support HTML 4.01 3.2.1 4.6 Tables 3.8 4.6 Image maps 3.8 4.6 Frames 4.2 4.6 HTML 5 5.0 - CSS 2.1 3.8 4.6 SVG 3.7 - XHTML-MP - 3.6 WML - 3.2 Gears Support 5.0 -
    • Supported Features - Markup Content Type Component Partial Support Full Support DOM L2 4.6 - Core - 4.6 HTML - 4.6 Style - 4.6 Events - 4.6 AJAX - 4.6 Javascript 1.5 3.8 4.6 EcmaScript 262 3rd Edition - 3.8 WMLScript 3.2.1 -
    • Supported Features - Markup Content Type Component Partial Support Full Support Video WMV - 4.3 h.263 - 4.6 Audio MP3 - 4.2 MP4 - 4.2 WAV - 4.2 MIDI - 3.7
    • Supported Features - Markup Content Type Component Partial Support Full Support Images Animated GIF - 3.8 TIFF - 3.7 BMP - 3.7 JPEG - 3.7 PNG - 3.2.1 GIF - 3.2.1
    • Supported Features BlackBerry smartphones have added functionality that isn’t typically available in a browser • Push Content • Offline forms • Web Feeds • GPS • Content auto-matching
    • Push Content BlackBerry Enterprise Server • Channel Push • Icon pushed to home screen • Launches browser to selected URL • Message Push • Item sent to messages application • Launches browser to selected URL • Cache Push • Content added directly to the browser cache
    • Offline submission queues Users can submit forms when out-of-coverage • Submissions get stored in a queue • Device automatically submits form data when back in coverage Uses custom RIM HTTP headers <input type="hidden" name="x-rim-queue-id” value="ExampleID" /> <input type="hidden" name="x-rim-request-title" value=”Example" />
    • Web Feeds The BlackBerry Browser has a Web Feed reader built-in • Supported formats are: • RSS 0.9 • RSS 1.0 • RSS 2.0 • ATOM
    • Location Based Services • GPS • Browser integrated with device GPS • “Location” JavaScript API var lat; var lon; if (blackberry.location.GPSSupported) { lat = blackberry.location.latitude; lon = blackberry.location.longitude; }
    • Device Integration Built in Auto-matching • Text recognition of • Phone numbers • Email addresses • Web page links • Can invoke corresponding application • x-rim-auto-match
    • Design Considerations Smaller display size • Optimize for a reduced screen resolution • Images are scaled to fit on the screen Wireless network • Variable download speeds Keep it Simple!! • Avoid excessive download and rendering times • Only use JavaScript® when required • Complex pages can be hard to navigate
    • Push Content • Alert users that new content is available for viewing • BlackBerry Enterprise Server – Initiated by posting a request to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server – Channel Push • Icon placed on homescreen • Launches browser to selected url • Option for read / unread icon – Message Push • Item added to Messages application • Launches browser to selected url – Cache Push • Content added directly to browser cache
    • Widgets • Leverage web technologies • Web applications packaged as native apps • JavaScript API’s – Access device functionality (camera, media player, etc) – Access PIM information (contact book, calendar, etc) • Deploy through App World
    • Lessons Learned How do I identify web requests that originate from a BlackBerry smartphone? – “Profile” HTTP header • Identifies a request originating from a BlackBerry smartphone • Headers provide location of UAProf file which describe the capabilities of a mobile device • URL contains model and device software version • “http://www.blackberry.net/go/mobile/profiles/uaprof/8310/4.5.0.rdf”
    • Lessons Learned What are emulation modes? • Allows user to choose the type of content they wish to view • Modifies the user-agent to emulator other common browsers • Also called “Browser Identification” in device software 4.6 • Sample user-agent values • Browser Identification: BlackBerry – “BlackBerry9000/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/179” • Browser Identification: Firefox – “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/”
    • Lessons Learned How can I determine which browser transport initiated the request? • Examine the “Via” HTTP header • BlackBerry Enterprise Server – starts with “MDS” – “MDS_4.1.5.32” • BlackBerry Internet Service – starts with “BISB” – “BISB_3.3.0.45, 1.1 ….” • WAP – variable, value set by the carrier – “1.1 to5magproxy2.int.gprs.rogers.com” • Hotspot – “Via” header not set
    • Lessons Learned How do I know if JavaScript is enabled? • Determine if “Accept” header contains “application:x- javascript” • Only reliable if requests routed through BlackBerry MDS How do I know if CSS is enabled? • Determine if “Accept” header contains “text/css”
    • Lessons Learned How can I control the initial zoom in the 4.6 browser? • HandheldFriendly meta tag • Automatically sets page width equal to device width • <meta name="HandheldFriendly" content="True"> • Viewport meta tag • Allows developer to explicitly set the width of the page • <meta name="viewport" content="width=device- width"/>
    • Looking Ahead to 5.0 The new 5.0 Browser will support: • Gears • Full support excluding localhost • HTML5 Forms • Inputmode • Limit text boxes to only numbers • Performance enhancements • Speed enhancements • JavaScript
    • Summary • Benefits of developing a web application • An understanding of various browser options • Capabilities of the BlackBerry Browser • Useful tips when developing web applications • Upcoming 5.0 browser features
    • BlackBerry® Developer Zone http://www.BlackBerry.com/developers Resources • BlackBerry Developer Tools • BlackBerry Smartphone and MDS simulators • Developer Documentation and Sample Code • Developer Video Library • Knowledge Base • Bug Tracking Database
    • BlackBerry Web Developer Community Developer Newsletter • Webcast announcements • Tools, Tips and Tricks Web Development Forum • Discussion topics • How-to BlackBerry Developer Blog • www.Blackberry.com/developers/blog • Technical Discussions • Market Insight • Developer Engagement
    • Thank You Prosanta Bhattacherjee, Application Development Consultant Adam Stanley, Application Development Consultant