2 states book review


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2 states book review

  1. 1. Assignment of Manager Like Quality Book Review On Two States Submitted By:PRATIK BHUSHAN MBA/15036/13
  2. 2. About the Author: Chetan Bhagat  He born on 22nd April 1974  He born in New Delhi in a punjabi family  He studied in IIT and IIM  Came up with 5 best-sellers books until now
  3. 3. Writing Styles and Achivements  Simple with Vivid Story Telling  All his Books have a numbers in his Title  “The best selling English language novelist in India’s history”.  He writes Coloums for news papers  He quitted his banking career in 2009
  4. 4. What is 2 States about?  It is the story about a couple coming from two different states in India  They face hardships in convincing their parents to approve of their marriage  This story focuses on the love story of a Tamil girl, Ananya, and a Punjabi boy, Krish  This is the second Chetan Bhagat book based largely on his life
  5. 5. Book Review:  The book is very apposite for the present scenario of the Indian society  The author here aims at propagating a feeling of nationalism among the people.  The author, a North Indian meets a young, talented, charming beauty at the IIM-A hostel mess.  She was fretting over the bad food provided there. The author offers her his sweet dish which she takes without any reluctance.
  6. 6. Book Review: Cntd.  Together, they proceed for a restaurant, which marks the commencement of a friendship that gradually turns into affection.  This bond of love shared by the two of them then has to be converted into an alliance, an everlasting relationship, that is, a marital bond.  The book describes as to how the two of them struggle hard in convincing each other’s family to accept this interstate marriage.  After a lot of endeavors, finally the two of them succeed.
  7. 7. Book Review: Cntd.  Chennai and Delhi are finally subjugated by the one word that links the two cities, that is India.  Yes, Indianness is above the divisions of state that we have imposed upon ourselves.  It also emphasizes upon the fact that a marriage is not just about connecting two souls together but it also ties a knot between two families.
  8. 8. Book Review: Cntd.  For both of them, a smile on the faces of their near and dear ones was essential. They wanted all of them to be happy.  The book strikes a chord with the youth of India.  In spite of the many encumbrances in life, one should not give up but face the impediments that come our way.  This is life; it is not a bed of roses indeed.  The feeling of contentment which follows the success is great.
  9. 9. Book Review: Cntd.  Feeling of accomplishment, which succeeds, is immense.  It overshadows all other feelings.  It is this great feeling that dawned upon Krish and Ananya after their marriage. They live happily ever after. Later, Ananya gives birth to baby twins.  The hospital authorities ask to which state the children should belong, provided the fact that the two parents belong to different states.  Krish replies that the children belong neither to Chennai or Delhi but to a much bigger state, India.
  10. 10. THANK YOU