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A quick introduction to MentorSquare.

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  • Articulate a plan to improve sustainability of current business in terms of both top-line & bottom-line improvementsDefine appropriate KRAs for all executive and managerial positions, that are aligned with top management goalsStrengthen  the second-line (next to the MD) to enable focus on more strategic issues as opposed to the operational aspects of the companyIdentify the shortcomings of the current business processes/practices especially in the sales function of the automotive business both at the front-end and the back-end (call centres) and working on bringing about the necessary improvementsIdentify and analyzed diversification options for the business
  • Intro To MentorSquare Advisors

    1. 1. An Introduction to MentorSquare
    2. 2. What does Mentoring mean?Mentoring is the process of enabling, empowering and energizing an entrepreneur and his/her team to take their enterprise to the next level.
    3. 3. Why are we here?
    4. 4. What we understand? Challenges Typically, we find that Business Owners and Entrepreneurs face challenges like Lack of Growth Lack of adequate Funds Lack of Business Strategy and Direction Lack of Structure and Organisation
    5. 5. What we understand? Barriers Most often, the barriers that slowdown the process of rapid growth is Lack of Management Bandwidth Short-term focused decisions Entangled in day to day operations inevitably compromising on the bigger picture Lack of discipline and rigor in execution of plans
    6. 6. Very Different but Much the Same When it comes to business issues, the patterns, the symptoms and solutions are very similar! Most solutions are developed through experience.
    7. 7. What is MentorSquare? has created a global pool of experienced professionals and business leaders committed to guiding entrepreneurs on their journey to greater business success
    8. 8. The Mentor Network Mentors are people who have built their own companies as Entrepreneurs or as Professionals. Mentors have the ability to guide entrepreneurs and help his thought process. Mentor network provides the Mentee, business advice and a network. A Global Network, with local presence!
    9. 9. What have we done so far?
    10. 10. What have done so far?  Approximately 5000 SMEs have experienced MentorSquare through our various programs  Through our programs we have helped SMEs : o Increase their revenues by 35% to 65% o Increase their profitability by more than 25% o Raise funds to the tune of INR 100 Crores o Provide global market access to markets like Singapore, USA, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa o Help professionalise the team
    11. 11. Its not what we say that counts, its what our Members say – A Few of our Success Stories
    12. 12. A Few of our Success Stories An 8 year old Telecom Equipment vendor Facing a problem of revenue decline despite market growing Expecting 40% growth. Declining market and dropping sales and revenues. The trends were confirmed Internal gaps in Planning, Marketing, Sales processes and Market Coverage were clearly identified.Our Mentors helped the company develop a clear road map, Strategy and a Review process to ensure growth.He has met targets ever since…
    13. 13. A Few of our Success Stories An 18 year old surgical dressings and medi-packing Manufacture Aspiring to look beyond the day-to-day operations Wanting to concentrate on expanding the business and grow faster. Caught up in day-to-day operations Lack of focus on business expansion The operational specifics were studied Internal changes in delegation of work, planning and strategy were identified Actions plans were made and implementedOur Mentors helped the company in distributing responsibilities to the HR and a clear plan was set for the Mentee to achieve expansion and ensure growth.He has expanded to two more cities and has begun exporting abroad…
    14. 14. A Few of our Success Stories An INR 20 Crore Manufacturing Company Fire-fighting an on-going Crisis Aspiring to concentrate on growth The Growth slowing down Major Attrition in his enterprise The Entrepreneur was taken through a process which helped him recognize AND OWN his own planning errors Move on to a more robust business model.Our Mentors helped the company to create a business strategy, institutionalise a Review process to drive performance and provide a sustainable value for his customers, partners and employees.
    15. 15. A Few of our Success Stories “I would look at our current engagement with Mentor square as the initial phase in which we have addressed many critical aspects like three year business plan with specific focus on the current year business and new opportunities. I have also seen visible changes in our sales organization on forecasting & reporting system , the 4Q reporting review which started as trial with our customer service is yielding desired results. I would like Mentor square to spend more time on fine tuning the review process. We have immensely gained in the last six months interacting with our you and the other Mentors.”
    16. 16. A Few of our Success StoriesAn INR 100+ Crore company with a suite of offerings under trading and dealership of 3 & 4 wheelerplus construction equipment.The company aspired to grow its top-line by 200% in 5 years. But faced issues like stagnating growth &declining profitability.Over a period of 12 months, MentorSquare has been able to deep dive into the root causes of theproblems and :1. Articulate a plan to improve sustainability of current business in terms of both top-line & bottom- line improvements2. Define appropriate KRAs for all executive and managerial positions, that are aligned with top management goals3. Strengthen the second-line (next to the MD) to enable focus on more strategic issues as opposed to the operational aspects of the company4. Study and enhance current business processes/practices5. Identify and analyzed diversification options for the businessWith the above measures, this firm is on the path to retain its market share and sustain itsprofitability despite intense competition, choppy market and political situations.
    17. 17. A Few of our Mentors
    18. 18. MentorSquare Mentors Ravi Narayan: CEO & Co- Founder Ravi is a serial entrepreneur having started American Systems International (ASI) providing IT solutions for the US federal market, Nextone Communications (sold to Genband), a global leader in the VoIP space and Astuto Networks (sold to Ismart International), an India based company specializing in network infrastructure products for the emerging markets. He has also worked at various technical and management levels for IBM and Hughes Network Systems. Cherian Kuruvila: Partner Mentor Cherian comes with a career that has spanned 28 plus years in 4 Industries. He has worked in senior management levels in the consumer durable sector for 3 years, in office automation sector for 16 years, in the Telecom sector for 7 years and has also had a share of HR recruitment/ HR consulting for 2 years. His biggest assignment has been as a Senior Vice President (for Retail) in Reliance Communications Ltd.
    19. 19. MentorSquare Mentors Renukaprasad Belgur: Partner Mentor A result oriented senior management professional with manufacturing experience spanning over 30 years. He is currently, spear heading the AVASARALA’s. Prior to joining AVASARALA, he joined Bharat Electronics and served in the Projects & Automation Systems division working on high technology areas in system design and controls for critical component production machinery. Prabhakar Valivati: Managing Director & Co-founder He co-founded RelQ Software which he built from scratch and eventually sold it to EDS. He had also served in key roles at TVS Suzuki and Wipro prior to co-founding RelQ Software. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, has successfully established large enterprises, internationalized businesses and has in-depth experience in Marketing, Strategy and Finance.
    20. 20. MentorSquare Mentors Nagendra Satyan: COO & Co- Founder He brings over twenty years of experience in IT and Management Consulting and another eight years in industry. In his latest assignment at EMC India, where he led the engineering organization as Vice President and GM, he built it from a 20 to a 1000-member strong team in a span of 36 months, covering all the product lines. Prior to joining EMC, Nagendra was the MD at Sanware Storage Solutions; Country Manager at Accelerated Networks India; COO at Princeton Consulting, India and Head of Management Consulting, Tata Consultancy Services. Balaji Pasumarthy: Co-founder He is the owner of GoldenSquare Serviced and Virtual office which has provided smart and ready to use offices for more than 500 companies in Bangalore. As the Executive Director of BNI Bangalore he helps businessmen connect with customers through trusted recommendations. He is passionate about Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy and writes on these topics on the destination for useful business knowledge that he founded.
    21. 21. MentorSquare Mentors Sachi R. Sachidanand: Partner Mentor Sachi R. Sachidananda is a veteran in international techno-marketing with 3 decades of working with Fortune 50 companies. He is a partner mentor at MentorSquare and also Senior consultant to an MNC. He drove both the technical and customer-centric aspects of marketing to acquire major clients for high value capital equipment across industries. He was one of the core leadership team who built up a leadership position for Wipro GE in India in the 90s. Avinash Agrawal: Lead Mentor Avinash Agrawal has over 35 years of rich management experience in diversified industries, with over last twenty years at the top level in the Global IT industry covering software services, product development, BPO and IT support. He has been responsible for setting up software companies from scratch and built them successfully into efficient organizations. Earlier, he held management positions in multinational organizations in engineering, manufacturing, liquor and beer, food processing and several other segments of the industry.
    22. 22. MentorSquare Mentors Vikram Amaranath: Lead Mentor Vikram Amaranath, comes with a combined experience of 30 plus years in working for premier Indian MNC’s like TCS & MindTree and Navaratna like BEML. The 30 year career includes 17 years of consulting experience where he headed the Business Consulting Group of the Manufacturing Industry Practice for India’s premier IT Services company, Tata Consulting Services. He served as the Vice-President and Head of Manufacturing Industry Group and the Energy Industry Group for MindTree Limited. Mathew Isac: Lead Mentor For the last eighteen years, he has worked in multiple global roles in enhancing financial and operational expertise with a variety of organizations in the technology, consumer services, foods, BPO and other diversified sectors. He has managed large global functional teams & projects / programs across India, Americas, Europe, APAC. Mathew has worked with corporates like BILT, Agrotech Foods and Apollo Tyres earlier, with experiences in Business revamp across acquired units, business planning and corporate finance.
    23. 23. MentorSquare Mentors Hari Rao: Senior Mentor Over four decades of global experience in precision engineering, manufacturing technology, quality, supply chain, equipment planning and procurement, and people management. He worked as the Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Advisor of Titan Industries Ltd and has played a crucial role in bringing the wrist watch industry to India. He is also the Director of Vantage Agora Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Ramesh Kumar: Senior Mentor He has been the MD of Premium Transmissions where he was responsible for formation of the company from a division of Greaves. He has also started Perkasa Engineering - an automotive company in Indonesia to manufacture trucks, buses and tractors. He has also been the Executive Director of Jaya Hind, turning the company around in 11 months, after 7 years of red ink. He has also been the head of a large construction machinery plant at BOMAG. He has also been responsible for the turnaround of three different companies of the Thapar and Tata groups.
    24. 24. Thank you!