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I made this presentation for a senior faculty. Very simple and insightful in bringing organizational attitude change. Suggests easy to adopt Four Absolutes of Quality Attitude.

I made this presentation for a senior faculty. Very simple and insightful in bringing organizational attitude change. Suggests easy to adopt Four Absolutes of Quality Attitude.



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    Absolutes Absolutes Presentation Transcript

    • - B Y - P R O F . D R . K . R . K A T K H E D E D E P T . O F M A N A G E M E N T S T U D I E S & R E S E A R C H S H R I H V P M ’ S C O L L E G E O F E N G G . & T E C H . FOUR ABSOLUTES OF QUALITY ATTITUDE
    • CONTENTS 1. What is Quality? 2. What is Attitude? 3. Why do we need a Quality Attitude? 4. Four Absolutes – Principles I, II, III & IV 5. Q & A session
    • WHAT IS TOTAL QUALITY?  Meeting customer requirements  Doing things RIGHT the FIRST time  Consistency (Low/ no Variation)  Continuous Improvement  Quality is everything we do  Quality is an Attitude
    • WHAT IS ATTITUDE?  You can‟t teach an old dog new tricks  Good enough for Govt. work  You get what you pay for  No one expects it to be perfect  To error is human and so on…
    • ATTITUDES  Negative attitudes are bad drivers for personal development and improvement  Attitudes are adopted  No one can make you adopt an attitude  Anyone can adopt a positive attitude  Four absolutes are basic principles teaching how to develop Quality Attitude
    • FOUR ABSOLUTES OF QUALITY ATTITUDE  Due to our hassles the co. spends much time & money on bad quality products/ services  As a result co. faces LOWER: 1. Productivity 2. Production 3. Efficiency 4. Image building 5. Moral & Motivation of People The end results are….
    • The end results are….  Rise in product cost  Decline in production  Falling market share  Falling profitability  Dissatisfied internal & external customers SO IS THERE ANY !DEA TO: REDUCE HASSLES??? REDUCE REWORK???
    • FOUR ABSOLUTES…PRINCIPLE - I CONFORMANCE TO REQUIREMENT Doing the things right The first time is quality No Opinion No Inferences No Pleasing No Dual Standards
    • PRINCIPLE - II PREVENTION  The only system causing Quality is Prevention  Eliminating Potential of Error  Do not appraise: Find errors -> Evaluate them -> Dispose off -> Hence Corrected…..NO Rather  Identify opportunities for error and take corrective actions before it occurs …. Because  Quality does not believe in fire-fighting and fixing- up approach
    • PRINCIPLE - III PERFORMANCE STD.  How often do you want me to do things right?  All the time > Every Time > On Time and Right Away ZERO DEFFECT Performance Std. And become a PERFECTIONIST Like him
    • PRINCIPLE - IV MEASUREMENT What do we mean by  Good Quality  Reasonable improved  Up-to-the-mark  Process averages  Acceptable rejection limits No chance to measure exact errors Hence use POC & PONC
    • POC – PRICE OF CONFORMANCE  Price paid for making certain that the requirement are met the first time.  Cost of doing it the right way at the right time
    • PONC – PRICE OF NON-CONFORMANCE  Time & money wasted due to rework, repair, reprocessing, rescheduling, reconcilia tion etc  20% - 25% efforts and money are wasted on it  PONC gives a specific value to quality improvement Hence you can quantify how much you earned….. Because every penny saved is earned
    • FOUR ABSOLUTES SIMPLY IS…  “DO IT” – (Conform to requirements)  “RIGHT” – (Prevent errors)  “THE FIRST TIME” – (Zero Defects)  “PONC” – (Cost incurred if failed to do it „Right the first time‟)
    • THANK YOU - Prof. Dr. K. R. Katkhede Dept. of Management Studies & Research Shri HVPM‟s College of Engg. & Tech.