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Types of meals ppt Presentation Transcript

  • 1. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 2.  Breakfast Brunch Lunch Hightea Dinner supper www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 3.  Continental breakfast is an institutional meal plan based on lighter Mediterranean breakfast traditions. It is a light meal meant to satisfy breakfaster until lunch. A typical Continental breakfast consists of the following: www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 4. juices Mango juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice, orange juice or grapefruit juiceBread Toast(white bread/brown bread), rolls, croissant, brioche, muffins, dou ghnuts, Danish pastry served with preserves, jam, honey, marmalade and butterBeverage Hot beverages such as tea or coffee. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 5. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 6.  If tea is served as a beverage with the above breakfast then it is known as ‘The Complet’. If coffee is served with the above breakfast then is it is known as ‘Café Complet’ www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 7. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 8.  This traditional cooked breakfast has largely been replaced by simple, light foods and much varied choices have been added to suit today’s customers. The course also varies from two to ten depending on the customer and the establishment. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 9. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 10. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 11.  The area or space for all the utensils (including salt, pepper cruets and ashtrays) for each guest is called cover. The breakfast cover may be divided into two types: 1. Full breakfast cover. 2. Continental breakfast cover www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 12.  The cover includes some or all of the following: i) Side plate and side knife ii) Fish knife and fork iii) Joint knife and fork iv) Soup spoon and fork v) Tea or breakfast cereal cup, saucer and teaspoon vi) Slop basin vii) Tea strainer viii) Jug of cold milk (if tea bags used - no need for strainers) ix) Sugar cubes bowl and tongs or individual sugar packets in a bowl, cream or coffee mate pouches x) Butter dish on doily on an underplate with a butter knife xi) Preserve dish on a doily on an underplate with a preserve spoon xii) Cruet: salt, pepper, mustard and mustard spoon www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 13.  xiii) Serviette: either laid flat between the joint knife and fork or placed on the sideplate under the side knife xiv) Toast rack on an underplate Bread boat containing the croissant or brioche in a serviette to keep them warm. xvi) Stands or underplates for teapot / coffee pot and hot water jug / hot milk jug, salt and pepper, caster,sugar in shakers. xvii) Ashtray (depending on smoking policy) xviii) Table number display.Continental Breakfast Cover: For a continental breakfast consisting of hot croissant/ brioches or hot toast, butter, preserves and coffee or tea, the cover would be as follows: i) Stands or underplates for coffee / tea pot and hot milk / hot water jug or pouches of tea or instant coffee. ii) Side plate with side knife iii) Sugar cubes basin and tongs or individual sugar and creamer packets in a bowl iv) Tea or breakfast cup and saucer and a teaspoon v) If the beverage is tea, then the following additional items will be needed: slop basin and tea strainer. vi) Napkin vii) Ashtray (depending on smoking policy of the establishment) www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 14.  Brioche: is a fancy sweet bread or yeast cake sometimes containing currents and candied fruits. In France both large and small types are made. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 15. Made from vienna bread sough( enriched with milk) soft and light crumbed but the glazed crust is very crisp with or without poppyseeds. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 16.  Made from yeast dough into which butter is folded as in puff pastry. It is cresent shaped. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 17.  Corn flakes Rice flakes Wheat flakes Bran flakes Corn soya shreds Crisp corn shreds Crisp oat cereals Puffed rice Rolled wheat Puffed wheat Rice crispies Quaker oats Raisin gram flakes Frosted flakes Wheat shreds www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 18.  Allumettes- match size deep fried Anna- sliced, pressed and baked in a mould. Au four- jacket based cut with cross incision before service. Boulan gere- sliced potatoes, with sliced onions, stock moistened and baked. Chateau- turned to olive size, blanched then roasted in butter. Ducheese- puree with egg yolk, then piped through piping bag and bake. En puree- mashed En robe de chabre- boiled or steamed in jacket En robe de champs- alternative for above Fondates-large egg shaped, cooked in butter and stock and upper surface thus glazed. Frites- deep fried or French fries. Gaurfret- lettuce cut potatoes deep fried. Lyonnaise- sliced potatoes sauted with onion. Nature- plain boiled Persilles- steamed or boiled potatoes tossed in butter with chopped parsley Pontneuf- thick cut, deep fried. Souflees- rectangular slices deep fried twice in order to ‘ballon’ them. Vapeur- turned to chateau size and steames www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
  • 19. www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
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  • 21. Orange Pate de Fruit Petit Four Almond MeringueWhite Chocolate Mint Rose Jasmine Tea Pink Rose Sugar Cube Mini Coffee www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in
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  • 24. Thank you www.hospitalitynu.blogspot.in