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Abellon clean energy

  1. 1. ABELLON CLEAN ENERGYAbellon has charted out a global road map to establish pellets manufacturing and bio-power generation facilities across select strategicregions, supported by a powerful and committed sales force, long term marketing and distribution partnerships, and robust supply chaincapabilities from feedstock sourcing to end customer delivery world wide. India USA Ghana Europe India As one of the fastest growing economies of the world, India is poised on the threshold of an exponential growth trajectory. Energyis a key driver for achieving this economic growth, as well as the country’s larger social development and environmental objectives.India’s status as a primarily agrarian economy makes it the perfect candidate for a bio energy led model of energy generationand sustainable development, utilizing the country’s large volumes of leftover agricultural and forest residue as well as civicwaste, and generating income and employment opportunities especially at grassroots rural community level.Abellon CleanEnergy has evolved a model of pellets manufacturing and bio-power generation that would help the country achievethe above objectives while making a significant contribution to GDP, and ensuring investments and benefits within the nation. Thecompany is also working towards making India a global research hub in bio energy through international researchcollaborations and development of a series ofintellectual property in the bio energy domain.Through its agrisciences initiative, Abellon is focusing on social forestry and wasteland redevelopment through cultivation of high-yield energy crops.Europe Energy efficiency and renewables are central to Europe’s energy and climate initiatives as they contribute substantially towardsreducing CO2 emissions, improve energy security and can contribute to enhanced competitiveness. The importance of energy efficiencyand sound renewables policies are the key to achieving the European strategy for sustainable, competitive and secure energy.This scenario is leading Europe to drive the shift towards clean, green, and renewable energy from the front. The EU 27 has taken amandate to produce 20% of electricity by 2020 from renewable energy.Abellon is supporting the achievement of these objectives through its integrated bio energy model with a focus on biomass basedpower generation and pellets.USAAbellon CleanEnergy Inc, USA, plans to partner industry and retail consumers in the US in meeting renewable energy production andenvironmental goals. The companys plans include pellets production and bio-power generation, along with a strong focus on researchand technology led strategic collaborations in areas including advanced generation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol and bio-dieselfrom marine algae, as well as solid-waste-to-energy technology.GhanaAbellon CleanEnergy Ghana Ltd, has planned investments in projects set to position bioenergy as a future sustainable source ofenergy and larger economic and social development for Ghana, as well as the African continent as a whole, through pelletsmanufacturing, short-rotation energy crops plantations for continuous and high-quality biomass supply, biofuels production as well asbio-power generation projects.Abellon CleanEnergy Ghana Ltd has joined hands with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Business Call to Action(BCtA) initiative to build an Integrated Sustainable Bioenergy model in Ghana, focusing on the areas of waste-to-energy conversion aswell as forestation, with a potential to generate local employment opportunities for 25,000 people over the next 5 years.