Ravello webinar: Enterprise DevOps Powered by Nested Virtualization


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See how nested virtualization powers enterprise DevOps. The technical session will show you how Ravello's HVX hypervisor encapsulates, abstracts and automates multi-tier app environments and enables enterprises gain agility and run complex VMware workloads unmodified on AWS.

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Ravello webinar: Enterprise DevOps Powered by Nested Virtualization

  1. 1. Enterprise DevOps Powered By Nested Virtualization Shruti Bhat Director, Product Marketing @ravellosystems
  2. 2. Agenda • “Enterprise” DevOps • Infrastructure challenges • Pipeline and key components • Nested virtualization solution • Live Demo • Next Steps www.ravellosystems.com 2
  3. 3. Software is eating the world* Increasing pressure to build better applications and faster time to market www.ravellosystems.com 3 Agile development methods Continuous development and testing on clones of production environments * From Marc Andreessen’s essay in the Wall Street Journal 8/20/2011 (here) This implies …
  4. 4. Infrastructure Not Keeping Pace With Agile Teams Requirement: Repeatable deployments (clones) of complex multi-tier production applications for -Dev/ QA environments -UAT/ Upgrade testing environments -Continuous integration and delivery www.ravellosystems.com 4
  5. 5. • Enterprise multi-tier architecture • Enterprise-grade appliances (F5, Fortinet, Juniper) • Production running on VMware in the data center • Security Enterprise DevOps Needs Best Of Both Worlds • Scale on demand • Never run out of capacity • Developer self-service • Advanced configuration management • Continuous integration/ continuous delivery Enterprise Requirements DevOps Requirements
  6. 6. www.ravellosystems.com 6 Dev SCM Build Integration testing UAT Performance testing Staging Production Dev SCM Build UAT Performance testing Staging Production Latest production configuration is used by dev/QA Developer self-service for dev/test environments Dev/QA always provision clones of latest production environment Running on AWS/ Google or any public cloud for on-demand capacity Running on VMware trigger Hourly check-in Pass: promote to UAT Pass: perform relative performance testing Pass: promote to staging Pass: deploy new build in VMware prod environment Fail: feedback to dev Integration testing trigger Packaged software (eg:Sharepoint) may not involve all the initial stages of the pipeline but still needs: -Upgrade testing -UAT -Staging etc
  7. 7. DevOps Tackles Several Issues www.ravellosystems.com 7 Source: www.devopsdays.com
  8. 8. How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time… Auto-provision and deploy full-stack production clones in any cloud on-demand. www.ravellosystems.com 8 Single repository with frequent builds. Automated continuous integration testing on production clones Manage and maintain complex configurations and frequent configuration changes Automate Infrastructure Automate Build & Test Configuration Management Nested Virtualization Jenkins/Hudson/ Teamcity/Bamboo etc Chef/ Puppet/ Salt/ Ansible etc
  9. 9. About Ravello Systems • Founded in 2011 by creators of KVM • Deep expertise in virtualization, cloud, storage & networking • Delivering nested virtualization as a service www.ravellosystems.com 9 Founding team track record Used by:
  10. 10. Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery Pipeline at Deutsche Telekom Enterprise DevOps Case Study: Deutsche Telekom HBS Jenkins http://www.ravellosystems.com/customer-case-studies/deutsche-telekom
  11. 11. Key Concepts In Nested Virtualization www.ravellosystems.com 11
  12. 12. From Virtual Machines to Multi-tier App Environments Virtual machine Multi-tier app environment www.ravellosystems.com 12 Multi-tier application with networking & storage configurations VM VM VM VM Networking Storage
  13. 13. From automating VMs to automating multi-tier app environments www.ravellosystems.com 13 VM automation Multi-tier app environment automation Snapshot, clone, save as template, instant provisioning, auto- deploy.. Snapshot, clone, save as template, instant provisioning, auto-deploy, network fencing, storage allocation, host spanning, live link.. Minimize manual/scripting overhead
  14. 14. From Server Agnostic To Cloud Agnostic www.ravellosystems.com 14 Use compute, networking & storage on any cloud: private or public Any x86 server VM: server agnostic Multi-tier app environment: cloud agnostic Eliminate capacity constraints VM Networking Storage
  15. 15. Ravello’s Nested Virtualization & Software Defined Networking Solution www.ravellosystems.com 15
  16. 16. Nested Virtualization: Encapsulates, Abstracts & Automates Multi-Tier App Environments Encapsulates www.ravellosystems.com 16 VM VM VM Networking Storage Abstracts Compute, network & storage on any cloud– private or public (AWS, Google, Rackspace, HP Cloud etc) Automates -Snapshots/clones -Templates -Network fencing -Live Link -Console Access -Developer self-service -Auto-provision & deploy on any cloud without modifying VM or networking Multi-VM
  17. 17. Ravello: High Fidelity Production Clones In The Cloud www.ravellosystems.com 17 Clone* *No modifications to VMs or networking. Application believes it is running in its native environment (eg: same VMs, static IPs, hostnames, multi-cast) Datacenter (VMware)
  18. 18. Ravello: Self-service for developers to clone, snapshot and share multi-tier application environments www.ravellosystems.com 18 Template of multi-tier app including networking and storage saved as a blueprint in Ravello One-click or API call Production clone 1 on AWS Production clone 2 on HP Cloud Production clone 3 on private cloud IT Ops Dev QA Dev
  19. 19. Live Demo www.ravellosystems.com 19
  20. 20. Under The Hood: Understanding Nested Virtualization www.ravellosystems.com 20
  21. 21. 21 Ravello Technology: Sneak Peak Under The Hood Software-defined networking HVX – high performance nested hypervisor Management Ravello Software-defined storage Binary translation to ensure your native VM remains unmodified Storage allocation for your VMs in the selected cloud Fenced L2 network to ensure your static IPs, DNS, subnets remain unmodified Online SaaS portal – nothing to download or install Private or public cloud: AWS, HP Cloud, Rackspace etc
  22. 22. Results With Ravello • Application blueprinting saves multi-tier app environment as a template • Developers have self service to spin up multi-tier app environments with one click • Continuous integration on replicas of production using Ravello APIs • Rapid prototyping with versioning of environments • Development & test teams collaborate on live application instances • Easy re-creation of bugs/problems by snapshotting entire multi-tier app • No capacity constraints – use any cloud on demand www.ravellosystems.com 22
  23. 23. 1. Identify your application 2. Take Advantage Of The Ravello Jumpstart • Two week free trial – we pay for your cloud VMs • Free professional services – technical assistance for onboarding • Free training Next Steps Free Trial www.ravellosystems.com
  24. 24. Thank You! Q & A Shruti Bhat, Director Product Marketing shruti.bhat@ravellosystems.com