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  1. 1. ChannelGain booking fetch proprietary extranet emulation proprietary hotel ChannelGain extranet API common pool proprietary 00 of inventory extranet PRICE, INVENTORY AND RESTRICTION UPDATES Helping hoteliers worldwide manage online distribution in a jiffy From managing multiple channels for room-distribution to maintaining rate parity across all channels, ChannelGain helps hoteliers perform tedious tasks easily and efficiently. This { { product is a web-based platform with the capability of managing multiple extranets. Time Saver! Updating websites with Linked rooms is a Gem...! – Rooms Division Manager, Corporate City Centre Hotel a RateGain product
  2. 2. Rates, inventory and restrictions can be QUICK FACTS managed across multiple merchant and retail A web-based platform that gives you the distribution sites from the efficiency of a single ability to manage your online distribution from any location globally interface. We aim to give our clients total control of all online inventories while cutting Base subscription allows you to manage unlimited channels so that you can truly down on human resources diverted for exploit the long tail of online distribution updating rates and other such tedious tasks. Ensure rate parity across all channels ChannelGain has proved to be a valuable tool Use Update Calendar, the most powerful for the hospitality business due to these unique update method features: With Linked Rooms, the most popular Single log-In for updating multiple channels time-saving feature, you can use one single master room to apply price Each time you create new room or rate types, updates for several room types on ChannelGain gives you the capability to fetch different channels and auto re-map all the new room rates and RMS integrations allow you to view the room types across multiple extranets. rate recommendations from systems inside of ChannelGain and accept, The flexibility to support flat rate or percentage modify or reject them before pushing to the channels discounting. The option to select a second price setting, for 90-day updates feature allows you to update the whole year ahead in just four example, if you want to set your inventory price updates higher but also give an advance purchase rate Ability to manage channels and partners discount. that do not have an extranet and require you to send updates via email Set date ranges so you can set your prices according to a date or a day. This is useful for 24 x 7 x 365 support with pre-defined turnaround times (SLA) no matter what seasonal hotels and setting different midweek time zone you are in and weekend prices. Fetch reservation information from channels via BookingFetch functionality US +1 312 238 902 7 Manage multiple channels from a common pool of inventory UK +4 4 20 84 326 2 2 1 INDI A +9 1 120 25877 4 9 +9 1 120 43275 3 1 sa l es@ r ategai n . c o m