Magic of Advertising


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Magic of Advertising.
Types of Advertising
Examples of Advertising in Indian Industry

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Magic of Advertising

  1. 1. THE MAGIC OF
  2. 2. Advertising Advertising or advertizing is the non-personal communication of marketing-related information to a target audience, usually paid for by the advertiser, and delivered through mass media in order to reach the specific objectives of the sponsor. John J. Burnett
  3. 3. History of Advertising 3000 B.C - Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. 1525 – The first ad to be printed in a German pamplet. 1625 – The first ad appeared in an English newspaper 1631 – In France ‘LA Gazatee’ prints the first classified printed ads. 1704 – The first ads in America (Bofton Newsletter) 1841 – The first ad agency is set up by the Volney Palmer in Philidalphia. 1971 – The American Association of Advertising Agencies is founded. 1930 – The first TV Commercial
  4. 4. Types of Advertising Advertising to Consumers  Classified Advertising  Display Advertising  National Advertising  Retail Advertising  Co-operative Advertising  End-Product Advertising  Direct-response Advertising Ex of End-product advertising
  5. 5. Advertising to Business & Profession  Trade Advertising  Industrial Advertising  Professional Advertising  Corporate Advertising Ex of Corporate Advertising
  6. 6. Non-Product Advertising  Idea Advertising  Service Advertising  Political Advertising Ex of Political Advertising
  7. 7. Primary-demand Selective-demand Surrogate
  8. 8. Advertising Objectives  Inform An informative ad is used to introduce a brand new company, product or service to the marketing.  Persuade Once customers have a basic understanding of your industry and product offerings, you must show them why your brand is elite.  Remind The general idea is to maintain top of mind awareness and protect against competitors coming along and stealing customers.  Specific Increasing brand awareness, developing more favorable customer attitudes, overcoming negative publicity, driving revenue, expanding the customer base and increasing sales volume are common examples.
  9. 9. 12 Types of Advertising Medium             Television Print Radio Billboards Out-Of-Home Email Direct Mail In-Store Signage Flyers Social Media Paid Search Ex of advertising in social media (Facebook)
  10. 10. Functions of Advertising  Stimulates Demand  Builds Brand Image  Develops Brand Preference  Strengthen Other Promotion-mix Elements  Competitive Weapons
  11. 11. Benefits of Advertising  Information  Brand Image Building  Innovation  Growth of Media
  12. 12. Different Types of Advertising Appeals  Personal Appeal Some personal emotions that can drive individuals to purchase products include safety, love, joy, happiness, sentiment, stimulation, pride, self esteem, pleasure, comfort, ambition, nostalgia etc.
  13. 13.  Fear Appeal Fear is also an important factor that can have incredible influence on individuals. Fear is often used to good effect in advertising and marketing campaigns of beauty and health products including insurance.
  14. 14.  Humor Appeal Humor is an element that is used in around 30% of the advertisements. Humor can be an excellent tool to catch the viewer’s attention and help in achieving instant recall which can work well for the sale of the product.
  15. 15.  Sex Appeal Sex and nudity have always sold well. Sexuality, sexual suggestiveness, over sexuality or sensuality raises curiosity of the audience and can result in strong feelings about the advertisement. It can also result in the product appearing interesting.
  16. 16. Effects of Advertising Positive Effects of Advertising Negative Impacts of Advertising  Public Service  Misrepresentation Advertisements  Unrealistic Expectations  Social Benefits  False Images  Economic Benefits  Children  Choice
  17. 17. 10 top ads that captured the imagination of viewers, attained top-of-the-mind recall and were able to forge a strong emotional connect with their target customer base.  I, me, myself Campaign: Made for you Brand: Vodafone Company: Vodafone India Agency: Ogilvy India  In a league of its own Campaign: IPL carnival Brand: IPL Company: Board of Control for Cricket in India Agency: Ogilvy India  Father of man Campaign: No kidding. No worries Brand: Flipkart Company: Agency: Happy Creative Services  The long march Campaign: Parallel journeys Brand: Nike Company: Nike India Agency: JWT India  Mango man's day out Campaign: Sirf gyaan hi aapko aapka haq dilata hai Brand: Kaun Banega Crorepati Company: Sony Entertainment Television (SET) Agency: Leo Burnett  Jingle and mingle Campaign: Idea festive campaign Brand: Idea Company: Idea Cellular Agency: Lowe Lintas
  18. 18.  Course of action Campaign: Action starts here Brand: BlackBerry Company: Research In Motion Agency: BBDO  Go for the gold Campaign: Diwali Gift Brand: Tanishq Client: Titan Industries Agency: Lowe Lintas  Play is the only way Campaign: Cricket Ki Khushi Brand: Coca-Cola Company: Coca-Cola India Agency: Lowe Lintas  The long march Campaign: Parallel journeys Brand: Nike Company: Nike India Agency: JWT India
  19. 19. What makes an effective advertisement?  Does the ad tell a simple story, not just convey information?  Does the ad make the desired call to action a part of the story?  Does the ad use basic emotional appeals?  Does the ad use easy arguments?  Does the ad show, and not tell?
  20. 20.  Does the ad use symbolic language and images that relate to the senses?  Does the ad match what viewers see with what they hear?  Does the ad stay with a scene long enough for impact?  Does the ad let powerful video speak for itself?  Does the ad use identifiable music?
  23. 23. Advertising Agency Advertising Agency is an independent organisation that provides one or more specialised advertising and promotion related services to assist companies in developing, preparing, and executing their advertising and other promotion programmes.
  24. 24. Top 10 Advertising Companies  Ogilvy & Mather  JWT, J Walter Thompson  Mudra Communication  FCB Ulka Advertising Ltd.  Rediffusion DY & R  McCann Erickson India Ltd.  RK Swamy BBDO Advertising Ltd.  Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd.  Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd.  Contract Advertising India Ltd.
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