The ant and the cricket


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The ant and the cricket

  1. 1. A silly young cricket, accustomed to sing Through the warm, sunny months of gay summer and spring,Began to complain when he found that, at home,His cupboard was empty, and winter was come. Not a crumb to be found On the snow-covered ground; Not a flower could he see,
  2. 2. “Oh! What will become”, says the cricket, “of me?” At last by starvation and famine made bold, All dripping with wet, and all trembling with cold, Away he set off to a miserly ant, To see if, to keep him alive, he would grant Him shelter from the rain, And a mouthful of grain. He wished only to borrow; He’d repay it tomorrow;If not, he must die of starvation and sorrow. Says the ant to the cricket, “I’m your servant and friend, But we ants never borrow; We ants never lend.
  3. 3. “But tell me dear cricket, Did you lay nothing by When the weather was warm?” Quote the cricket, “Not I! My heart was so light, That I sang day and night, For all nature looked gay.” “You sang, Sir, you say? Go then”, says the ant, “and dance the winter away.” Thus ending, he hastily lifted the wicket,And out of the door turned the poor little cricket.Folks call this a fable. I’ll warrant it true;Some crickets have four legs, some have two.
  4. 4. lion and the mouse ant and the grasshopper hare and the tortoise
  5. 5.  Aesop was a slave, who lived in the sixth century BC in ancient Greece. He was a very smart, resourceful and inventive man who took themes and ideas from the folklore heritage(culture and tradition) to create his works. Aesops fables were not written in his lifetime, but passed on from mouth to mouth. Over time, other fables were credited to Aesop. Finally, a collection of 352 interesting and original works, simply
  6. 6.  Cricket:  Represents people who do not think about their future. If you don’t save for your future, you are destined to suffer.  They love merry-making and always look for enjoyment.  People like this face
  7. 7.  Ant:  Represents people who are wise and bold who can face all types of situations.  They are strong and mentally powerful.  They are never anxious as they have planned for the future.  They live happily and comfortably.
  8. 8.  When we are young, we must spend our time working and planning for the future. The Cricket enjoyed sunny moments of summer and spring and did not think of the cold and difficult moments of winter. The ant was occupied all through summer and spring, collecting food for the winter and storing
  9. 9.  The cricket , wet in the rain and shivering with cold, went to the ant and begged for something to eat. He promised to repay the next day. The ant said, “We ants neither borrow nor lend.” She questioned the cricket why he never bothered to save something for winter. The silly cricket said he enjoyed spring and summer by singing merrily through and through! The ant bluntly told him to go dance through the winter and turned him out.