How Hr Can Get A Seat At The Ce Os Table


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How Hr Can Get A Seat At The Ce Os Table

  1. 1. How HR can get a seat at theCEO strategy table
  2. 2. You shouldn’t just have a “seat at the table” youshould be the one who helps build “the table.”•Connoisseurs of Talent!•Organizers of Genius•Rigorous Recruiters of Excellence•Agents of the “Rock Stars” of talent•HR Strategy=Business StrategyWhen you are seen as the key source for bringing inand growing world class talent–you will haveincredible power because you will add massivebottom-line value
  3. 3. Microsoft The IBM 16 Billion Dollar Strategy Total World Domination  Collaborative Partnerships with The Top 5% Customers Bet the Company  Drive Unique value and GROWTH Require Failure through Innovation and Creativity Managers are Qualified  Investing People Perform, Perform, Perform  Leverage Talent/ Knowledge Shrimps vs. Weenies through Communication and Trust Stop the Insanity
  4. 4. Lessons from 7 top CEOsDell, Welch, Gerstner, Grove, Gates, Kelleher, Walton Have an outside-in perspective Be deeply passionate about your job Understand the importance of culture Create or adapt next generation products, processes and solutions Implement the best ideas regardless of origin
  5. 5. What does the CEO’s have to say! Siddharth Chaturvedi Infosys-Bangalore, India Understand your  “I define strategic HR as the linking of organization’s business human resources with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business Strategic HR Share performance and develop an organizational responsibility of the culture that fosters innovations and flexibility.” business goals Know the HR business  The new breed of HR managers need to thoroughly understand and know how to measure the Run the HR department monetary impact of their actions, so as to be able to demonstrate the value added like a business contributions of their functions.  HR professional become strategic partners when they participate in the process of defining business strategy by asking questions that move strategy ahead and when they design HR practices that align with the key business strategies to deliver measurable competitive advantage and ROI.
  6. 6. Strategic HR What did it all say? You must deeply understand how the business works You have to add value that no one else brings You have to be able to clearly measure the real impact you have on revenue, profitability and market share You have to be thinking about where the business will be five years out–but putting in the place today the plans, process and people that will get it there You will get a seat at the table when you personally add so much value that they wouldn’t dare have a strategy meeting without you there ---regardless of what your title might be..!
  7. 7. Thank youRashmi RawatRoll Number 38Strategic Managerial Practices(Paper VIII)