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Driving Revenue through CO
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Driving Revenue through CO


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Driving Incremental Revenues through Online Content Targeting, Testing & Optimization
  • 2. Hirsch Strategies Inc
    • Strategy and professional services for
    • Demand-Generation and
    • Online Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Leverages 20+ years’ demand-generation, CRM, direct marketing and interactive marketing experience
    • Delivers immediate and measurable increased ROI from online advertising investments and lower customer acquisition costs
    • How? Through:
    • On-demand software platform
    • Proprietary Testing and Optimization planning tools
    • Based in Vancouver, BC
  • 3. Hirsch Strategies: Some of the Company We Keep…
  • 4.
    • Introductions
    • Business Impact
    • Web Page Optimization
      • >> Success metrics are shifting
    • Technology for Conversion Optimization
    • Online Poker Case Study
    • Q & A
  • 5. Impact of rising media costs
    • Up to now marketers have …
    • Cared mostly about driving volume traffic to the web site
    • Developed sophisticated methods of targeting anonymous web visitors
      • Online advertising, PPC, Affiliate networks, Ad networks, behavioral targeting, etc. etc
    • Refined the art of bringing known customers back to the site
      • Via email, call centers, etc
    • But…
    • Media costs are rising quarterly
      • And effectiveness is stable or falling
    • Increase in anonymous visitors to websites is not always translating into…
      • Better customer acquisition success rates
      • Stronger demand-generation for products and services
      • Increased marketing ROI
      • (but Google is getting richer)
  • 6. So, success metrics shifting
    • From “how many people visit your site” to “what is your conversion rate ”
      • (Click-throughs alone are not a success metric any more)
      • Must generate more business for the same media dollar
      • Meet business objectives by driving both quality and quantity web traffic
    • Web Conversion Optimization takes center stage in the marketers’ mindset
      • How do you get more revenue from the traffic that is ‘already’ coming to your site?
      • How do you stop the cycle of having to out-spend and out-bid?
  • 7.
    • Introductions
    • Business Impact
    • Background to Web Page Optimization
      • >> #1: Relevance
    • Technology for Conversion Optimization
    • Online Poker Case Study
    • Q & A
  • 8. #1: Relevance, relevance, relevance
    • Increasing relevance increases online conversions
    • Because every click has a goal in mind :
      • User behaviour is determined by the goal
      • Users have “tunnel vision” engaging
      • To be relevant, need to meet or exceed the web user’s goal
    • But: Most businesses direct all their web campaign traffic to the same page!
      • web page experience is identical no matter what the client source
    • How to increase relevance?
    • Creating relevance = Thinking about content
      • Need to anticipate and message to the user’s goals
    • Delivering intelligently changing content to suit what you know (or guess, or infer…) about the web visitor = Content Targeting
  • 9. Content Targeting: Segment By Source Unique content based upon how visitors reached your site.
  • 10. Content Targeting : By Email Campaign Interior Page Home Page
  • 11.
    • Introductions
    • Business Impact
    • Web Page Optimization
      • >> #1: Relevance
      • >> #2: Testing
    • Technology for Conversion Optimization
    • Case Study
    • Q & A
  • 12. #2: Test, test, test
    • Testing different promotional constructs is the only way to manage online conversion improvements
      • (otherwise, you are only guessing at how to improve conversions)
    • But : Companies don’t usually have the skills or bench-strength do this
      • Without the proper resources, it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive, boring
    • Testing needs to be ongoing and iterative – aiming at specific goals
    • Test should…
      • Ask and answer a single question
      • …and raise more questions
  • 13. Landing Page Optimization A/B Test : Intuit
    • Issue: what layouts and design work best?
    A B C
  • 14. Results: Both pages beat the Control, but… Landing Page B 137% lift Both B & C jumped significantly C Landing Page C 187% lift
  • 15. Landing Page Optimization MULTIVARIATE testing: Recipe H
  • 16. Want more information?
    • Find out if your Landing Pages are designed to generate the most Conversions…
    • Go to:
    • Or call: 604-512-0799
    • … and claim your free
    • Landing Pages Audit Worksheet