Morrissey - LyricsTrack list                                  MUTE WITNESS . . . . . . . .        11                      ...
2                                                                TRACK LIST    SPEEDWAY . . . . . . . . . . .   19   THE L...
Viva Hate                                                                              3                                  ...
4                                                                             Viva HateANGEL, ANGEL,                I’m so...
Viva Hate                                                                                   5Your gran died               ...
6                                                           Viva Hate            ´DIAL-A-CLICHE                  because p...
Bona Drag                                                                                7                                ...
8                                                                          Bona DragWILL NEVER                    Most peo...
Bona Drag                                                                                9P.U.S.H.O.double F            HE...
10                             Bona DragDISAPPOINTEDOur unsleepable friendgets the message on an ill-wind‘all your friends...
Kill Uncle                                                                          11                                   K...
12                                                                           Kill Uncleand you feel such compas-      and....
Kill Uncle                                             13zooms into                     THERE’S A PLACE“the inner you”    ...
14                                                                        Your Arsenal                                Your...
Your Arsenal                                                                       15but one day you would like     they b...
16                                                       Your ArsenalTonight I’ve consumed        Tomorrow,much more than ...
Vauxhall and I                                                                         17                                 ...
18                                                                   Vauxhall and Iwhen you     need    some some men here...
Vauxhall and I                                                                       19USED TO BE A                  SPEED...
20                                                                    Southpaw Grammar                            Southpaw...
Southpaw Grammar                                                                      21THE OPERATION               you’re...
22                             Southpaw GrammarSOUTHPAWYou were a boy beforeyou became a manI don’t see the joyAnd you ran...
B-Sides                                                                            23                                    B...
24                                                                                      B-SidesSighing and crying         ...
B-Sides                                                                               25and oh, my room is cold     And th...
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  1. 1. Morrissey - LyricsTrack list MUTE WITNESS . . . . . . . . 11 KING LEER . . . . . . . . . . . 12Viva Hate 3 FOUND FOUND FOUND . . . . 12 ALSATIAN COUSIN . . . . . . 3 DRIVING YOUR GIRL- LITTLE MAN, WHAT NOW? . 3 FRIEND HOME . . . . . . 12 EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY 3 THE HARSH TRUTH OF THE BENGALI IN PLATFORMS . . 3 CAMERA EYE . . . . . . . 12 ANGEL, ANGEL, DOWN WE (I’M) THE END OF THE FAM- GO TOGETHER . . . . . . 4 ILY LINE . . . . . . . . . . 13 SUEDEHEAD . . . . . . . . . . 4 THERE’S A PLACE IN HELL LATE NIGHT, MAUDLIN FOR ME AND MY STREET . . . . . . . . . . 4 FRIENDS . . . . . . . . . . 13 BREAK UP THE FAMILY . . . 5 THE ORDINARY BOYS . . . . 5 Your Arsenal 14 I DON’T MIND IF YOU FOR- YOU’RE GONNA NEED GET ME . . . . . . . . . . 5 SOMEONE ON YOUR SIDE 14 ´ DIAL-A-CLICHE . . . . . . . . . 6 GLAMOROUS GLUE . . . . . . 14 MARGARET ON THE GUIL- WE’LL LET YOU KNOW . . . 14 LOTINE . . . . . . . . . . . 6 THE NATIONAL FRONT DISCO 14 CERTAIN PEOPLE I KNOW . 15Bona Drag 7 WE HATE IT WHEN OUR PICCADILLY PALARE . . . . . 7 FRIENDS BECOME SUC- INTERESTING DRUG . . . . . 7 CESSFUL . . . . . . . . . . 15 NOVEMBER SPAWNED A YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME, MONSTER . . . . . . . . . 7 FATTY . . . . . . . . . . . 15 WILL NEVER MARRY . . . . . 8 SEASICK, YET STILL DOCKED 15 SUCH A LITTLE THING I KNOW IT’S GONNA HAP- MAKES SUCH A BIG PEN SOMEDAY . . . . . . 16 DIFFERENCE . . . . . . . 8 TOMORROW . . . . . . . . . . 16 THE LAST OF THE FA- MOUS INTERNA- Vauxhall and I 17 TIONAL PLAYBOYS . . . 8 NOW MY HEART IS FULL . . 17 OUIJA BOARD, OUIJA BOARD 8 SPRING-HEELED JIM . . . . . 17 HAIRDRESSER ON FIRE . . . 9 BILLY BUDD . . . . . . . . . . 17 HE KNOWS I’D LOVE TO SEE HOLD ON TO YOUR FRIENDS 17 HIM . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 THE MORE YOU IGNORE YES, I AM BLIND . . . . . . . . 9 ME, THE CLOSER I GET 18 LUCKY LISP . . . . . . . . . . . 9 WHY DON’T YOU FIND OUT DISAPPOINTED . . . . . . . . 10 FOR YOURSELF . . . . . 18 I AM HATED FOR LOVING . . 18Kill Uncle 11 LIFEGUARD SLEEPING, OUR FRANK . . . . . . . . . . . 11 GIRL DROWNING . . . . 18 ASIAN RUT . . . . . . . . . . . 11 USED TO BE A SWEET BOY . 19 SING YOUR LIFE . . . . . . . . 11 THE LAZY SUNBATHERS . . . 19
  2. 2. 2 TRACK LIST SPEEDWAY . . . . . . . . . . . 19 THE LOOP . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 PREGNANT FOR THE LASTSouthpaw Grammar 20 TIME . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 THE TEACHERS ARE SKIN STORM . . . . . . . . . . 27 AFRAID OF THE PUPILS 20 COSMIC DANCER . . . . . . . 27 READER MEET AUTHOR . . . 20 MY LOVE LIFE . . . . . . . . . 27 THE BOY RACER . . . . . . . 20 I’VE CHANGED MY PLEA TO THE OPERATION . . . . . . . 21 GUILTY . . . . . . . . . . . 27 DAGENHAM DAVE . . . . . . . 21 YOU’VE HAD HER . . . . . . . 27 DO YOUR BEST AND DON’T JACK THE RIPPER . . . . . . 28 WORRY . . . . . . . . . . . 21 LET THE RIGHT ONE SLIP IN 28 BEST FRIEND ON THE PAY- PASHERNATE LOVE . . . . . . 28 ROLL . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 THERE SPEAKS A TRUE SOUTHPAW . . . . . . . . . . . 22 FRIEND . . . . . . . . . . . 28B-Sides 23 INTERLUDE . . . . . . . . . . . 28 I KNOW VERY WELL HOW I I’D LOVE TO . . . . . . . . . . 29 GOT MY NAME . . . . . . 23 MOONRIVER . . . . . . . . . . 29 OH WELL, I’LL NEVER LEARN 23 BOXERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 SISTER I’M A POET . . . . . . 23 HAVE-A-GO MERCHANT . . . 29 MICHAEL’S BONES . . . . . . 23 WHATEVER HAPPENS, I EAST WEST . . . . . . . . . . . 23 LOVE YOU . . . . . . . . . 30 GIRL LEAST LIKELY TO . . . 24 NOBODY LOVES US . . . . . . 30 AT AMBER . . . . . . . . . . . 24 YOU MUST PLEASE RE- GET OFF THE STAGE . . . . . 25 MEMBER . . . . . . . . . . 30 JOURNALIST WHO LIE . . . . 25 SUNNY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 TONY THE PONY . . . . . . . 25 BLACK-EYED SUSAN . . . . . 31 THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT . . 26 A SWALLOW ON MY NECK . 31
  3. 3. Viva Hate 3 Viva HateALSATIAN COUSIN did that swift eclipse he does not want to depress torture you? youWere you and he lovers? a star at eighteen oh no no no no noand would you say so if you and then - suddenly gonewere? he only wants to impress down to a few lineson a forecourt you in the back pageon a Friday of a teenage annual Bengali in platformspassing my wayWere you and he Lovers? oh but I remembered you he only wants to embraceand if you were, then say I looked up to you your culturethat you were! and to be your friend for-on a groundsheet EVERYDAY IS LIKE everunder canvas SUNDAYwith your tent-flap Bengali, Bengali Trudging slowly over wetopen wide oh shelve your Western sandA note upon his desk: plans back to the bench where“P.S. Bring Me Home And your clothes and understandHave Me!” were stolen that life is hard enoughLeather elbows on a tweed this is the coastal town when you belong herecoat that they forgot to close- Oh! - A silver-studded rim that downIs that the best you can do? glistens Armageddon - come Ar-So came his reply: mageddon and an ankle-star“...but on the desk is whereI want you!” come Armageddon - come that. . . blinds meSo I ask (even though I Everyday is like Sunday a lemon sole so very highknow): everyday is silent and grey hide on the promenade which only reminds me, towere you and he Lovers? tell you etch on a postcard How I Dearly Wish I Was so I break the news gentlyLITTLE MAN, WHAT Not HereNOW? I break the news to your in the seaside town gentlyAn afternoon nostalgia that they forgot to bombtelevision show come, come Nuclear bomb! “Shelve your plans”you spoke in silhouette everyday is like Sunday Bengali, Bengali(but they couldn’t name everyday is silent and grey it’s the touchy march ofyou) trudging back over pebbles timealthough the panel were and sandvery polite to you and a strange dust lands on that binds youbut I remembered you your hands don’t blame mefrom Friday nights 1969 (and on your face)ATV - you murdered every everyday is like Sunday don’t hate meline “win yourself a cheap tray” just because I’m the one totoo old to be share some grease-tea with tell youa child star me that life is hard enoughtoo young to take leads everyday is silent and greyfour season passed when you belong hereand they axed you shelve your Western plans BENGALI INnervous juvenile PLATFORMS life is hard enough(won’t smile!)What became of you? No no no when you belong here
  4. 4. 4 Viva HateANGEL, ANGEL, I’m so sorry but I think it’s you in myDOWN WE GO Why do you come here roomTOGETHER when you know it makes by the bed (. . . yes, I told things hard for me? you it was silly. . . )Angel, Angel when you know, oh and I knowdon’t take your life tonight why do you come? I took strange pillsI know they take You had to sneak into my but I never meant to hurtand that they take in turn room youand they give you nothing just to read my diary oh truly I love youreal it was just to see I came home late one nightfor yourself in return everyone had gone to bedand when they’ve used you all the things you knew I’d written about you nobody stays up for youand they’ve broken you when you have sixteenand wasted all your money but so many blank pages I’m so very sickened, oh stitchesand cast your shell aside all around your headand when they’ve bought I’m so sickened NOW the last bus I missed toyou LATE NIGHT, Maudlin Streetand they’ve sold you MAUDLIN STREET so, he drove me home in theand they’ve billed you Vanfor the pleasure The last night on Maudlin complaining: “Womenand they’ve made your par- Street only like meents cry goodbye house for my mind. . . ”I will be here goodbye stairs Don’t leave your torch be-believe me I was born here hindI will be here I was raised here, and power-cuts ahead. . . believe me . . . I took some stick here as we crept through theAngel, don’t take your life love at first sight parksome people have got no may sound trite but no I cannot steal a pairpride but it’s true, you know of jeansthey do not understandthe Urgency of life I could list the details off a clothesline for youbut I love you more than of everything you ever wore but you. . . without clotheslife or said, or how you stood oh I could not keep aI love you more than life that day straight faceI love you more than life and as we spend the last me - without clothes?I love you more than life night well a nation turns its back on Maudlin Street, I say and gags. . . “goodbye house - forever!” I’m packedSUEDEHEAD I never stole a happy hour I am moving houseWhy do you come here around here a half-life disappears todayand why do you hang Where the world’s ugliest every slag waves me onaround? boy (secretly wishing me goneI’m so sorry became what you see well, I will be soonI’m so sorry here I am - the ugliest man oh - I will be soon)why do you come here It’s the last night on there were bad times onwhen you know it makes Maudlin Street Maudlin Streetthings hard for me? and truly I do love you when they took you awaywhen you know, oh oh, truly I love you in a police carwhy do you come? When I sleep with that pic- dear Inspector - don’t youWhy do you telephone ture of know?and why send me silly you framed beside my bed don’t you care?notes? oh, it’s childish and it’s don’t you know - aboutI’m so sorry silly Love?
  5. 5. Viva Hate 5Your gran died now, does that sound mad? I DON’T MIND IFand yor mother died Captain of games, solid YOU FORGET MEon Maudlin Street framedin pain and ashamed I stood on the touchline I don’t mindwith never time to say hailstones, driven home I don’t mind if you forgetthose special things in his car - no brakes? meI took the keys from I don’t mindMaudlin Street I’m just so glad to grow having learned my lessonwell, it’s only bricks and older I never left an impressionmortar! to move away from those on anyoneand. . . truly I do love you darker yearswherever you are so now you send me your I’m in love for the first timewherever you are hardened ’regards’ and I don’t feel bad so wish me luck my friends when once you’d send meBREAK UP THE goodbye ‘love’FAMILY sincerely I must tell youThe strange logic THE ORDINARY your mild ‘best wishes’of your clumsiest line BOYS they make me suspiciousstayed emblazoned on my Ordinary boysmind but I don’t mind happy knowing nothingbreak up the family I don’t mind if you forget happy being no one, butand let’s begin to live our me themselveslives Ordinary girls, supermar- having learned my lessonI went to see ket clothes I never leftall my friend tonight who think it’s very cleverit wasn’t Youth, it wasn’t an impression on anyone to be cruel to youeven Life for you were so different the pressure to change, toborn Old, sadly wise you stood all alone move onresigned (well, we were) and you knew was strangeto ending our livesI’m so glad to grow older that it had to be so avoiding ordinary boys and very strongto move away from thoseawful times happy going nowhere so this is why I tell youI want to see all my friends just around here I really do understandtonight in their rattling cars and ordinary girls bye byeYes you found love but youweren’t never seeing further I don’t mind if you forgetat peace with your life than the cold, small streets mehome late, full of Hate that trap them no no no no no no nodespise the ties that bind but you were so different you had to say no rejection is one thingoh I’m so glad to grow olderto move away from those when those empty fools but rejection from a foolyounger years tried to change you, and is cruelnow I’m in love for the first claim you for the lair of their ordinary rejection is one thingtimeand I don’t feel bad world but rejection from a foolLet me see all my old where they feel so lucky is cruelfriends so lucky, so luckylet me put my arms around with their lives laid out be- and I don’t mind if you for-them fore them get mebecause I really do love they’re so lucky, so lucky I don’t mind if you forgetthem so lucky, so lucky me
  6. 6. 6 Viva Hate ´DIAL-A-CLICHE because people like you make me feel so old insideFurther into the fog I fall please diewell, I was just and kind peoplefollowing you! do not shelter this dreamwhen you said: make it real“Do as I do make the dream realand scrap your fey ways” make the dream real(dial-a-clich´ ) e make it real“grow up, be a man, andcloseyour mealy-mouth!”(dial-a-clich´ ) eBut the person underneathwhere does he go?does he slide by the way-side?or. . . does he just die?when you find that you’veorganisedyour feelings, for peoplewho didn’t like you thenand certainly don’t like younowyet still you say:“Do as I doand scrap your fey ways”(dial-a-clich´ ) e“grow up, be a man, andcloseyour mealy-mouth!”(dial-a-clich´ ) e“the Safe way is the onlyway!there’s always time tochange, son!”yes well I’ve changedbut I’m in pain!(dial-a-clich´ ) eMARGARET ONTHE GUILLOTINEThe kind peoplehave a wonderful dreamMargaret on the guillotinebecause people like youmake me feel so tiredwhen will you die?when will you die?when will you die?when will you die?when will you die?
  7. 7. Bona Drag 7 Bona DragPICCADILLY INTERESTING spawned a monsterPALARE DRUG in the shape of this child who later cried:Off the rails I was and There are some bad people “But Jesus made me, sooff the rails on the rise Jesus save me from there are some bad peopleI was happy to stay pity, sympathy on the riseGET OUT OF MY WAY and people discussing me” they’re saving their ownon the rack I was a frame of useless limbs skins by“easy meat” what can make GOOD ruining people’s lives all the BAD that’s beenbut a reasonably good buy bad, bad people on the rise done?a reasonably good buy Young married couple in And if the lights were outthe Piccadilly palare debt could you even bear - ever felt had?was just silly slang to kiss her full on the young married couple inbetween me and the boys in mouth debtmy gang (or anywhere?) - ever felt had?“so bona to vada, OH YOU on a government scheme poor twisted childyour lovely eek and designed to kill your dream so ugly, so uglyyour lovely riah” oh mum, oh dad poor twisted child once poor - always poor oh hug me, oh hug meWe plied an ancient trade la la la la one Novemberwhere we threw all life’s interesting drug spawned a monsterinstructions away in the shape of this child the one that you tookexchanging lies and digs who must remain TELL THE TRUTH - IT(my way) a hostage to kindness REALLY HELPED YOUwell, in a belted coat and the wheels underneath interesting drugoh I secretly knew the one that you took herthat I hadn’t a clue God, it really really helped a hostage to kindnessthe Piccadilly palare you and the wheels underneath I wonder why you’re only herwas just silly slang half-ashamed? a symbol of where mad,between me and the boys in “Because ENOUGH is mad loversmy gang TOO MUCH! must PAUSE and draw theexchanging palare line and look around. . .you wouldn’t understand So sleep and dream of love . . . can you blame us? CANgood sons like you you blame us?” because it’s the closestNEVER DO you will get to loveSo why do you smile that November NOVEMBERwhen you think about is a time SPAWNED AEarls Court? which I must MONSTERbut you cry when you think put OUT of my mindof all Sleep on and dream of Love oh one fine day because it’s the closest you LET IT BE SOONthe battles you’ve fought will she won’t be rich or beau-(and lost)? get to love tifulit may all end tomorrow poor twisted child but she’ll be walking youror, it could go on forever so ugly, so ugly streets(in which case: I’m poor twisted child in the clothes that she wentdoomed) oh hug me, oh hug me outit could go on forever. . . one November and chose for herself
  8. 8. 8 Bona DragWILL NEVER Most people keep their In our lifetime those whoMARRY brains kill between their legs the newsworld hands themI’m writing this to say (don’t you find? ) stardomin a gentle way Leave me alone - I was only and these are the waysThank You - but no singing on which I was raisedI will live my life as I these are the ways leave me alone becausewill undoubtedly die - on which I was raised I was only singingalone but I never wanted to kill leave me alone - I was onlyI’m writing this to say I AM NOT NATURALLY singingin a gentle way EVIL leave me aloneThank You. . . such things I do you have just provedI will live my life as I. . . just to make myself (again)for whether you stay more attractive to you MOST PEOPLE KEEPor you stray HAVE I FAILED? THEIR BRAINSan inbuilt guilt catches up BETWEEN THEIR LEGSwith you OUIJA BOARD,and as it comes around to THE LAST OF THE OUIJA BOARDyour placeat 5 a.m. it wakes you up FAMOUS Ouija boardand it laughs in your face INTERNATIONAL would you work for me? PLAYBOYS I have got to say HelloSUCH A LITTLE to an old friend Dear hero imprisonedTHING MAKES Ouija board, ouija board with all the new crimesSUCH A BIG would you work for me? that you are perfectingDIFFERENCE I have got to get through oh I can’t help quoting you to a good friendSuch a little thing because She has now gonesuch a little thing everything that you said from this Unhappy Planetbut the difference it made rings true with all the carnivoreswas grave and now in my cell and the destructors on itthere you go (well, I followed you) ouija board, ouija boardwielding a bicycle chain and here’s a list of who I would you help meoh why won’t you change slew because I still do feelchange and be nicer? Reggie Kray - do you know so horribly lonelysuch a little thing my name? would you, ouija boarda gentle tone of kindness don’t say you don’t would you, ouija boardor written words on paper please say you do, I am would you help me- can you write? the last of the famous because I just can’t findHow I love all of international playboys my place in this worldthe very simple things of the last of the famous she has now gonelife international playboys from this Unhappy Planet(God’s good air) and now in my cell with all the carnivoreshow I love all of (well, I loved you) and the destructors on itthe very simple things of every man with a job to do Oh hear my voice(“hear mylife Ronnie Kray - do you know voice”)such a little thing my face? oh hear my voice(“hear mya fumbling politeness don’t say you don’t voice”)the difference it saved me please say you do, I am The table is rumbling. . .wielding a bicycle chain the last of the famous the table is rumbling“I WILL NOT CHANGE international playboys the glass is movingAND I WILL NOT BE the last of the famous “no, I was NOT pushingNICE” international playboys that time”:
  9. 9. Bona Drag 9P.U.S.H.O.double F HE KNOWS I’D ‘cause in my sorry way I LOVE TO SEE HIM love you Love’s young dreamHAIRDRESSER ON He Knows (he knows) aren’t you sorryFIRE Or, I think he does for what you’ve done? because when I livedHere is London, here is well, you’re not the only in the Arse of the world. . . oneLondon he knows, he knows and in my sorry way I loveis it home of the free - he knows I’d love youor what? to see him happy Yes, I am blindcan you squeeze me (or as close as is allowed)into an empty page of your but I do see because when I lived Evil people prosperdiary in the Arse of the world. . .and psychologically save over the likes of you and me he knows, he knows ALWAYSme he knows I’d loveI’ve got faith in you Little lamb to see him happy on a hillI sense the power (or as close as possible run fast if you canin the fingers as close as possible good Christianswithin an hour the power as close as is allowed) want to KILL youcan totally destroy me My name still conjours up and your life has not even(or, it could save my life) deadly deeds begun!here in London and a bad taste in the‘home of the brash, outra- mouthgeous LUCKY LISP the police - they actuallyand free’ know me When your gift unfurlsyou may be repressed they said: when your Talent becomesbut you’re remarkably “You’re just another per- apparentdressed son in the world I will roar from the stallsis it Real? you’re just another fool I will gurgle from the circleand we’re all so busy with radical views The Saints smile shylybusy scissors you’re just another who has down on youbusy clippers maddening views they couldn’t get overhairdresser on fire you want to turn it on its your nine-leaved cloverall alone, Sloane Square head Lucky lisp was not wasted by staying in bed!” on youoh you’re far too busy I said: “I know I do” lucky lisp wasn’t wasted onto see me you“busy, busy” YES, I AM BLIND When your name is withhairdresser on fire’s the besthalf day. . . Yes, I am blind will my name be on yourWas a client over-cautious no, I can’t see guest list?he made you nervous the good things I will roar from the stallsand when he said just the bad things oh the balcony fool was me,“I’m gonna sue you” Yes, I am blind you foolI really felt for you no, I can’t see Jesus made this all for you,so can you squeeze me there must be something loveinto an empty page of your horribly wrong with me? He couldn’t get overdiary Love’s young dream your Grandma’s omenand supernaturally change I’m the one who shopped Lucky lisp was not wastedme you on youCHANGE. . . CHANGE I’m the one who stopped lucky lisp wasn’t wasted onME. . . you you
  10. 10. 10 Bona DragDISAPPOINTEDOur unsleepable friendgets the message on an ill-wind‘all your friends and yourfoeswould rather die than haveto touch you’TO SAY THE LEAST:truly disappointedtruly, truly, trulyDrank too muchsaid too muchand there’s nowhere to go -but Downyoung boy - I wanna helpyouSEE THESE LINES?:truly disappointedtruly, truly, trulyDon’t talk to me nowabout people who are“nice”‘cause I have spent myWHOLE LIFEin RUINS. . .because of people who were“nice”This world may lack Style,I knowbut each bud must blossomand growYoung girl one day we re-ally will be oldbut the thing is: I love youNOWThis is the last song I willever singNo I’ve changed my mindagainGOODNIGHTAND THANK YOU
  11. 11. Kill Uncle 11 Kill UncleOUR FRANK what drugs are you on? oh sing your life Tooled-up Asian boy oh sing your lifeOur frank and open has come here to avenge Others sang your lifedeep conversations the cruel, cold killing but now’s your chance tothey get me nowhere of his very best friend shinethey bring me down, so Tooled-up Asian boy and have the pleasure ofgive it a rest, won’t you? has come here to take re- saying what you meangive me a cigarette venge the rare pleasure ofGod give me patience for the cruel, cold killing meaning what you singjust no more conversation of his only friend oh, make no mistake, myGive us a drink Peace through the school friendand make it quick so quiet in the hall all of this will endor else I’m gonna be sick it’s a strange sign for one so sing it nowsick all over of what’s to come all the things that you loveyour frankly vulgar Tough and hard and palered pullover all the things that you oh they may just impale loathenow see how the colours you on railingsblend oh sing your life oh English boys the things you loveOur frank and open it must be wrongdeep conversations the things you loathe three against one? oh sing yourthey get me nowhere Brakes slammed, andthey bring me down, so oh sing your a gun jammed, and Don’t leave it all unsaidgive it a rest, won’t you? as far as I could tellnow will you just give over somewhere in the waste- brave Asian boythe world may be ending land of your head dealt a blow and fellbut look, I’m only human and make no mistake, my I’m just passing throughGive us a drink friend hereand make it quick your pointless life will end on my way to somewhereor else I’m gonna be sick but before you go civilisedall over can you look at the truth? and maybe I’ll even arriveyour frankly vulgar You have a lovely singing maybe I’ll even arrive?red pullover voicenow see how the two SING YOUR LIFE a lovely singing voicecolours blend and all of thoseWon’t somebody stop me Sing your life who sing on keyfrom thinking all the time any fool can think up words they stole the notionabout everything that rhyme from you and meso deeply many others doso bleakly why don’t you? MUTE WITNESS do you want to? Sing your life Your poor witnessASIAN RUT just walk right up the mi- crying so loudly on theDay oh so late crophone floorstrangely the sun still and name oh but she’s only trying toshone all the things that you love tell youoh Asian boy all the things that you what it was that she sawwhat are you on? loathe she is only trying to tell youDay oh so late sing your life what it was that she sawstrangely the sun still all the things that you love Now see her standing onshone all the things that you the tableoh Asian boy loathe with her small arms flailing
  12. 12. 12 Kill Uncleand you feel such compas- and. . . nothing much hap- all the timesion penedin your soul for and you didn’t phone me DRIVING YOURYour poor mute witness you didn’t even phone me GIRLFRIEND HOMEstill testing the strenght because it’s not your styleof our patience to dial I’m drivingoh but she’s only trying to Your boyfriend, he your girlfriend hometell you displays to me and she’s sayingwhat it was that she saw more than just how she never chose youNow see her pointing to the a hint of cruelty “turn left“, she saysfresbee I tried to surprise you so I turn leftwith a memory too fuzzy I crept up behind you and she says with a homeless chihuahua “So how did I end upas her silent words you gushed for an hour so deeply involved indescribe the fright of last you handed him back and the very existencenight said I planned on avoiding?”4 a.m. Northside, Clapham “You’ll never guess and I can’t answerCommon I’m bored now” I’m drivingwho knows what she was your girlfriend homedoing there? FOUND FOUND and she’s laughingwill she sketch the answer FOUND to stop herself cryinglater? “drive on”, she saysWell, I’ll ask her Found found found so I drive on“now dry your tears, my found found found and she saysdear” someone who’s worth it “So how did I end upNow see her mine in time in this murkiness attached to this personso nicely someone who’s never when his sense of humourit would all have been so seeming scheming gets gradually worser?”clear found found found and I can’t tell herif only she had never volun- found found found I’m parkingteered someone who’s worth it outside her home“your taxi is here, my in this murkiness and we’re shaking handsdear” someone who’s never goodnight, so politely seeming schemingKING LEER Oh, but if I’d never found THE HARSH TRUTH oh, but if I’d never found OF THE CAMERAYour boyfriend, he oh, but if I’d never foundwent down on one knee EYE I do believe thatwell, could it be the more you give your love Churchillian legshe’s only got one knee? and I do believe that hair barely thereI tried to surprise you the more you offer trust the harsh truth of the cam-with Vodka the more you chase era eyeor Tizer the more you cry Your eyes signal painI can’t quite remember the more you’re bound to because of the strainbut you didn’t thank me lose of smilingyou didn’t even thank me the more you’re bound to the harsh truth of the cam-because you never do lose era eyeYour boyfriend, he Oh, but if I’d never found telling you allhas the gift of the gab oh, but if I’d never found that you never wanted toor, could it be somebody knowthe gift of the grab? who wants to be showing whatI tried to surprise you who wants to be you didn’t want shownI lay down beside you with me My so friendly lens
  13. 13. Kill Uncle 13zooms into THERE’S A PLACE“the inner you” IN HELL FOR MEand it tells the harsh truth AND MY FRIENDSand nothing but There is a placeLaugh with us all here reservedthat’s if you can for me and my friendsthen take the pictures and when we gohome we all will goand scream so you seetelling you all I’m never alone there is a placethat you never wanted to with a bit more timeknow and a few moreshowing you what gentler wordsyou didn’t want shown and looking backThis photographer we do forgivehe must have really had it (we had no choicein for you we always did)“Oh, I don’t want all that we hopeto be judged anymore is that when we goI don’t want to be judged our skinI would sooner be Loved and our blood and our bonesI would sooner be don’t get in your wayjust blindly Loved. . . ” making you ill the way they did(I’M) THE END OF when we livedTHE FAMILY LINE There is a place a place in hellWith no complications reservedfifteen generations for me and my friends(of mine) and if ever I wanted to cryall honouring Nature then I willuntil I arrive because I can(with incredible style)I’m the end of the linethe end of the family linethe end of the lineNo baby pulled screamingout into this seething whirlby chance or whim(or even love?)our family tree hacked intodeclineand I’m spared the painof ever saying(“goodbye”)I’m the end of the linethe end of the family linethe end of the line
  14. 14. 14 Your Arsenal Your ArsenalYOU’RE GONNA Third week with the jar they’re not supposed toNEED SOMEONE ON you find, mean a thing,YOUR SIDE everything dies. la da da. . . “We won’t vote Conserva- We may seem cold,With the world’s fate rest- or we may even be tive,ing on your shoulders, the most depressing people because we never have”,you’re gonna need someone you’ve ever known. everyone lies, everyone lies,on your side. At heart, what’s left, we Where is the man you re-You can’t do it by yourself spect? sadly knowany longer, that we are the last truly And where is the womanyou’re gonna need someone you love? British people you’ll everon your side. Everything of worth, know.Someone kindly told me on earth, We are the last trulythat you’d wasted is there to share. British people you will evereight of your nine lives. I used to dream and I used know.Oh, give yourself a break to vow, (You will ever. . . neverbefore you break down. I wouldn’t dream of it now. want to know)You’re gonna need some- We look to Los Angelesone on your side. for the language we use THE NATIONALAnd here I am! London is dead. FRONT DISCOAnd here I am! I’m too much in love,Well, you don’t need to I’m too much in love. Davie, the wind blows,look so pleased. the wind blows I know, bits of your life away.Day or night, there is no I’ll go,difference, Your friends all say, empty hand “Where is our boy?you’re gonna need someone from the land. Ah, we’ve lost our boy”.on your side. But they should know,Day or night, there is no WE’LL LET YOU where you’ve gone,difference, KNOW because again and againyou’re gonna need someone you’ve explainedsoon. How sad are we? that you’re going to. . .And here I am! And how sad have we Oh, oh, oh, going to. . .And here I am! been? Yeah, yeah, yeah,Well, you don’t need to We’ll let you know, “England for the English”,look so pleased. we’ll let you know. “England for the English”. Oh, but only if David, the wind’s blown,GLAMOROUS GLUE you’re really interested. the wind’s blown You wonder how all of my dreams away.First day with the jar you we’ve stayed alive ’til now. And I still say,find, We’ll let you know. “Where is our boy?everyone lies. but only if Ah, we’ve lost our boy”.first day with the jar you you’re really interested. But I should knowfind, We’re all smiles why you’ve gone,everyone lies, then, “honest I swear it’s because again and againnobody minds, the turnstyles you’ve explainedeveryone lies. that make us hostile”. you’ve gone to the Na-Where is the man you re- We will descend tional. . .spect? on anyone unable to defend Ah, to the National. . .And where is the woman themselves. There’s a country,you love? And the songs we sing, you don’t live there,
  15. 15. Your Arsenal 15but one day you would like they break their necks YOU’RE THE ONEto. and can’t afford to FOR ME, FATTYAnd if you show them what get them fixedyou’re made of, You’re the one for me, They’d sacrifice all fatty,ah, then you might do. of their principles for you’re the one I really, re-But Davie, we wonder, anything cashable ally love.we wonder if the thunderis ever really gonna begin, I do believe it’s terrible And I will stay,begin, begin promise you’ll say if I’m inYour mum says, your way. WE HATE IT WHEN You’re the one for me,“I’ve lost my boy”. OUR FRIENDSBut she should know fatty, BECOMEwhy you’ve gone, you’re the one I really, re- SUCCESSFULbecause again and again ally’ve explained We hate it when our friends And I will stay,you’ve gone to the Na- become successful, promise you’ll say if I’mtional, we hate it when our friends ever in your the National, become successful. All over Battersea,to the National Front disco,Oh, look at those clothes, some hope and some de-because you want the day spair. now look at that face it’s soto come sooner, All over Battersea, old,you want the day to come some hope and some de- and such a video,sooner, want the day to come well, it’s really laughable You’re the one for me,sooner, ah hahahaha fatty,when you’ve settled the We hate it when our friends you’re the one I really, re-score. become successful, ally love.Oh, the National. and if they’re northern And I will stay, that makes it even worse promise you’ll say if I’mCERTAIN PEOPLE I and ever in your way.KNOW if we can destroy them You’re the one for me fatty,I take the cue from you bet your life we will de- you’re the one for me-a-certain people I know stroy them. hey.I use the cue If we can hurt them, well,and then I we may as well. SEASICK, YEThand it on to you. It’s really laughable STILL DOCKEDAnd when I swing it ah hahahahaso, it catches his eye I am a poor, freezingly cold You see, it should have(Weren’t you there? soul, been me.-you’d have died!) so far from where I in- It could have been me.I trust the views tended to go. Everybody knows, every-of certain people I know Scavenging through life’s body says so.they look at Danger very constant lows, They say, “Oh, you have so far from where I’m de-and they loads of songs, termined to go.LAUGH THEIR HEADS so many songs, Wish I knew the way toOFFTheir clothes are Imitation more songs than they can reach the one I love.George the 23rd stand - there is no way.(don’t you find this ab- Verse, chorus, middle Wish I had the charm to at-surd?) eighth, break, fade. . . ” tract the one I love,I’d hate to be like Just listen but, you see, I’ve got nocertain people I know “La lalalala” charm.
  16. 16. 16 Your ArsenalTonight I’ve consumed Tomorrow,much more than I can hold, does it have to come. All I ask of you,oh, this is very clear to you.and you can tell I have is one thing that you’llnever really loved. never do,You can tell, by the way, I would you put your armssleep all day. around me,And all of my life no-one (I won’t tell anybody).gave me anything. Tomorrow,No-one has ever given me and what must come be-anything. fore. . .My love is as sharp as a Oh! The pain in my arms!needle in your eye. Oh! The pain in my legs!You must be such a fool to All through my shiftlesspass me by. body. Tomorrow,I KNOW IT’S it’s surely nearer now.GONNA HAPPEN You don’t think I’ll makeSOMEDAY it, I never said I wanted to.My love, Well, did I?wherever you are, Oh! the pain in my arms!whatever you are, Oh! the pain in my legs!don’t lose faith. All through my shiftlessI know it’s gonna happen body.someday Tomorrow,to you. Tomorrow.Please wait. . . All I ask of you,Please wait. . . is would you tell me thatWait. . . you love me,Don’t lose faith. Tell me that you love me.You say that the day Oh! I know you don’t meanjust never arrives it.and it’s never seemed so far Oh! I know you don’t meanaway. it.Still I know it’s gonna hap- Tell me, tell me that youpen someday love you. Tell me oh!Please wait. . .Don’t lose faith.TOMORROWTomorrow,will it really come?And if it does come,will I still be human?All I ask of you,is one thing that you neverdo,would you put your armsaround me,(I won’t tell anyone).
  17. 17. Vauxhall and I 17 Vauxhall and INOW MY HEART IS SPRING-HEELED did you hear?they turnedFULL JIM me down yes, and it’s all because ofThere’s gonna be some Spring-heeled Jim winks an ustrouble eye and what was in our eyesa whole house will need re- he’ll “do”, he’ll never be and what was in our eyesbuilding “done to” Say, Billy Budd he takes on whoever flewand everyone I love in the I would happily lose throughhouse both of my legs “well, it’s the normal thing I would lose both of my legswill recline on an analyst’s to do”couch quite soon if it meant you could be free Spring-heeled Jim lives to if it meant you could be freeyour Father cracks a joke loveand in the usual way now kissing with his mouthempties the room full HOLD ON TO YOUR FRIENDStell all of my friends and his eyes on some other(I don’t have too many fool A bond of trustjust some rain-coated so many women has been abusedlovers’ brothers) his head should be spinning something of value ah, but no! may be lostDallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cu- Spring-heeled Jim slurs the give up your jobbitt words: squander your cash - berush to danger “there’s no need to be so rashwind up nowhere knowing just old on to your friendsPatric Doonan - raised to take life at five times your There are more thanwait average speed, like I do” enoughtired again - tried again, until Jim feels the chill to fight and opposeand “oh, where did all the time why waste good timenow my heart is full go?” fighting the people you likenow my heart is full once always in for the kill who would fall defendingand I just can’t explain now it’s too cold your name and he feels too don’t feel so ashamedso I won’t even try to old to have friendsDallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cu- But now you only call mebitt BILLY BUDD when you’re feeling de-every jammy Stressford pressedpoet Say, Billy Budd when you feel happy I’mloafing oafs in all-night so you think you should? so far from your mindchemists everyone’s laughing my patience is stretchedloafing oafs in all-night say, Billy Budd my loyalty vexedchemists so you think that you you’re losing all of yourunderact - express depres- should? friendssion everyone’s laughing! Hold on to your friendsah, but Bunnie I loved you since I took up with you hold on to your friendsI was tired again Things have been bad resist - or move on yeah, but now it’s 12 years be mad, be rashI tried again, and on smoke and explodenow my heart is full now it’s 12 years on sell all of your clothesnow my heart is full yes, and I took up with you just bear in mind:and I just can’t explain I took my job application there just might come aso I won’t even try to into town time
  18. 18. 18 Vauxhall and Iwhen you need some some men here I am hated for lovingfriends they have a special interest I am haunted for wanting in your career anonymous call, poison penTHE MORE YOU they wanna help you to brick in the small of theIGNORE ME, THE grow back againCLOSER I GET and then syphon all your I still don’t belong dough to anyone - I am mineThe more you ignore me why don’t you find out for I am fallingthe closer I get yourself with no one to catch meyou’re wasting your time then you’ll see the glass I am fallingthe more you ignore me hidden in the grass and there’s stillthe closer I get you’ll never believe me, so no one to catch meyou’re wasting your time why don’t you find out for anonymous call, poison penI will be yourself brick in the small of thein the bar sick down to my heart back againwith my head that’s just the way it goes I still don’t belongon the bar some men here to anywhereI am now they know the full extent of I just don’t belonga central part your distressof your mind’s landscape they kneel and pray LIFEGUARDwhether you care and they say: SLEEPING, GIRLor do not “long may it last” DROWNINGyeah, I’ve made up your why don’t you find out formind yourself Always looking for atten-the more you ignore me then you’ll see the glass tionthe closer I get hidden in the grass always need to be men-you’re wasting your time bad scenes come and go tionedthe more you ignore me for which you must allow who does shethe closer I get sick down to my heart think she should be?you’re wasting your time that’s just the way it goes the shrill cry through dark-Beware! Don’t rake up my mistakes ening airI bear more grudges I know exactly what they doesn’t she know he’s al-than lonely high court are readyjudges and. . . what do YOU do? had such a busy day?when you sleep well. . . you just SIT somebody tell her. . . sshhhI will creap THERE It was only a testinto your thoughts I’ve been stabbed in the but she swam too farlike a bad debt back against the tidethat you can’t pay so many many times she deserves all she getstake the easy way I don’t have any skin the sky became mad withand give in but that’s just the way it starsyeah, and let me in goes as an out-stretched armIT’S WAR slowly disappears I AM HATED FOR oh hoorayWHY DON’T YOU LOVING Please don’t worryFIND OUT FOR I am hated for loving there’ll be no fussYOURSELF I am hated for loving she was. . . nobody’s noth-The sanest days are mad anonymous call, poison pen ingwhy don’t you find out for brick in the small of the When he awokeyourself back again the sea was calmthen you’ll see the price I still don’t belong and another day passes likevery closely to anyone - I am mine a dream
  19. 19. Vauxhall and I 19USED TO BE A SPEEDWAY I could have mentionedSWEET BOY your name And when you slam I could have dragged you inUsed to be a sweet boy down the hammer guilt by implicationholding so tightly can you see it in your by associationto Daddy’s hand heart? I’ve always been true tobut that was all All of the rumours youin some distant land keeping me grounded in my own strange wayBlazer and tie I never said that they were I’ve always been true toand a big bright healthy completely unfounded yousmile when you slam in my own sick wayused to make all down the hammer I’ll always stay true to youof our trials worthwhile can you see it in yourUsed to be a sweet boy heart?and I’m not to blame can you delve so low?but something went wrong and when you’re standingsomething went wrong on my fingersand I know can you see it in yourI can’t be to blame heart? and when you tryTHE LAZY to break my spiritSUNBATHERS it won’t work because there’s nothing leftA world war to breakwas announced anymoredays ago All of the rumoursbut they didn’t know keeping me groundedthe lazy sunbathers I never said that they werethe lazy sunbathers completely unfoundedthe sun burns through You won’t sleepto the planet’s core until the earth that wantsand it isn’t enough methey want more finally has meNothing oh you’ve done it nowappears You won’t restto be until the hearse that be-between the ears of comes methe lazy sunbathers finally takes metoo jaded oh you’ve done it nowto question stagnation You won’t smilethe suns burns through until my loving mouthto the planet’s core is shut good and properand it isn’t enough FOREVERthey want more All of the rumoursReligions fall keeping me groundedchildren shelled I never said that they were“. . . children shelled?that’s completely unfoundedall and all those liesvery well, but would you written lies, twisted liesplease keep the noise well, they weren’t liesdown low? they weren’t liesbecause you’re waking they weren’t liesthe lazy sunbathers. . . ” I never said
  20. 20. 20 Southpaw Grammar Southpaw GrammarTHE TEACHERS never bother to play the THE BOY RACERARE AFRAID OF tunesTHE PUPILS I’ve seen it coming for dear He’s just too good-natured life andThere’s too many people He’s got too much moneyplanning your downfall andwhen your spirit’s on trial READER MEETthese nights can be fright- He’s got too many girl- AUTHORening friendsSleep transports sadness You don’t know a thing I’m jealous, that’s allto some other mid-brain about their lives Have you seen him go,and somebody here They live where you though, oh ?will not be here next year wouldn’t dare to drive Have you seen him go,So you stand by the board You shake as you think of though, oh ?full of fear and intention how they sleep Boy racerand, if you think that but you write as if you are We’re gonna kill this prettythey’re listening my side by side thingwell, you’ve got to be jok- Reader, meet Authoring He’s got many girlfriends with the hope of hearingOh, you understand change sense He thinks he owes this cityand you think it’s essential But you may be feeling let He overspeeds and he neverbut when your profession down gets pulled overis humiliation by the words of defence Have you seen him go,Say the wrong word to our He says : ”No-one ever sees though, oh ?children me when I cry” Have you seen him go,we’ll have you, oh yes, we’ll You don’t know a thing though, oh ?have you about their lives Boy racerLay a hand on our children Books don’t save them, We’re gonna kill this prettyand it’s never too late to books aren’t Stanley knives thinghave you And if a fight broke out He thinks he’s got theMucus on your collar here tonight whole world in his handsa nail up through the staffchair you’d be the first away, be- stood at the urinal cause you’re that typea blade in your soap He thinks he’s got theand you cry into your pil- And the Year 2000 won’t whole world in his handslow change anyone here as each fabled promise flies And I’m gonna. . . kill him !To be finished would be a so fast Oh, no !reliefSay the wrong word to our you’ll swear it was never Boy racerchildren there We’re gonna kill this prettywe’ll have you, oh yes, we’ll Oh, have you ever escaped thinghave you from a shipwrecked life ? He’s just too good-lookingLay a hand on our children So safely with your soft- He’s just too good-lookingand it’s never too late to ware all miles from the He’s just too good-looking,have you front line andTo be finished would be a you hear the way their sadrelief voice sings, and you start and, and. . .I’m very glad this thing has to imagine things Boy racercome Oh, any excuse to write We’re gonna kill this prettysometimes I’m so glad more lies thing
  21. 21. Southpaw Grammar 21THE OPERATION you’re just not the same, against the worst of how no way you areYou fight with your right what the hell havehand and again, you won’t win they stuck into you ?and caress with your left With your standards sohand high DAGENHAM DAVEEveryone I know is sick to and your spirits so lowdeath of you Head in the clouds, and a at least rememberWith a tail that’s a mile mouthful of piewide Head in a blouse, every- this is you on a drab day,in the kite that you’re fly- body loves him you in a drab dressing I see why Just do your best andEveryone I know is sick Dagenham Dave, Dagen- don’t. . .to death of you ham Dave Don’t worry, ohEver since Oh, Dagenham Dave The way you hang yourselfyou don’t look the same ”I love Karen, I love is oh, so unfairyou’re just not the same, Sharon” on the win-no way dowscreen Just do your best andyou say clever things and With never the need to don’t. . .you never used to fight or to question a single Don’t worry, ohYou don’t catch what I’m thing The way you watch your-saying Dagenham Dave, Dagen- self is oh, so unfairwhen you’re deafened to ham Daveadvice Oh, Dagenham Daveeveryone here is sick He’d love to touch, he’sto the back teeth of you afraid that he might self- BEST FRIEND ONWith a tail that’s a mile combust THE PAYROLLwide I could say more, but youin the kite that you’re fly- get the general idea I turn the music downing Dagenham Dave, Dagen- and I don’t know why, thisEveryone here is sick ham Dave is my houseto the tattoo of you Oh, Dave I turn the music downEver since DO YOUR BEST and I don’t know why, thisyou don’t look the same AND DON’T WORRY is my houseyou’re just not the same,no way The best friend on the pay- Compare the best of theiryou say pleasant things and roll daysthere is no need to with the worst of your days No, no, no, it’s not gonnaStill, you fight with your you won’t win work outright hand With your standards so It’s not gonna work outand caress with your left high No, no, nohand and your spirits so lowSad to say. . . at least remember More breakfast in bedHow once I was in love with this is you on a bad day, and I’ll bring the paper inyou you on a pale day laterSad to say. . . Just do your best and The best friend on the pay-You don’t catch what I’m don’t. . . rollsaying Don’t worry, oh Oh, no, no, it’s not gonnawhen you’re deafened to The way you hang yourself work outadvice is oh, so unfairEver since See the best of how they It’s not gonna work outyou don’t look the same look No, no, no
  22. 22. 22 Southpaw GrammarSOUTHPAWYou were a boy beforeyou became a manI don’t see the joyAnd you ran with your palsin the sunyou turned around andthey were goneagain. . .A sick boy should betreatedso easily defeatedOh, I just don’t understandSo you ran with your palsin the sunyou turned aroundyou were aloneagain. . .And you ran back to Mawhich set the pace for therest of your daysAnd now, there is some-thing that you should knowthere is something that youshould knowThe girl of your dreams ishere all aloneGirl of your dreams ishere all aloneThe girl of your dreams issad and all aloneThe girl of your dreams ishere all aloneThere is something thatyou should knowthere is something that youshould knowGirl of your dreams ishere all aloneThe girl of your dreams issad and is all aloneThe girl of your dreams issad and is feeling all aloneOh, there is something thatyou should know
  23. 23. B-Sides 23 B-SidesI KNOW VERY SISTER I’M A POET Your gentle hands areWELL HOW I GOT frozen All over this townMY NAME and your unkissed lips are Yes, a low wind may blow blueA child with a curios face And I can see through Your thinning clothes areA man with sudden ways everybody’s clothes hopelessOh, I know very well how With no reason and no one was mad aboutI got my name To hide these words I feel youYou think you were my first And no reason Michael’s boneslove To talk about the books I were very young read but they were never toYou think you were my first But still I do knowlove That’s ‘cause I’m a impetuous funBut you’re wrong Sister I’m a Mr. policeman I don’tYou were the only one All over this town knowwho’s come and gone Along this way where you get such notionsWhen thirteen years old Outside the prison gates from!who died his hair gold? I love the romance of crime His gentle hands are frozenOh, I know very well And I wonder and his unkissed lips areI don’t need to be told Does anybody feel the blueYou think you were my first same way I do? but his eyes still criedlove And it’s evil just something and now you’ve turned ourYou think you were my first you are last bendlove Or something you do? and see are we allBut you’re wrong Sister I’m a judged the same, at the endYou were the only one All over this town Tell me, tell mewho’s come and gone All over this town Oh, you lucky thing They pull over in their Cit- You are too brave roen vans and I’m ashamed of myselfOH WELL, I’LL Not to shake your hands as usualNEVER LEARN With the meths on their breaths EAST WESTLooking up at the sign And you and youth on yourIt said “Please, keep away” side (Grahm Gouldman / Her-And so in I run Oh, no, now I waiting at man Hermits)You see, I’ll never learn the lights East WestOh, I’ll never learn But not this time Over the oceanI’ll never learn Sister I’m a Perpetual motionChapter one again All over this town Travelling aroundHere I go again No restI find a fountain of youth MICHAEL’S BONES Singing and playingand I fell in Night out and day in Michael’s bones Doing the roundsHow could I ever win? lay where he fall What a great life this mustI’ll never learn face down seem!I’ll never learn on a sports ground Swell jointsI’ll never learn He was just somebody’s Everything classyWhy should I mind? luckless son Nothing is tackyWhy should I care? Oh, but now look what he’s Only the bestI’ll never learn done Lush girlsI’ll never learn Oh, look what he’s done Ogle and dying
  24. 24. 24 B-SidesSighing and crying Page after page of sniping I sit and support with a du-This is success rage tiful smileWhat a great life this must an English singe or an because there’s nothing Iseem! American tinge can sayBut when I hear your voice “There’s a publisher” she So chopping and churningsinging out the bells of said “in the New Year” and turning the knifehope it’s never in this year on everything except yourI really know I do think this but I can’t own lifeand I feel all alone admit it and a clock somewhereand I think of my home to the girl least likely to. . . strikes midnightCold times So one more song with no and an explanation itThe wind through the technique drains mehouses If only there could be a one more song that seemsThe bleakness arouses way! all wrongA longing to leave There’s a different mood all and oh the news is badTime flew over the world againI wanted to see you a different youth unfamiliar See me as I am again viewsSomehow I could not to and the scales of JusticeBecause of success and dearest this could all away one way be for youWhat a strange life this can in the rooms of those least so will you come down andbe! likely to. . . I’ll meet you?But when I hear your voice Oh deep in my heart how I With no more poems withsinging out the bells of want to be wrong nothing to hithome but the moods and the Oh darling it’s all for youI really know styles do frequently change darling it’s all for youand I feel all alone from twenty one to twentyand I think of my home five AT AMBER from twenty five to twentyGIRL LEAST LIKELY nine I’m calling you from theTO I sit and I smile and I say foyer “Well done” of the Sands HotelHow many times have I where the men and thebeen around? to the girl least likely to. . . womenRecycled papers paving the Oh one more song about are acquainted quite wellground the Queen And the drunkersWell she lives for the writ- or standing around shops keep on drinkingten word with. . . and oh, my room is coldand people come second or “But somebody’s got to I’m disputing the billpossibly third make it” she screams I was sleeping in my clothesAnd there’s no style but I “so why, why can’t it be And you my invalid friendsay “Well done” me?” you slam the receiverto the girl least likely to. . . But she would die if we when you sayOh deep in my heart how I heard her sing “If I had your limbs for awish I was wrong from the heart wich is hurt daybut deep in my heart I So how many times will I I would steam away”know I am not share a tear I’m calling you from theand there’s enough gloom and another stage the first foyerin her world I’m certain to cheer? of this awful hotelwithout my contribution When you shine in the pub- where the slimeSo I sit and I smile and I lic eye, my dear and the crime gelsay “Well done” please remember these And I cannotto the girl least likely to. . . nights when Oh I do not
  25. 25. B-Sides 25and oh, my room is cold And the song that you just by spreading sickening liesand I’m envying you sang about the onesnever having to choose it sounds exactly like the who’ve made their nameAnd you my invalid friend last one give us the knifeyou slam the receiver and the next one I bet you give us the knifewhen you say it will sound like this one Journalist who lie“If I had your limbs for a So get off the stage so sick and belabouredday get off the stage they want to be favouredI would steam away” and when you get down off they only want to beI’m calling you from the the stage favouredfoyer please stay off the stage See howof the Sands Hotel Get off the stage they’re only tryingIt’s not low-life oh, get off the stage to make their nameit’s just people and when we’ve had our with unproveable lieshaving a good time money back about the onesAnd oh, my invalid friend than I’d like your back in who’ve made their nameoh, my invalid friend plasterin our different ways Oh, I know that you say TONY THE PONYwe are the same how age has no meaning over here is your audience Still drinking on the cor- now ner?GET OFF THE and that they’re screaming Just don’t say I didn’t warnSTAGE Get off the stage youOh you silly old man get off the stage Always a nagging bigyou silly old man ‘cause I’ve given you brotheryou’re making a fool of enough of my time he’s only looking out foryourself and the money that wasn’t youso get off the stage even mine Tony the PonyYou silly old man Oh, get off the stage Tony the Ponyin your misguided trousers get off the stage You’re still standing on theon with your mascara cornerand your Fender guitar Just don’t say I didn’t warn JOURNALIST WHOand you think you can you! LIEarouse us Old and jealous big brotherBut the song that you just Journalist who lie you had your timesang stealing the money and you spent it cryingit sounds exactly like the prospering with spite Tony the Ponylast one hate-in-a-hurry Tony the Ponyand the next one I bet you Yeah, well So that’s what they callit will sound like this one they’re only trying you nowDownstage and offstage to make their name when you’re free outsidedon’t you feel all run in? by spreading biz-myth lies so cold and hard and inAnd do you wonder when about the ones controlthey who’ve made their name and. . . there’s a free ride onwill take it away? stick in the knife Tony the PonyAnd this is your final fling stick in the knife Why do you always wannabut then applause ran high Journalist who lie stop mebut for the patience of the truth is, it happens from doing the things in lifethe ones behind you praise then crucify thatas the verse drags on just follow this pattern makes me happy?like a month drags on And see how And when I’m outside withit’s a very short but it they’re only trying friendsseems very long to make their name laughing loudly