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  • 1. Genkei Snacks By: Ciara and Raquel
  • 2. TRAIL MIX(“:• Preheat oven to 375°F.• Combine the following ingredients in given proportions or to suit your own taste• 1 1/2 cups oats• 1/2 cup wheat germ• 1/2 cup nuts• 1/4 cup sesame seeds• 1/4 cup blanched slivered almonds• 1/2 cup mixed color raisins or Craisins (or both)• 1/2 cup coconut• Mix together:• 1/4 cup vegetable oil• 1 tsp. pure vanilla• 1/4 cup honey• Pour over dry mixture. Spread evenly on oiled baking sheet.• Bake for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring once or twice. Cool and break up any lumps.• Store in an airtight container.• Variation: Add a 1/2 tsp. cinnamon for a different taste.
  • 3. Nutritional factsOats - a great source of carbs ! , for one cup you can find 8% of calcium in it, also you could find 17g of fiberWheat Germ – is actually a great source of protein per cup you will get 4% calcium and 60g of carbohydratesNuts – you can find this to be a good source of protein , in 1 cup you have 4% of vitamin c and 14g of fiberSesame Seeds - this is a good source of calcium ,in 1 cup you can find 7g of carbs, 4g fiber and 5g of proteinBlanched Silver Almonds – it’s a good source of carbohydrates, 1/4 of a cup contains of 6g of protein and 14g of fatRaisins - a fantabulous source of carbohydrates, 1 cup contains 18mg of sodium, 6g of fiber, 6% of vitamin c and 8 % of calciumCoconut – is a source of sodium ! , 1 cup contains44g of carbs, 8g of fiber, 3g of proteinVegetable oil – you really cant find anything in this just per ¼ it contains 28g of fatPure vanilla – for 1 tsp contains of 1g carbohydrates and 1g sugarHoney – you can find 23g of sugar in this that is all
  • 4. Dried Fruit Mix !• 1 c. dried pineapple• 1 c. chopped dried apricots• 3/4 c. mixed nuts• 1/2 c. raisins (brown and golden)• 1/4 c. salted sunflower seeds• 1 c. plain M&MS®• Mix all ingredients together; makes about 4 cups.
  • 5. Nutritional factsDried Pineapple - per 7 pieces contains 36g of carbohydrates ,1g of fiber and 32g of sugar, protein is 1gDried Apricots – 1 cup is a awesome source of Vitamin A it contains of 81g of carbohydrates, 7% calcium and 2% Vitamin CMixed Nuts – is found for a big amount of sodium, it contains of 8% fiber, 22g of protein, 15% calciumRaisins - a good source of carbohydrates, 1 cup contains 18mg of sodium, 6g of fiber, 6% of vitamin c and 8 % of calciumSalted sunflower seeds - contains of 6g carbohydrates, 5g protein, 2% calcium,11% iron, 1% Vitamin CPlain M&M’S – contains of 4% carbohydrates, 3% fiber, .909g protein,1%Vitamin A
  • 6. Chex Mix• 9 cups of cereal• 1 ½ cups raw nuts• 1 cup misc. dry ingredients• 1 cup bite-sized, organic unsalted pretzels.• 4 tablespoons of butter or buttery spread.• 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce• 1 teaspoon seasoned salt• 3/4 teaspoon garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon onion powder. Directions• In a large bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients. Melt the butter and stir in the seasonings. Pour over the dry ingredient mix and stir until everything is coated. Bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about one hour, stirring the mix on the pan every 10-15 minutes. Let cool and store in airtight container.
  • 7. Nutritional FactsChex cereal – a good source of iron, contains of 395mg sodium, 38g carbohydrates, 5g fiber, 9% of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and calcium per ¾Raw nuts – a good source of iron, per ounce there is 9g of carbohydrates, 1% calcium, 5gof proteinUnsalted pretzels – contains 59g of carbohydrates, and 8g of proteinButter – per 1 tbsp. it has 81mg of sodium, 7% Vitamin AWorcestershire sauce – per tbsp. it contains 167mg of sodium, 4% Vitamin C, 2% calciumSeasoned salt – per ¼ tsp it contains 380mg sodiumGarlic powder – per 1 tsp. 1% Vitamin C, 2g carbohydratesOnion powder – contains 1% calcium 2g carbohydrates
  • 8. Kids favorite Trail Mix• Ingredients: (1/2 cup per each)• •Plain M & Ms• •Dried Cherries• •Pretzels, broken• •Salted Peanuts• •Cashew Halves• •Whole Grain Cereal
  • 9. Nutritional facts• Plain M&Ms- Calories: 150, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 40g, Protein: 0g• Dried Cherries - contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene (19 times more than blueberries or strawberries) vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate.• Pretzels - Total Fat 0.59g 1% Saturated Fat 0.113g 1% Polyunsaturated Fat 0.249g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 305mg 13% Potassium 33mg Total Dietary Fiber 0.7g 3% Sugars 0.62g Protein 2.33g• Salted Peanuts - Calories from Fat 326 Total Fat 36.25g 56% Polyunsaturated Fat 11.457g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 593mg 25% Potassium 480mg Total Carbohydrate 15.7g 5% Dietary Fiber 5.8g 23% Sugars 3.05g Protein 17.29g• Cashew Halves – 5 grams of protein per ounce fat 0• Whole Grain Cereal- (Honey Nut Cheerios) sugar content is slightly high, it’s still only 9 grams of sugar per serving. Honey Nut Cheerios also contains 2 grams of dietary fiber and 0.75 of soluble fiber. The first ingredient on this cereal box is whole grain oats, including the oat bran.
  • 10. Unsalted mix• 1 lg. jar unsalted peanuts• 1 (6 oz.) pkg. chocolate chips• 1 sm. pkg. raisins• Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. This is a high- energy trail mix for those summer hikes - not salty, so it doesnt make you thirsty!
  • 11. Nutritional Facts• Unsalted Peanuts- There are 6 calories in 1 Dry Roasted Unsalted Peanut• chocolate chips- Amounts Per Selected Serving%DVCalcium3.1mg0%Iron0.4mg2%Magne sium4.7mg1%Phosphorus10.1mg1%Potassium17 .6mg1%Sodium35.5mg1%Zinc0.1mg1%Copper0. 0mg2%Manganese0.0mg2%Selenium0.5mcg1% Cholesterol0.0mg0%Phytosterols~• Raisins- A serving (1.4 ounces or 40 grams) contains 130 calories
  • 12. Cereal mix• 3 cups corn cereal squares• 1 1/2 cups fat-free thin pretzel sticks• 1/4 cup hulled sunflower seeds• Cooking spray• 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese• 1 1/2 cups dried cranberries or currants, coarsel1Preheat oven to 350°F. Combine cereal, pretzels, sunflower seeds, and salt in large bowl. Lightly spray with nonstick cooking spray. Add Parmesan and toss to combine.• 2Transfer mixture to jelly-roll pan and bake, stirring occasionally, until crisp and slightly crusty, about 15 minutes.• 3Let cool to room temperature. Transfer to a large bowl. Add dried cranberries and toss to combine. Store in the refrigerator
  • 13. Nutritional FactsCereal Squares – per ounce contains 10% Vitamin C&A, 2g protein, 45% ironPretzels - contains 59g of carbohydrates, and 8g of proteinSunflower Seeds - contains of 6g carbohydrates, 5g protein, 2% calcium,11% iron, 1% Vitamin CGrated parmesan cheese – contains per cup 4g carbohydrates, 38g protein, 111% calcium, 9% Vitamin ADried Cranberries – per .33cup contains 33g carbohydrates, 2g fiber, 1% iron
  • 14. nut Mix!• raw almonds• raw peanuts• raw sunflower seeds (already shelled)• raw macadamia nuts• raw pecans• raw Brazil nuts• raw cashews• raisins (I like both black and gold)• * raisins (dried, sweetened cranberries)• dried apples• dried apricots• * dried pineapple chunks• * dried bananas
  • 15. Nutritional Facts• Raw almonds- 1 ounce (23 whole nuts) of raw almonds contains 6.02 grams protein, 163 calories and 3.5 grams of dietary fiber.• Macadamia nuts- One once (10-12 kernels) of raw macadamia nuts contains 2.24 grams protein, 204 calories and 2.4 grams fiber.• Raw cashews- One ounce of raw, unsalted cashew nuts contains 5.17 grams of protein, 157 calories and 0.94 grams of fiber.• Raw Peacan- One ounce (19 halves) of raw pecans contains 2.6 grams protein, 196 calories and 2.7 grams fiber.• Sunflower seeds- They are high in energy, 100 g seeds consists of 584 calories. Nonetheless, they are incredible sources of many health benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.• Raisins - A serving (1.4 ounces or 40 grams) contains 130 calories• Dried apples- A three-ounce serving of dried apple, about one cup, contains 209 calories. It has no cholesterol and essentially no fat. It contains 57 g• Dried banana- Dried bananas are calorie-dense, as a 20 g serving of dried banana provides 90 calories. This is much more than a regular banana
  • 16. Granola mix• Ingredients• 7 ounces dried fruit, approximately 3 cups• 5 ounces mixed nuts, approximately 1 cup• 3 1/2 ounces granola, approximately 1 cup• Directions• Combine the fruit, nuts and granola in a large bowl. To store trail mix, place in an airtight glass container. Keep container in a cool dry place for up to 1 month.• Cooks Note: Fruit dried at home should be pliable, but not sticky and you should not be able to squeeze moisture from it. If the mixture becomes soft overnight, your fruit is not dry enough.
  • 17. Nutritional FactsDried Fruit – per ounce contains of 18g carbohydrates, 20% Vitamin A, 4% iron, 2% calciumMixed nuts - is found for a big amount of sodium, it contains of 8% fiber, 22g of protein, 15% calciumGranola – per 1/3 cup contains of 71mg sodium, 8% iron, 4% calcium, 23g carbohydrates
  • 18. 100 Calories –trail mix• Ingredients• 4 cups air popped popcorn• 2 cups TEDDY GRAHAMS Graham Snacks, any flavor• 1 cup diced dried fruit mix• Directions• Mix all ingredients in large bowl.• Store in airtight container• Number of Servings: 14
  • 19. Nutritional FactsPopcorn - per 1 cup it contains of 6g carbohydrates, 1g fiber, 1g proteinTeddy grams – per 24 pieces there is 150mg sodium, 23g carbohydrates, 2g proteinDiced Dried Fruit – 27g of carbohydrates, 1g protein, 6% Vitamin A, 4% Vitamin C
  • 20. Cheerios Trail Mix• Ingredients• 1/2 Cup Multi-grain Cheerios• (2 Tbsp) Dried Cranberries• 0.25 oz (10 pieces) Lightly Salted Dry Roasted Peanuts• 1 Tbsp of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels.• Directions• Mix all ingredients together and store in a air tight container. Makes (1) 1-cup serving.• Number of Servings: 1
  • 21. Nutritional FactsCheerios – good source of fiber, iron, calcium and its low fatDried Cranberries - per .33cup contains 33g carbohydrates, 2g fiber, 1% ironDry roasted peanuts – per 1 peanut there is nothing but 6 caloriesChocolate Chips – contains 10mg sodium, 6gof carbohydrates