Customer Success StoryConnecting with MS Dynamics NAV100% End-user Adoption of within a few ...
Connecting MS Dynamics NAV with Salesforce.comOle Lynggaard Copenhagen is designing and producing high-end jewellery and i...
Solution   •• Customer Data Integration (bidirectional)   •• Open Sales Orders are visible in   •• Invoices...
Furthermore if they wanted to add a new client, they needed to fill out a form and fax it into the                        ...
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Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV Integration | Ole Lynggaard Customer Success Story


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Ole Lynggaard uses RapidiOnline to integrate their CRM and MS Dynamics NAV. Read their story on how they achieved 100% salesforce user adoption by integrating their systems.

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Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV Integration | Ole Lynggaard Customer Success Story

  1. 1. Customer Success StoryConnecting with MS Dynamics NAV100% End-user Adoption of within a few days“The integration service is ver y mature and stable.It witnesses of a ver y well-proven technology andprofessional way of doing things at RapidiOnline.The integration it is set up quickly and it just works!” CER TIFIE Hans Kur t Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen D PAR TNER
  2. 2. Connecting MS Dynamics NAV with Salesforce.comOle Lynggaard Copenhagen is designing and producing high-end jewellery and is present in a lot of countries. Their primary marketsare Denmark, Norway & Sweden – continuously expanding to other countries worldwide. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Beneluxand Australia are the best exporting countries. They use MS Dynamics NAV for order registration, invoicing, production and all theadministrative work. They use QlikView for reporting and have implemented CRM for their sales people around theworld. In January 2011 they started using RapidiOnline for integrating their salesforce CRM system with their MS Dynamics NAV ERPdata. Business Needs •• Stable integration between MS Dynamics NAV & •• Complex data structure to be integrated with •• Time efficient and consistently working Integration •• Better data visibility and availability of data for sales people •• Scalable & flexible integration that can support a growing business “RapidiOnline is one of the few vendors I know that take their time in understanding your exact needs and concerns.” Hans Kurt Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen“RapidiOnline did an amazing job in the Ole Challenges before RapidiOnlineLynggaard Project. Michael Bock came over Before implementing RapidiOnline Ole Lynggaard had MS Dynamics CRM,and did the initial CRM-MSDynamics NAV integration in just 3 hours. but the system was not being used and the data was inconsistent with their MSThe customer couldn´t believe this was Dynamics NAV. Just implementing the MS Dynamics CRM system itself waspossible. very costly in terms of time and resources. The company decided to change toRapidiOnline really is the ‘go-to integration They needed integration to MS Dynamics NAV and Salesforcepartner’ when needing integration between recommended CRM with MS Dynamics NAV “The initial conversation with Michael was enough to convince me thator MS Dynamics AX.“ RapidiOnline was the right integration partner, ” says Hans Kurt Hansen, CIO Thomas Olsson at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. After a discussion with Michael we decided to Account Executive Nordics-Commercial Sales at get the integration done from the start before implementing – in fact, even before the user training in We have not regretted that!Quick ImplementationWe were very quickly up and running. The first integration, which was customer information was up and running within a few hours.The entire implementation process was smooth and painless. We implemented step by step ending up with a very well-grounded andstable integration. After just three days all the integration points were tested and ready to go into production.Initial Data TransferThe initial data transfer of all the historical “I would absolutely recommend RapidiOnline. The systemdata like invoices, invoice lines (product de- is very quick and flexible. Until now I have all my wishestails) and sales statistics were all handled by fulfilled and the support is only an email away.“RapidiOnline. We wanted to have all data Hans Kur t Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagentransferred and ready inside salesforce.comwhen the user-training started in order to beready to go live right away. This process tooksome time as we have about 370.000 invoicelines yearly, but this was just runningautomatically in the background.
  3. 3. Solution •• Customer Data Integration (bidirectional) •• Open Sales Orders are visible in •• Invoices & Credit Memos are visible in •• Reminders (sent from the finance team) visible inside •• Items, prices and supplier data from MS Dynamics NAV to salesforce.comThe SolutionRapidiOnline synchronizes customer data between and MS DynamicsNAV. Open sales orders, invoices, credit memos, items, pricing and supplier data aretransferred from MS Dynamics NAV to Additionally Ole Lynggaard hascustomized their integration to have reminders available inside In that waythe sales reps have a very detailed knowledge about the customer and the sales history. The company’s items data has about 7000different items numbers. The largest tables are invoices and orders. This means that they have 24.000 invoice heads and 370.000invoice lines and these invoice heads and lines are all synchronized daily at night time. Customer data is synchronised hourly and67.000 sales order lines are synchronised every night.Furthermore they have big success with using Chatter internally which is integrated via RapidiOnline also. Ole Lynggaard usesChatter to communicate around Success Stories, PR and marketing tasks, and updates on Accounts and Contacts.Integration before User Training - 100% User Adoption of Salesforce.comWhen implementing our new CRM system our main goal wasto give the sales people a valuable tool to work with andimprove their work processes. If I compare it with the use of Resultsthe other system we had before, our salespeople now actually use and like it very much! •• 100% User adoption of from the first day •• Ole Lynggaard can now market more effectively to their One of the reasons is of course that the data inside customers due to having up-to-date data available at their is accurate are updated every hour via the fingertips and an integrated 360° view of the customerintegration. The second reason is that we implementedRapidiOnline’s integration service before receiving •• Visibility of the data in user training. Having all the data integrated •• Quick Implementationbefore starting to use the system was very effective and made •• Improved data availabilitythe salesforce user adoption a success. It was fantastic toobserve the sales reps adopting the system almost instantly. •• More efficient business procesesThe fact that known data was in the system made the training •• Flexible integration solutiona big success. The sales people were very actively discussinghow to get the most out of the was very obvious that these good discussions were a result “It was fantastic to observe the sales reps adoptingof the ability to see their own data inside the system. They the system almost instantly. The fact that known datahad their own customer’s invoices and their own customer was in the system made the training a big success.”orders which they knew and could work with that from thevery beginning. After the training the system was used from Hans Kurt Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagenday one. adoption was a success from dayone because we integrated the systems before starting theactual use of Accessibility & Flexibility= Better customer serviceBefore the integration our sales people had to call thehead office to gather information about a customer.
  4. 4. Furthermore if they wanted to add a new client, they needed to fill out a form and fax it into the office and then wait for some person to be available to type the new data into the system. A very cumbersome process. Now with the integration they can enter a customer themselves. They have all their data on a given customer inside – even information they would not have thought about to ask for (more detailed information). They can access the system from anywhere and whenever they want, which gives them flexibility and makes them more independent as sales reps. Having this detailed information right at their fingertips enables them to be very well prepared before talking to the client. This translates into better customer service and in the end more sales. More efficient work routine As the sales people can now enter a customer them selves, they can also immediately start entering other information like orders about this new customer. They are not dependent on a colleague in the headquarter to set up a new customer first. “That makes the CRM system very powerful to work with. We have gained a more efficient work routine as we gather important information from one single system,” says CIO Hans Kurt Hansen.Extended our use of salesforce.comIn the beginning we started out with around 10-15 users on salesforce.comand today we are around 40 users on comprising not onlysales people but also marketing, logistics and procurement. Marketingis using it for email marketing campaigns. Marketing also uploadsadvertisements, schedules for insertion and PR-articles, that support the workof the sales people. Logistics uploads delivery schedules for new productsand coordinates shipment of the inventory for the shops. Since theimplementation of RapidiOnline all our needed data is consistent andup-to-date in one system and every department sees the value in that anduses data from As a consequence our use of salesforce.comhas also increased since the beginning.Next thing to happen is to integrate our website with NAV and salesforce.comand we are going to use RapidiOnline for that.About Ole Lyngaard Copenhagen “The RapidiOnline team is great - the support is really proactive,The family-run house has a solid and well-established reputation as a luxury knowledgeable and professional“brand, not only throughout Scandinavia, but also in many other parts of the Thomas Olssonworld. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen was established in 1963 by goldsmith Account Executive Nordics-Commercial Sales at salesforce.comOle Lynggaard, who, after having studied and worked in Germany, Paris,New York, San Francisco and Japan, came back to Denmark and boughta small workshop. Charlotte Lynggaard, his daughter, who is a goldsmith and designer like her father, joined the company in 1992. Søren, his son, assumed management in 2003, and Michel Normann, Charlotte´s husband, became commercial director in 2006. Find out more about the company on About RapidiOnline RapidiOnline provides agile on-demand data exchange and data integration solutions. Our mission is to revolutionise how the world engages and deals with their data and systems - transforming data integration from a complex to a simple task. Since 1992 RapidiOnline’s products have delivered value with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility and reliability. RapidiOnline has customers worldwide, that rely on us to manage and integrate their critical data. RapidiOnline is based in Denmark and France. Rapidi ApS | Sdr. Tingvej 10 | 6630 Rødding | Denmark +45 73 84 85 50 | |