Kimberley Karavans: Integrating, MS Dynamics NAV and Joomla


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Read about Kimberley Karavans managed to integrate their entire business binding their crm together with their MS Dynamics NAV and webshop Joomla

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Kimberley Karavans: Integrating, MS Dynamics NAV and Joomla

  1. 1. Case StoryFully Integrated Business connecting, MS Dynamics NAV and Joomla Webshop “We chose RapidiOnline because of its vast experience and knowledge in building fully automated processes between CRM and ERP.” Bruce Loxton, Managing Director at Kimberley Group IED CERTIF ER PARTN
  2. 2. Kimberley Kampers: Fully Integrated Business, MS Dynamics NAV and Joomla WebshopIntroductionTelstra medium business award winner Kimberley Kampers is “Kingof the Off Road” with around 40 percent market share. With an “We did some research on variousimpressive range of caravans, campers, drive-yourself campers, integration providers. After thatand roof top tents, it supplies Australia’s caravanning and camping research and talking to thecommunity through nine dealerships located within major cities. company we had a high degree of confidence that RapidiOnline couldAt Kimberley Kampers they use MS Dynamics NAV as their ERP deliver the solution.“and manufacturing system. However, the difficulty that Kimberley Bruce Loxton, Managing DirectorKampers faced was getting information out to their dealers, at Kimberley Groupcapturing information from its customers and spreading thatinformation in an even and high quality way. They opted to handle their customer relations and partnernetwork and chose RapidiOnline to link both their ERP and CRMand Webshop together.Business Needs• need to streamline operation of dealers• desire to uphold Brand Value of Quality and Innovation• CRM to be linked with MS Dynamics NAV• faster and more accurate Order Turnaround• expertise and knowledge on how to build a fully integrated business• integrate Webshop with MS Dynamics NAVThe SolutionLeveraging RapidiOnline’s Knowledge and ExpertiseKimberley already had MS Dynamics NAV in use as their ERP and Manufacturing system. They had decided to as the front-end towards their dealers and to handle all CRM functionality. After some investigation insearch for the right integration partner BruceLoxton, Managing Director of Kimberley Group, found “It’s vital to have good expertise andthat RapidiOnline certainly could deliver the solution tointegrate the systems. In addition to that they also had a help in how to integrate the systems invast experience in designing integrated business processes the best way. That’s what we got fromthat Kimberley could leverage. RapidiOnline.“ Bruce Loxton, Managing Director at Kimberley Group
  3. 3. Solution • automation and integration of operation using CRM as the front end for all communication with dealers • consistent and uptodate data using CRM integrated with ERP • key information like customer orders, invoices, payments flow automatically between CRM and ERP/Manufacturing system • automatically transferring orders from webshop and CRM partner portal to MS Dynamics NAV • Leveraging RapidiOnline’s knowledge in building fully automated processes between CRM and ERP Fully Integrated Partner Network“The Partners they absolutely love it.“ By using the partner portal Kimberley is able Bruce Loxton, Managing Director at Kimberley Group to give their dealers access to all key information and at the same time see all the information that dealer enter regarding their prospective customers. The dealers can enter new opportunities, convert these to orders, see status on orders, see invoices and open entries. The key issue is to get thedealers to use the system. This is assured by providing high value for the dealers by giving them all and accurate informationregarding their Kimberley partnership in one place.The solution is here to have an automatic integrationwith MS Dynamics NAV in order to have new orderscreated automatically as sales orders in NAV.Delivery date and status information are transferredback to When the order is delivered thefully detailed invoice from NAV is transferred back The dealers can also see an updatedlist of any unpaid invoices they have. Product and priceinformation is maintained in MS Dynamics NAV andautomatically transferred to“The Partners they absolutely love it” says Bruce Loxton,Managing Director at Kimberley Group and continues“That in addition to saving a lot of valuable time in theprocessing of orders we expect the biggest benefit yetto come – where we get a full insight in our partnerchannel.”Brand Value of Quality and InnovationThrough the integration between and MS DynamicsNAV end customers are presented with the correct and relevant “The RapidiOnline Support wasinformation about their purchase (camper or caravan). This gives the excellent.“customer a good experience of quality and a feeling of a high servicelevel at Kimberley’s. The same information can then again be used by Bruce Loxton, Managing Director at Kimberley Groupthe Kimberley Staff to provide better service.
  4. 4. Faster Order Turnaround “The last 20% you invest in integrating your systems, gives you 80% more value.”Kimberley Kampers operate a webshop system Bruce Loxton, Managing Director at Kimberley Groupbased on Joomla where end customers can buydifferent camping accessaries – everything fromsolar panels to hot water systems tailored forcamping purposes.Before the orders coming into the webshop system they had to be entered manually into MS Dynamics NAV. Now ordersare automatically created in MS Dynamics NAV ensuring accurate data. As a result automated sales are up by 50% and thedelivery times are cut in half. A lot of manual work and errors are avoided (20 hours weekly of valuable time).Results• now up to 75% of orders are coming through without phone communication (vs. 25% previously).• all dealers are now handled through same set of automated processes (vs. different manual processes for each dealer before).• the dealer’s use and acceptance of new system is 100% as they have all their information they need in one place.• fully automated part sales up by 50% and delivery times are cut in half.About RapidiOnlineRapidiOnline provides agile data exchange and data integration “It’s easy for me to recommendsolutions - delivered both as on-demand or on-premise solutions. RapidiOnline to others. We wereOur mission is to revolutionise how the world engages able to make it on time andand deals with their data and systems – transforming data within budget. We feel it’s a veryintegration from a complex to a simple task. Since 1987 good solution.”RapidiOnline’s products have delivered value with acompelling combination of performance, flexibility and reliability. Bruce Loxton, Managing DirectorRapidiOnline has customers worldwide, that rely on us to at Kimberley Groupmanage and integrate their critical data. RapidiOnline is based inDenmark and France.RapidiOnlineDenmark FranceRapidi ApS l Sdr. Tingvej 10 Rapidi l 19, Grand Rue6630 Rødding l Denmark 11500 Quillan l France info@rapidionline.comTel: +45 7384 8550 Tel: +33 468 206 200