Ebook: Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics NAV integration


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this ebook tells about who rapidionline is, what the salesforce - MS Dynamics NAV data integration solution is all about and why to choose RapidiOnline as a integration solution partner.

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Ebook: Salesforce.com - MS Dynamics NAV integration

  1. 1. The RapidiOnline DifferenceDELIVERING POWERFUL DATA INTEGRATION SOLUTIONSThink Google, Facebook and iTunes. Now, think data integration. Different worlds, right?Those consumer apps are amazingly easy to use. Just jump in, start clicking and becomeinstantly productive. But traditional data integration is slow and frustrating beyond belief,with huge learning and deployment curves.RapidiOnline is different. With our pre-built integration setup you can jumpstartyour data integration project; they let you get started quickly and cut down the totalimplementation time dramatically. RapidiOnline changes everything by delivering a ‘con-sumer app experience’. It’s simple and easy, and puts the business user in total control.RapidiOnline is the best in class cloud based data integration platform. The technologycan be used to integrate with any system or database but we have build out in-depthexpertise into integration with specifically ERP systems such as the MS Dynamics productsuite.No more lenghty data integration projects. Just jump in and start transferring your busi-ness data.What if you could start transferring your data tomorrow?What would that mean for your business?
  2. 2. Data Integration Made EasyDELIVERING POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY TO SIMPLiFY A COMPLEX TASKCOMPANY PROFILERapidiOnline provides services and solutions for data integration, replication andmigration - delivered both as on-demand or on-premise solutions. We are a SoftwareDevelopment Company with our roots back in the earlier MS Dynamics NAV (formerlyNavision) and MS Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) days.With more than 25 years of experience in development and data integration we helpcompanies worldwide of any scale to improve their business processes to make theirworking life easier and be more effective.We have offices in Denmark, France & Malaysia.
  3. 3. Data Integration Made EasyDELIVERING POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY TO SIMPLiFY A COMPLEX TASKOUR VALUESOur slogan ‘Data Integration made easy’ says it short and crispy; we believe in deliveringa powerful technology to simplify a complex task.We focus on a short implementation process instead of a lengthy development project.We take the pain out of data integration and work on making the implementation asshort and smooth as possible, because we want you to be able to concentrate on yourcore business.RapidiOnline is more than just a tool. We provide you with a complete data integrationsolution customized to your specific needs. Our aim is for you to get the best and mostout of your systems and become more productive.With our expertise and customer commitment we will go the extra mile to make you ahappy customerWhat would you do with your time saved by having all your critical business dataright at your fingertip?Imagine having all your needed data available in one system tomorrow?
  4. 4. Customers Accounts *No, Name, Phone No. Fax No., Account Number, Name, Phone. Fax ,Address, Post Code, City, County, Billing Street, Billing Postal Code, BillingCountry/Region Code, Homepage City, Billing State, Billing Country, WebsiteTypical Extentions: Adding custom fiields to Customer/Account TransfersItems ProductsNo, Description ect. No, Name ect.Standard Item Prices Standard PricelistUnit Price ect. Price ect.Typical Extentions: Population of additional Pricebooks in Salesforce.com from MS DynamicsNAV, transferring prices for multi currencyBooked Invoices Sales History **No, Posting Date, Amount ect. Name, Date, Total Amount ect.Customer Entries Payment History **Date, Amount, Payment/Invoice ect. Date, Amount, Type (Payment/Invoice), Balance, Total Sales per Year ect.Sales Orders Sales Orders **Order No. ect. Name, Order No. ect.Sales Orders Opportunity ***Order No. ect. No. ect.Typical Extentions: Adding custom fields to Opportunity/Sales Order Transfer* We support that you can start with data in both systems** Custom object that RapidiOnline supplies for free!*** Requires Navision Application Server or NAV2009 Web Services
  5. 5. Lets add our new sales order YES, and with the service into salesforce from RapidiOnline Marc, Stan MS Dynamics NAV- salesforce.com and Ruby will receive the information immediatly. Data Integration Solutionwww.rapidionline.com Unlike in traditional data integration, RapidiOnline provides pre-built standard integration Hey Guys, I can see in our solutions. system, that Steve, Bob and Tony got the order. Great! Great! Yeahr! Congrats to them! The pre-built integration setup contain the most common integration points, which lets  you get started quickly and enable you to make further customizations suitable to your exact needs and requirements. Highlights • Integrates Customers in MS Dynamics NAV with Accounts in salesforce.com • Updates from each system are automatically transferred to the other system • New Customers in MS Dynamics NAV are automatically created as Accounts in salesforce.com • New Accounts of type ‘customer’ (can be configured) are automatically created as Customers in MS Dynamics NAV • Products and Prices are maintained in MS Dynamics NAV and automatically transferred and kept up-to-date in salesforce.com • RapidiOnline provides a free-of-charge extention for salesforce.com that enables you to see sales history and payments under each Account • Invoices and payment history are automatically transferred from MS Dynamics NAV • Your customer’s Current Balance and Total Sales per year are visible directly on the Account in salesforce.com • Opportunities in salesforce.com that reach a certain stage (e.g. stage closed/won) are automatically transferred to MS Dynamics NAV, where they are created as Sales Orders • Other objects - both standard and custom objects - can easily be added to the integration.
  6. 6. Unlocks your enterprise dataToo many enterprises find themselves hostage to their business applications stack whichprevents them from getting to their data in a simple and meaningful way.RapidiOnline enables you to access all your critical business data from anywhereat anytime. RapidiOnline empowers enterprises across the globe to better leverage theirinvestment in existing business solutions and warehousing assets.ENABLING CRM DATA VISIBILITY AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESSRapidiOnline simplifies integrating your ERP Business Application with salesforce.com todeliver relevant and timely information to the end user. Salesforce.com-MS Dynamics NAVdata integration solution gives Salesforce users instant, ubiquitous visibility into their CRMdata enabling them to make smarter decisions.TRANSFORM YOUR SALESFORCE.COM DATA INTO ACTIONABLE INFORMATIONRapidiOnline takes the complexity out of your data integration project to deliverunprecedented visibility into your CRM data. RapidiOnline improves the value ofSalesforce.com by enabling business users to get an overview of their customerinteraction data such as being able to view sales and payment history right downto the transaction level. This valuable knowledge empowers you to make smarterdecisions to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction.The result? Happier, more productive business users.100% salesforce user adoption.And higher ROI on your entire enterprise stack investment.
  7. 7. The RapidiConnectorCOMMUNICATION - FAST & SECUREHow does RapidiOnline establish the connection to the different on-premise systems to make data transfer possible?The RapidiOnline Services run with a unique technology called the RapidiConnector that ensures compressed andsecure data transfer between RapidiOnline and the different on-premise systems. For best efficiency and security thedata is compressed and encrypted. Native DB protocol packed, compressed opt. encrypted www.rapidionline.com WebServices SSL
  8. 8. Benefits of the RapidiConnectorSTRAIGHT-FORWARD DEPLOYMENTThe RapidiConnector resides in your on-premise network connecting outbound to the centralRapidiOnline Service and enables two-way communication between RapidiOnline and yourlegacy systems. This has the advantage that you don’t have to change anything in yournetwork or firewalls in order to deploy RapidiOnline integration. The connections from theRapidiConnector are all outbound to RapidiOnline. No inbound connections are made andno inbound ports have to be opened in your firewall. Your internal systems stay secured andprotected. This makes it very easy to get started.OPTIMIZED & MOST EFFICIENT DATA TRANSFERThe communication between RapidiOnline and the RapidiConnector is using a proprietaryprotocol which is highly efficient in terms of maximum reduction of the total amount of dataand the number of packages sent and received. The protocol first joins e.g. 50 records in 1package thereby stripping off all meta information to only sent the relevant data. Furthermorethe package is compressed before sending. This results in the most efficient data transfer. Thismethod can reduce the amount of data needed to be sent by a factor up to 50. This meanse.g. instead of sending 1000 bytes for each customer record the RapidiConnector only needsto send 20 bytes. This dramatically reduces both the transfer time and needed bandwidth.VERY SECURE & ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONBecause of the proprietary protocol and the compression it is practically impossible todecipher the data transmitted. This increases the security. If extra security is needed the datacan also be encrypted.
  9. 9. “ Sales information is finally at the company’s fingertips, thanks to RapidiOnline. We have efficient, accurate and well-organized account information that translates into better decision making. The implementation of RapidiOnline went very smooth and we were up and running within short time. RapidiOnline as a link between our CRM and ERP systems resulted in more efficient work routines and a total overview of our customers and partners for our sales people. Allan Iskov, Business Process Manager at Netop A/S “
  10. 10. “ RapidiOnline is one of the few vendors I know that take their time in understanding your exact needs and concerns. It was fantastic to observe the sales reps adopting the system almost instantly. The fact that known data was in the system made the salesforce training a big success. The integration service is very mature and stable. It witnesses of a very well-proven technology and professional way of doing things at RapidiOnline. The integration it is set up quickly and it just works! Hans Kurt Hansen, CFO & CIO at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen “
  11. 11. “ RapidiOnline did an amazing job in the Ole Lynggaard Project. Michael Bock came over and did the initial Salesforce.com-MS Dynamics NAV integration in just 3 hours. The customer couldn´t believe this was possible. RapidiOnline really is the ‘go-to integration partner’ when needing integration between Salesforce.com CRM with MS Dynamics NAV or MS Dynamics AX. Thomas Olsson Account Executive Nordics-Commercial Sales “ at salesforce.com
  12. 12. “ We chose RapidiOnline because of its vast experience and knowledge in building fully automated processes between CRM and ERP . It’s vital to have good expertise and help in how to integrate the systems in the best way. That’s what we got from RapidiOnline. The last 20% you invest in integrating your systems, gives you 80% more value. It’s easy for me to recommend RapidiOnline to others. We were able to make it on time and within budget. We feel it’s a very good solution. Bruce Loxton, Managing Director/Owner at Kimberley Karavans Pty Ltd. “
  13. 13. “ I was impressed by the large data integration experience and MS Dynamics NAV knowledge the RapidiOnline Team has, this made the choice of RapidiOnline easy. We knew we were in good hands. RapidiOnline has a very flexible solution that easily can be extended to integrate other systems like our webshop and our license systems, which we plan for the near future. RapidiOnline can support our vision of a fully integrated business. We chose RapidiOnline because of their large experience with data integration and MS Dynamics NAV. We looked at other data integration solutions for Salesforce, but these people don’t have nearly the same experience or the same deep support for integration to MS Dynamics NAV as RapidiOnline. Having been able to integrate MS Dynamics NAV and Salesforce, all the needed information is now visible to all our account executives. This makes it easier for our sales people to get an overview of the sales and make statistics without having to switch to other systems. This translates into better customer and partner relationships and in the end – more sales! Peter Grandt, Online Manager at Milestone Systems A/S “
  14. 14. Want to learn & see more?REQUEST LIVE or SIGN UP FOR A TRIALWe would love to show you RapidiOnline Live and get into a discussion on your specific needs and requirements.Request a demo or sign up for a trial or just contact us if you would like more information.Contact InformationSales Demo, Technical SupportHelle Johansen Thomas Borringhj@rapidionline.com tb@rapidionline.com+45 7384 8550 +45 7384 8554Design & Marketing Business RelationsBeate Thomsen Michael Bockbt@rapidionline.com mb@rapidionline.com+45 7384 8559 +45 7384 8556+33 468 206 200 +33 468 206 200RapidiOnline - Data Integration made easyDenmark: Rapidi ApS Sdr. Tingvej 10 6630 Rødding Denmark Tel: +45 7384 8550 info@rapidionline.comFrance: Rapidi S.A.R.L 19, Grand Rue 11500 Quillan France Tel: +33 468 206 200 www.rapidionline.com