The wedding groom speeches report


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Find out how my tips and ideas on how I wrote an amazing wedding groom speech. My wedding speech was going horribly until I searched the web like a mad man trying to find some ideas and boy, did I ever!

In this quick ebook, I tell you how to not only write a good wedding speech, but also how to make everyone happy, especially your bride.

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The wedding groom speeches report

  1. 1. CREATED BY: JORDAN HILLWebSite © 2011. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONHi, my name is Jordan, and would just like to thank you so much for downloadingthis quick report I made for you. I remember when I got married, it was not easy,and I really wanted to help out as many people as I possibly could. I had no help orsupport when it came to writing my own wedding speech, and so I created thisquick report, with some information on how to write not a good wedding speech orgroom toast, but a lot of ideas and tips to help you along. I did not want to boreyou or take up too much of your time, so I kept this report short and to the point.Thank you, I hope this report helps you. I wish you all the best!Yours,JORDAN
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS My Top 7 Wedding Groom Speeches Ideas Groom Toasts – Watch What You Say Wedding Groom Speeches Examples For YouBride and Groom Wedding Speech – Tips and Ideas
  4. 4. My Top 7 Wedding Groom Speeches IdeasYour big day is almost here, and so you are probably preparing your wedding groomspeeches, at least I hope you are. If you are anything like me, you must be very nervousand that’s absolutely fine. I was probably more nervous than you, and I’m not kidding. Iwas really, really nervous. So nervous, I would run to the bathroom and wash my face, andget myself to calm down a bit. You would think me being nervous was bad, right? Well, itwas but, even worse, I was not prepared at all! This, plus everything else that was goingon, I was not only nervous, unprepared, but really stressed out.I searched on the web like a mad man on some ideas on how to write the perfectgroom toast, and like the saying goes: seek and you shall fine, I ended up finding someawesome tips, that really helped me out, and I hope they help you too. Your groom weddingspeech is very important, and you don’t want to be in the same position I was.Without further ado, here goes, my top 7 wedding groom speeches ideas and tipsfor you to use in your own speech if you want:1: Get together with your best man and practice as many times as you can, so you don’teven need to look at your groom speech or read from it.2: Don’t rumble on for too long, or you may bore your audience, so I suggest keeping itbelow 10 minutes.3: What about jokes? Absolutely, do not forget about them. You want to keep youraudience interested and laughing from time to time. You don’t need perfect wedding jokes,just a few funny lines, but be careful not to offend anyone in the process.4: Be you, and by that I mean don’t suddenly change your personality and be somethingyou are not. Remember that your bride fell in love with you because of who you are.5: Thank the father of the groom, your family, and as many people as you can. But justmake sure you don’t forget to thank the father of the bride and your family members. Alsothank everyone who came.6: Talk about the first time you and your bride. This will not only make the bride happy,but will also make everyone in the audience smile.7: Stay organized. This is really important, trust me, I found that out the hard way.Writing a good groom wedding speech is not hard at all. Liked this article, and would liketo find out more wedding groom speeches? Then come and read more free tips and ideason my blog. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading, and I wish you all the best.
  5. 5. Groom Toasts – Watch What You SayIt’s understandable to forget certain people when thanking everyone during a groom toasts,but please watch what you say. You really don’t want to say something you should not havesaid and offend your guests, or even family members. Not to brag, but I avoided this, andpicked up a few tips along the way that I think will be helpful to you.Making Your Bride HappyThis one is just bad, so whatever you do… do not start talking about your past love life,even if you are lighthearted and joking about it. I know what you might be thinking… anobvious thing not to do right? Yes, but for some reason, many grooms are out there still doit! You may have good intentions by bringing up your past, in an attempt to speak aboutyour wife in a good light, but based on my experience, I don’t think she would appreciate it,maybe on a normal day, but not sure about trying this on her big day with everyone sheprobably knows there.You must speak and say good things about your bride as much as you possibly can duringthe whole process. Stick to what you know your bride would want you to say.Do Not DrinkNo amount of preparing will help you if you drank any alcohol before your speech, so don’tdo it! Drinking will most likely set you up for disaster, and will probably make you say whatyou should not have said. I must admit, I was really tempted to drink… (I was nervous…boy was I nervous!). Now looking back, I’m glad I decided to wait and satisfy my need todrink when it was all said and done.More Tips and IdeasTrust me! It can really stress you out… more than you think if you don’t plan your groomspeeches in advance. So plan ahead! ☺Still want a funny wedding speech without offending anyone? Well, you still could addhumor to your speech, so go for it. There are ideas online, to help make your groom speechfunny and witty. In closing, I would just like to remind you again like I did in the last articleto keep it short and on point. I’m confident you will do well!
  6. 6. Wedding Groom Speeches Examples For YouWedding groom speeches examples are really important because they give you an ideaof how to write your own and how to go about doing it. I learned that the hard way, until atthe last second, I found some groom wedding speech examples I could use, and thosespeech examples pretty much saved my wedding speech.Are you in the same situation I was? Well, no need to worry. I will provide you with somerecommendations that should be able to help you out… or help assist you.How to Find Examples and Maintain OriginalityWedding groom speeches examples are a very good way of helping you come up with areally great and unique wedding speech that you probably would not have come up with onyour own.Examples often involve a layout and structure, as well as prompting you with ideas andthings to say such as:1: Wedding groom speeches or wedding speeches groom jokes2: That you should tell stories, everybody enjoys story telling.3: This is your big day, you should tell everyone how you feel.4: How your bride groom is like when it is just the two of you.5: How to get your guests, and visitors engaged.6: To thank as many people as you possibly can.What I outlined above are just some of the ingredients that wedding speech examples Icame across had. I did however read in lots of places all the things that make up greatgrooms wedding speeches, and everything they should include, as well as the organizedstructure… really helped me out. Organization is important!One other thing I almost forgot to mention regarding examples of groom speeches is thatthey reminded me not to lose the purpose of my speech and even worse bore or annoy ourguests…Your groom speech is very important, should be short and to the point. Do not be shy orthink a short speech is not a good wedding speech. Organize and structure you speech, soyou know exactly what to say and when to say it, this ensures that you stay on topic.
  7. 7. Bride and Groom Wedding Speech – Tips and IdeasI know it can be pretty exciting on your big day, and just go ahead prepare or work on thebride and groom speeches, but sometimes it might be a good idea to do it together withyour spouse.Then again, it all depends… for example my wife and I thought it would be best if we eachsurprised each other.However, we just thought it would be a good idea, and had a quick talk, so we get a senseof what our wedding speeches should be, so we are still on the same page.Decisions, decisions, decisions, who will say what?Getting your stories right is very important, does not matter what the speech might be,say… father of groom wedding speech, wedding groom speeches, or any speech, it’simportant that they are not repetitive. So, in my honest opinion and experience, this is agood reason why talking about bride and wedding groom speech ideas with your significantother is a great idea. If it doesn’t work out, then yeah, do it separately.Will all bride and grooms do speeches together? The answer is an obvious no. It couldhappen that one of you is working on a speech, you can still address it together if youwant…How To Come Up With Perfect SpeechesThe moment you decided that it is a good idea to consult your wife to be, and also inquireor ask her if she is also working on a speech too. Once you sit down for a chat, you maydiscover that you both have a few ideas similar to one another, and that’s fine.I suggest you decide on covering different subjects. Definitely cover the story of how thetwo of you first met that is important, from different perspectives. Planning and doing it thisway, will make for a fun and exciting wedding grooms speeches that your guests willabsolutely enjoy.In my humble opinion I think finding bride and groom wedding speech ideas together isinspiring as well, while keeping your speeches hidden from each other until the final daycomes. Don’t forget to see some speech examples for more ideas and tips! © 2011. All Rights Reserved