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World of javascript

World of javascript



An illustratration on javascript as an evolving platform.

An illustratration on javascript as an evolving platform.



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    World of javascript World of javascript Presentation Transcript

    • The world ofJavascript Rapee Suveeranont Web Technology
    • Falsepopular belief
    • It’s some kind of JAVA No, Not in technological terms Syntax C Features SmalltalkBuzz word JAVA
    • Performance is poor No, Getting better and better, at even faster speed 2008 – 2010 Javascript engine war IE 7 →9 = 140X Firefox 3 → 4 = 10X
    • Performance is poor
    • Run (only) in browser No, it also run in Desktop, Mobile, Server,RIA, Widgets, DB, OS and Documents
    • Javascript Today
    • We can do this,var http = require(http);http.createServer(function (req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {Content-Type: text/plain}); res.end(Hello World¥n);}).listen(8124, "");console.log(Server running at;% node example.js Server running at Here comes a web server!
    • Naked Javascript Pure programming language ECMAScript No standard library Not even document.write() No package management unlike PHP, Ruby, Python Many engines of choice Rhino, TraceMonkey, Nitro, Chakra, Carakan
    • Ecosystem
    • EcosystemECMAScript Language
    • Ecosystem Objective-JActionScript JScriptCaja Javascript QTScript Dialect WMLScript Javascript OSA Jscript.NET Language ECMAScript
    • EcosystemV8 Chakra Rhino NitroTraceMonkey Carakan Engine Dialect Language
    • Ecosystem Browser RIAMobile DB OS Desktop Platform Documents Widgets Engine Dialect Language
    • Ecosystem Client jQuery, Mootools, prototype YUI, Dojo, Ext, SproutCore Server Narwhal, Jaxer, AppJet CommonJS, Node.js, FrameworkMobile App Phonegap Titanium, Platform Engine Dialect Language
    • Ecosystem AJAX JSON etc. OthersMongoDB CouchDB Framework Platform Engine Dialect Language
    • At a glance
    • JSON. BSON. Very popular JSON + byte arraylight, fast and readable (binary) compact data format{ id: 99, name: 高橋じゅん, address: [ {country: JP, postcode: 144-0012}, {country: TH, postcode: 10400} ], married: false}
    • AppceleratorTitanium Native iPhone/Android Cross-platform Framework
    • TitaniumCreate native UI with tabs Titanium.UI.setBackgroundColor(#000); var tabGroup = Titanium.UI.createTabGroup({id:tabGroup1}); var win1 = Titanium.UI.createWindow({id:win1}); var tab1 = Titanium.UI.createTab({id:tab1, window:win1}); tabGroup.addTab(tab1); tabGroup.open();Open built-in camera // Display phone’s camera Titanium.Media.showCamera({ success: function(event) { ... }, overlay: overlay, showControls: false, mediaTypes: Ti.Media.MEDIA_TYPE_PHOTO, autohide: false });
    • Node.jsServer-side application File system, HTTP, SSL, Net, DNS, datagram, processOpen socket and listen to incoming data var net = require(net); net.createServer(function (socket) { socket.write("Echo server¥r¥n"); socket.on("data", function (data) { socket.write(data); }); }).listen(8124, "");
    • CommonJSSpecification of standard API for non-web application: CLI, Server, GUIAPIs: Module Package System Console Filesystem HTTP Client Encodings .. etc.
    • MongoDB NoSQL database with native Javascript querySQL: WHERE x = y> db.foo.find({ $where : function() { return this.x == this.y; } })OUTPUT: “Hello, Joe”> db.eval(function(name) { return "Hello, “ + name; }, ["Joe"])
    • Why now?
    • It’s everywhere Web HTML5+CSS+Javascript, RIA Platform Desktop, Mobile, Server, blah, blah, … DevicePC, Netbook, Garakei, Smartphone, Tablet, Embedded
    • They’reeverywhere Web Developers Web Designers Easy to learn, transfer skills, and move to new platform
    • CloudSmartphone RIA Desktop WebApp Developers Designers
    • Thank you