Migrating from Excel Add-In With VBA to Smart View Simplified


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Need to see how to successfully migrate from the Excel Add-In to Smart View? Edgewater Ranzal presented insights into Excel Add-In templates with existing VBA, migration tool testing results, and new features of Smart View. They shared the common pitfalls experienced by clients from projects of this type and strategies for gaining acceptance in your entire organization for the integration of Smart View.

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  • Maintenance mode means no further development of the product will be conducted by Oracle as of the specified dateIn order to use 64 bit office you need to use SmartView patchset HFM in SOX environment, people may already be having this challenge if using Excel Add-InSmartView decoupled from EPM stackHow many people were scared by the POV of SmartView and thought to themselves, “That’s it I’m not using this tool anymore, back to Excel Add-In”Later I’ll check to see how many people are aware of the advanced retrieval functionality and possibly show a small demo if you haven’t already seen itAdd on packs which will be touched upon, allow for common themes to be applied as add-on rather than custom approach *Show a few slides at the end with the Add-On packs loaded into SmartView and go through a high-level overview
  • More notes regarding methodologies from link provided within Oracle White paper - http://essbaselabs.blogspot.com/2010/07/converting-legacy-add-in-vba-to-smart.html
  • Link is to Oracle provided conversion tool
  • Migrating from Excel Add-In With VBA to Smart View Simplified

    1. 1. March 19th, 2014
    2. 2. Evan is a Certified Hyperion Professional in Hyperion Essbase & Planning, he has over 7 years of business and technical experience in Planning, Budgeting and Analysis. He has worked with customers to implement Hyperion Planning applications, Disaster Recovery solutions, Hyperion reporting tools and gaining understanding of customers‟ business needs and technology. Relevant Project Experience Evan Leffler, Project Lead Areas of Expertise: • Enterprise Performance Management • Planning, Budgeting and Analysis • Business Intelligence Industries • Automotive • Technology • Transportation/Logistics • Hospital • CPG/Retail • Aerospace/Defense • Manufacturing • Oil & Gas • Commercial Lending • Pharmaceutical • Private Equity Technology • Oracle (Hyperion) • Essbase (ASO/BSO) • Planning • ODI • FDM • DRM • EPMA/SmartView • Web Analysis • Financial Reporting • SmartView/Excel Add-In • LCM • Automation Scripting/MaxL • SQL Education Bentley College, B.S. in Management with Minor in IT Certifications Hyperion Certified Professional in Essbase & Planning Pharmaceutical Designed implementation approach for migration of existing HAL processes for integration into ODI. Migration of 9x Planning environment to Commercial Lending Designed and implemented nightly automation Disaster Recovery solution to remote offsite location utilizing One- click, turn key solution with full error handling, metadata refresh , & data load. Oil & Gas Assisted in design efforts and was lead implementation consultant for Indirect/GA Planning database. Served as liaison between clients and consulting team in translating business requirements in successful implementation. Implemented nightly Automation routines for nightly backup of environment utilizing MaxL, Windows Scripting and LCM. Extensive build out in multi product EPMA environment utilizing HFM, ASO/BSO, Data Syncs, Planning, FDM, EAL, & Financial Reports using Manufacturing Implemented enhancements to pre-existing Planning application. Designed metadata and data synchronization routines across multiple environments within Conducted UAT, training, and roll out to international subsidiaries. Served as Planning Administrator and trusted advisor for over a year until client was able to locate permanent position. Defense Contractor Participated in design discussions and implementation of a Planning for a branch of the Armed Services. Instrumental in design, test, and roll out of multiple calculations. Created and maintained Planning application and metadata updates. Assisted in infrastructure installs. Aerospace/Defense Implemented and designed Web Analysis dashboard for managerial analysis against an ASO reporting cube. Acted as system admin for ASO, managing metadata, member formulas, and orchestrating scheduled aggregations. Created automated MaxL routines for rebuild and reload of database. Consumer Product Goods/Retail Aided in Web Form, Report, Outline design and implementation. Conducted performance tuning to BSO calculations and outlines. Data transformations utilizing SQL used in load and unit testing of calculations. Consumer Product Goods/Retail Implemented a full roll out of ODI to facilitate MDM synchronization. Participated in maintenance of MDM hierarchies and Planning applications. Full roll out, spec, and build of all management reporting requirements. Hospital Aided in implementation and rollout of a Planning application to approximately 150+ users for a hospital specializing in Children‟s care. Implemented roll out of ODI to facilitate hierarchy synchronization.
    3. 3. Focus Services People Methodology Customers Partnership About Edgewater Ranzal 15 Years 700+ clients 1000+ projects
    4. 4. Dashboards & Scorecards, Financial Analytics & Reporting, Operational Analytics, What-if Analysis, Query & Reporting, Visual Exploration Financial performance, Legal, Segment & Mgmt Reporting, Financial Close HFM Optimization, Performance Lab SOX Compliance Support Strategic Finance, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Workforce Planning, Capital Planning, Project Financial Planning, Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Data Integration, Financial Data Management, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management &DRM, ETL Services, Automation Project/Program Mgmt, EPM Road Maps, Application Reviews, Business Requirements, Process Change, Documentation Installation, Upgrades, Migr ation, System Monitoring, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Load Testing, Hardware Sizing, Exalytics Benchmarking Consolidation Business Intelligence Enterprise Planning Infrastructure Training & Support Services Project Management Data Services Costing & Profitability Mgmt Support Services – Infrastructure & Application Support Contracts Key Teach Course Delivery: Planning, Essbase, Financial Reporting, Smart View, HPCM, HFM, FDM, DRM, OBIEE Custom Training Delivery: Process & Reporting We offer a full spectrum of EPM/BI Services HPCM Standard & Detailed Models, Waterfall Allocations, Activity Based Costing, Customer, Product & LOB Profitability
    5. 5. Nate Gruys I Edgewater Ranzal Business Development Manager Cell: (952) 210-8377 ngruys@ranzal.com | www.ranzal.com Stop by the Edgewater Ranzal table TODAY! Meet the Experts and Register to Win Great Prizes Grand Prize: Free Conference Pass to Kscope „14! *Guessing Game: Starbucks Coffee Beans in the jar *Closest guess wins! *Winner must be able to accept prize for themselves or colleague and go to conference *Prize is conference pass only. Does not include travel, lodging, etc. Raffle Prize: $100 American Express Gift Card *Drop off your business card for random drawing at end of day
    6. 6. Agenda Features of SmartView Migration Process Methodology SmartView – A First Glance Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard Q&A
    7. 7. Features in SmartView, Not in Add-In Excel Add-In Obsolete as of, maintenance mode as of January 2013 Latest version of SmartView we will see today is Supports Office 2013 with one installer for both 32 and 64 bit environments • Multi platform compatible • Essbase, Planning (offline as well), Reporting, OBIEE, HFM, HSF • Easy install from Workspace • Many options regarding display of data • Use of Cell Styles, Formula Retention, Control Over #Missing, Alias display • Increased POV Functionality • Ability to toggle on/off • Advanced retrieval functionality • Butterfly Reports, Multi-Grid Connections, Cascading, Refresh All, Multiple Flashbacks (Think Undo) • Integration into Microsoft product suite – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook • 64-bit Office support • Acceptance and use of HTTP(s) / SSL Environments • Oracle sourcedsupported Extension “Power Packs” delivering many requested features Custom Add-In Ribbons do exist…I know
    8. 8. Agenda Agenda Features of SmartView Migration Process Methodology SmartView – A First Glance Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard Q&A
    9. 9. Reality Check • The reality is… Manual code translation is inevitable ..but don’t worry, there’s a methodology for that …and that’s why you’re here
    10. 10. Migration Process Methodology Test Inventory Rationalize Assess Migrate
    11. 11. • Divide and conquer • Task multiple people with the efforts to reduce missed requirements if possible • Identify how many workbooks contain Essbase VBA code • Categorize workbooks in groups • Reports (sub-categorize into report types, departments expenses, balance sheets, executive reports, etc.) • Submission templates • Utilities • Error proofing • Etc. Inventory • How many workbooks/worksheets are there?
    12. 12. Migration Process Methodology Rationalize • Are there multiple Excel workbooks that do the same thing? • Standardize as much as possible • Is VBA a long term solution for your organization? • Is there an application already existing that may appease the requirement • OBIEE, Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, Planning, etc. • Be honest…How many people have this skillset? • How many of these workbook/worksheets are current?
    13. 13. Assess • How many workbooks need to be updated? • Of the workbooks that need to be updated, how many use the same functions? • Capture like code sequences • Reuse as much as possible to save time/rework • Standardizing the VBA functions • Reduce cost of maintenance • Categorize level of effort for conversion to SmartView • Easy / Moderate / Impossible to convert
    14. 14. Assess – Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard For the Smart View VBA Conversion tool and other Power Packs visit the following link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/smart-view-for- office/downloads/index-088403.html • The Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard is a solution offered by Oracle to assist with converting VBA code from the Classic Essbase Add-In API to the Smart View API Features: • Scans VBA code for Add-In function references • Updates Essbase functions with SmartView functions, where possible • Offers suggestions on replacement functions where applicable • Identifies code that cannot be converted/does not have an equivalent function in the Smart View API This will NOT convert API code, just function references • The Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard can help in assessing the scope of the updates needed.
    15. 15. • General • Connection • Ad hoc • Form • Cell • POV • Calculation script and business rule • Calculation, consolidation, and translation Member • Options • MDX query • Menu • Dynamic link Asses, cont. - VBA Function Types Obsolete Excel Add-In VB calls: • EssVGetHctxFromSheet • EssVGetDataPoint • EssMenuLock *In most cases “Ess” has been replaced with “Hyp” Function classifications:
    16. 16. Migrate • Update all VBA code, where applicable • When possible, use the same VBA code and/or functions to reduce maintenance and coding time • Institute the use of descriptive comments • This helps when passing support of the code to new users • Keep original copies of all Excel workbooks and code for reference • Ensure versioning will not create an issue upon migration • OS and Application level • Every converted workbook should be a new set of files
    17. 17. Test • If there is a mix of versions of either Excel or SmartView in the environment, be sure to test the workbooks against all possible combinations to ensure compatibility, or identify combinations that will not be supported. • Common point of failure due to underestimation of time required to complete • This is a stand alone project and testing is instrumental to its success • Remove or disable the Classic Essbase Add-In during testing, to ensure that the functionality is only using the Smart View Add-In. Oracle provides an updated compatibility matrix which can be found here for versions 11.1.2.x – 9.2: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-foundation/hyperion- supported-platforms-085957.html
    18. 18. Agenda Agenda Features of SmartView SmartView – A First Glance Migration Process Methodology Q&A Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard
    19. 19. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    20. 20. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard *Note: You cannot insert an Excel workbook. File type must be of type .bas.
    21. 21. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    22. 22. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    23. 23. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    24. 24. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    25. 25. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    26. 26. Agenda Agenda Features of SmartView SmartView – A First Glance Migration Process Methodology Q&A Oracle VBA Conversion Wizard
    27. 27. Demo: Smart View Conversion Wizard
    28. 28. Demo: Smart View – Version Info Version Info of Smart View
    29. 29. Demo: Smart View - Shared Connections
    30. 30. Demo: Smart View – Essbase vs. Planning
    31. 31. Demo: Smart View – Essbase Options
    32. 32. Demo: Smart View – POV Toggled On
    33. 33. Demo: Smart View – POV Toggled Off
    34. 34. Demo: Smart View – Multi Connection
    35. 35. Demo: Smart View – Butterfly Report / Sub Vars
    36. 36. Demo: Smart View – Planning Web Form
    37. 37. Demo: Power Packs – Sub Vars
    38. 38. Demo: Power Packs – Table of Contents
    39. 39. Demo: Power Packs – Quick Options
    40. 40. Demo: Power Packs – Quick Options
    41. 41. Demo: Power Packs – Quick Options
    42. 42. Evan Leffler I Edgewater Ranzal Project Lead Cell: (781) 771-6524 eleffler@ranzal.com | www.ranzal.com
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