Maximizing the Value of an EPM Investment with ERPi, FDM and EPMA


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Ranzal Practice Director, Tony Scalese conducted this presentation at the recent ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in Long Beach, California.

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Maximizing the Value of an EPM Investment with ERPi, FDM and EPMA

  1. 1. Maximizing the Value of an EPMInvestment with ERPi, FDM & EPMA Tony Scalese Edgewater Ranzal
  2. 2. About Edgewater Ranzal One of the Largest Oracle/Hyperion Practices in the U.S. Oracle / Hyperion Platinum 15 Years Partner - Highest Status 700+ clients 1000+ projects Vertical Expertise with High- Profile Clients from Coast to Coast Sound Project Methodology Insures Project Success “One Stop Shop” for ALL EPM Implementation needs
  3. 3. Our Services Business Consolidation Planning Intelligence Data Project Infrastructure Services Management
  4. 4. Who Is Tony Scalese Over 10 years Experience with Data Integration and Financial Planning & Consolidation on the Hyperion suite of products Established many innovative FDM design, customization and automation concepts that have evolved into standard Industry-wide practices. Certified HFM Consultant - System 9 & Fusion 11 Present at Oracle conferences, Ranzal webcasts and post on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and blog on B.A. Economics, Allegheny College; MBA Candidate, Babson College
  5. 5. Agenda Level Setting What is FDM? What is ERPi? What is EPMA? Basic Terminology Solution Overview Client & Project Overview FDM, ERPi & EPMA Working Together In Closing Next Steps Resources
  6. 6. Financial Data Quality Management is… …the premier end user data transformation tool to load data to Oracle EPM applications including: HFM Essbase (Planning) HSF Hyperion Enterprise …a centralized data management solution …AWESOME ☺
  7. 7. Key Benefits of FDM End user friendly web interface that provides directed workflow Flexibility Drill down & drill through capabilities for data investigation Organization wide process monitoring Extensive automation capabilities using built in batch loader Open architecture product
  8. 8. ERP Integrator is… …a new module of FDM that allows data and metadata to be sourced from Oracle ERP systems: Oracle eBusiness Suite (eBS) PeopleSoft G/L PeopleSoft HR …used to drill to source level transactional data in the ERP system directly from EPM applications …capable of writing budget data to the ERP from an Essbase (BSO & ASO) or Planning application …continuing to evolve …the future of data integration
  9. 9. ERPi Key Benefits Direct integration to ERP systems Drill through capabilities Budget write back capabilities Integration with EPM Workspace Leverages ODI ASO loading capabilities Flexibility Integration with FDM Direct Usage
  10. 10. Enterprise Performance Management Architect is… …a web based metadata management tool for Oracle EPM applications HFM Essbase Planning …valuable in multi-product as well as single product implementations …continuing to improve and be enhanced
  11. 11. EPMA Key Benefits Centralized, web based, multi-user tool Logging capabilities Metadata comparison & synchronization Data Synchronization Lights out Automation Complimentary Technologies: Calc Manager Life Cycle Manager (LCM)
  12. 12. Key Terms eBS: Oracle eBusiness Suite, ERP System Set of Books: The 3 Cs – Chart of Accounts, Currency & Calendar; a collection of company codes rolls up to a SoB Accounting Flex Field: Chart of account string that comprises each of the segments/dimensions in eBS Ex: Company.Account.ICP.Product
  13. 13. Agenda Level Setting What is FDM? What is ERPi? What is EPMA? Basic Terminology Solution Overview Client & Project Overview FDM, ERPi & EPMA Working Together In Closing Next Steps Resources
  14. 14. Client Profile Preeminent financial services firm with global operations Provides manages a large family of mutual funds, provides fund distribution and investment advice services, as well as providing discount brokerage services, retirement services, wealth management, securities execution and clearance, life insurance and a number of other services Existing EPM client with a large Essbase footprint
  15. 15. High Level Project Overview Heavy user of Oracle eBusiness Suite & Essbase Previously attempted to implement Oracle Financials Accounting Hub (FAH) Looking to implement for: 64 bit HFM (EPMA) FDM & ERPi Financial Reports
  16. 16. System Architecture
  17. 17. Project “Opportunities” Ledger data inconsistencies Multiple fiscal calendars Varying Period 13 Extraordinary metadata volumes (Custom1 – 10k members, Custom2 – 20k members) Very large data volumes….more on this later Nightly data load automation Metadata automation
  18. 18. Integrating ERPi with FDM An ERPi source system adaptor enables FDM to initialize the ERPi data movement process The adaptor controls the execution of the data load rule developed for each set of books
  19. 19. Project Goals Ensure data quality Fully automate the data load from eBS to HFM nightly throughout the close cycle Enable drill through to transactional level detail Automate the refresh of HFM metadata
  20. 20. Ensuring Data Quality How do we know we are capturing all the data? New sets of books Does ERPi have the set of books Does a data load location exist Has all data been properly loaded Data within the set of books Is data for a company on the right set of books Is data not being overwritten when it should not be Has the process cleared “orphan” data
  21. 21. Verifying Metadata eBS contains a list of each set of books; ERPi database contains the same list of sets of books A process was created to perform a differential between the 2 databases Instances of sets of books in the eBS database not found in the ERPi database are flagged as requiring the source system to be re-initialized Second validation was performed to determine if the sets of books that are active in ERPi have a corresponding FDM data load location
  22. 22. Associating Data with a SoB Certain transactions while booked to the correct company are booked on the wrong set of books A custom process was implemented to retrieve the “official” company to SoB relationship When data is processed through FDM, data is checked to ensure that the company to SoB relationship is correct Invalid records are conditionally ignored and not loaded to HFM A custom report retrieves each of the company records that are not valid for a given SoB
  23. 23. Smart Replace There are instances when an errant G/L posting occurs that populates an otherwise not used company This data persists even following correction in the G/L if no additional data is booked to that company – even when reloading in Replace mode This is native HFM functionality Smart Replace is used to clear entities which were part of the previous data load but are no longer part of the current data load** Want to learn more – tomorrow at 8:30 in 101B
  24. 24. Data Protection Year end adjustment data is booked to an eBS period 13 member – the reporting period to which this adjustment applies varies yearly HFM application contains 12 base periods The HFM custom4 is Data Type FDM’s data protection is used to enable data to be loaded to the same base period but different custom4 members – CorporateGL & CorporateP13
  25. 25. Validating Totals eBS maintains strict standards for account member names; 1 = Assets, 2 = Liabilities & Equity Logic groups are used to sum up base data and compare against HFM parent level accounts
  26. 26. Data Load Automation FDM is used as the data transformation tool due to complex mapping logic as well as the need for data protection The Batch Loader functionality of FDM is used in conjunction with the ERPi source adaptor for FDM to automate the load of data from eBS to HFM Detailed email status reports are sent to end users and administrators to provide a status of the automated data load process
  27. 27. Sample Status Email
  28. 28. Drill Through Overview FDM using ERPi loads data from Oracle eBusiness Suite to HFM HFM drills back to FDM FDM drills to ERPi landing page ERPi landing page drills to eBS eBS navigation takes over and allows investigation down to journal details
  29. 29. FDM Data Load
  30. 30. Drill Through From HFM
  31. 31. Drill from HFM
  32. 32. Drill from Target to Source
  33. 33. ERPi Landing Page
  34. 34. eBS Account Analysis
  35. 35. Journal Detail
  36. 36. EPMA Integration Client has a robust home grown metadata management solution Houses hierarchies for all financial systems including eBS & Essbase Select dimensions & dimensionality only exists in HFM Statistical accounts HFM application needs to be refreshed nightly before data loads
  37. 37. Metadata Integration EPMA Batch client is used to execute an update of the dimensions within the EPMA application using .ads format Entity Account C1 C2 Runs nightly with updates from client metadata management system HFM application is automatically deployed following EPMA refresh Process is initialized from FDM!
  38. 38. How It All Integrates Metadata update process executes to ensure HFM has latest metadata; prevents data load failure ERPi metadata verification process is executued JAVA web service executes the metadata rule in ERPi Company to Set of Books relationship is updated from eBS Data is loaded from eBS to HFM HFM is consolidated after all data loads are completed Status email is sent to end users & administrators
  39. 39. Agenda Level Setting What is FDM? What is ERPi? What is EPMA? Basic Terminology Solution Overview Client & Project Overview FDM, ERPi & EPMA Working Together In Closing Next Steps Resources
  40. 40. What’s Next Upgrade to at least ERPi uses database links to transfer data from eBS to ERPi and then to FDM Data extract no longer extracts unneeded zeros Metadata rule is not required to run before data rule Multiple ERPi adaptors are no longer needed Upgrade HFM when unlimited customs become available Redesign HFM for new eBS Chart of Accounts
  41. 41. Resources Oracle Support Oracle Knowledge Base Click Knowledge Middleware Enterprise Performance Management Financial Data Quality Management Oracle Technology Network (OTN) My Blog Ranzal & Associates
  42. 42. QuestionsTony
  43. 43. Other Ranzal PresentationsCalculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules – Monday, 11:15 am, Room 102CSecurity and Auditing in HFM – Tuesday, 4:30pm, 101BBest Practices for Using DRM with EPMA – Wednesday, 8:30am, 103AGetting Started with Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 8:30am, 101BAdvanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 9:45am, 101BMaximizing the Value of an EPM Investment with ERPi, FDM & EPMA – Wednesday, 11:15am, 101BTaking your FDM application to the next level with Advanced Scripting – Thursday, 8:30am, 101BIFRS reporting within Hyperion Financial Management – Thursday, 10:30am, 101B