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KScope14 Configuring Hyperion Tax
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KScope14 Configuring Hyperion Tax


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Mike Malandra, Ranzal lead consultant, presented Configuring Hyperion Tax Provisioning (HTP) at KScope14. HTP is software created by Oracle, based on Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to support …

Mike Malandra, Ranzal lead consultant, presented Configuring Hyperion Tax Provisioning (HTP) at KScope14. HTP is software created by Oracle, based on Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to support corporate tax provisioning process.

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  • 1. Tax is the Future! Configuring Hyperion Tax Provisioning Michael Malandra
  • 2. Focus Services People Methodology Customers Partnership 15 Years 700+ clients 1000+ projects About Edgewater Ranzal
  • 3. We offer a full spectrum of EPM/BI Services Dashboards & Scorecards, Financial Analytics & Reporting, Operational Analytics, What-if Analysis, Query & Reporting, Visual Exploration Financial performance, Legal, Segment & Mgmt Reporting, Financial Close HFM Optimization, Performance Lab SOX Compliance Support Strategic Finance, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Workforce Planning, Capital Planning, Project Financial Planning Data Integration, Financial Data Management, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management &DRM, ETL Services, Automation Project/Program Mgmt, EPM Road Maps, Application Reviews, Business Requirements, Process Change, Documentation Installation, Upgrades, Migration, System Monitoring, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Load Testing, Hardware Sizing, Exalytics Benchmarking Consolidation Business Intelligence Enterprise Planning Infrastructure Training & Support Services Project Management Data Services Costing & Profitability Mgmt Support Services – Infrastructure & Application Support Contracts Key Teach Course Delivery: Planning, Essbase, Financial Reporting, Smart View, HPCM, HFM, FDM, DRM, OBIEE Custom Training Delivery: Process & Reporting HPCM Standard & Detailed Models, Waterfall Allocations, Activity Based Costing, Customer, Product & LOB Profitability
  • 4. What is Hyperion Tax Provisioning (HTP)? Implementing HTP What we learned Questions Agenda
  • 5. HTP is software created by Oracle to support corporate tax provisioning process ● first release was (2013), now - 3rd release Architecture is based on HFM HTP is licensed separately Technically, HTP is an HFM application, preconfigured by Oracle Development team What is HTP?
  • 6. HFM is a mature product consistently maintained and improved in the last 14 years, providing many features relevant to tax provisioning process ● Flexible data collection tool ● Calculation rules, and automated accounting entries ● Native aggregation, translation and consolidation capabilities ● Web architected solution (central and remote web access) ● Reporting capabilities Why is HTP based on HFM?
  • 7. HTP is not “TurboTax”: ● HTP is not a “turn key” filing solution: HTP does not automatically generate IRS tax forms. ● HTP provides a framework for provisioning process ● HTP requires configuration before enterprise tax users can input their data. What is HTP NOT?
  • 8. HTP application built for Tax ● Metadata structures ● Chart of Accounts ● Custom dimensions (5) ● Currencies, sample of entities, etc. ● Rules dynamically linked to the metadata ● Web forms (77) dynamically linked to the metadata ● Reports (63) dynamically linked to the metadata ● Tax automation module HTP: what’s in the box?
  • 9. HTP rules are vbscript HTP Metadata can be classic or EPMA New features on Release based on customer feedback: ● Opening Balances from different Scenarios ● Data Entry and Tax Calculation at Parent Level ● NIBT Translation (Override Translation Rate) Technical Features
  • 10. HTP Process(Oracle® Hyperion Tax Provision, User's Guide, Release
  • 11. Links book and tax data Defines relationship between Source and Tax accounts Tax Automation
  • 12. HTP provides an organized structure with multiple groups of accounts, for example: ● “Book accounts” are configurable TB accts ● National and Regional tax accounts ● Tax Rates ● Validation Accounts HTP chart of accounts
  • 13. HTP Custom dimensions Oracle® Hyperion Tax Provision, Administrator's Guide Release
  • 14. Roll Forward (RF): ● Opening balance ● Reclassification members ● Tax movement activity ● FX Custom Dimension – Roll Forward
  • 15. Jurisdictions (JD): ● National: country codes: CA, US ● Regional: CA_AB, US_PA, US_CA Custom Dimensions - Jurisdictions
  • 16. Reporting standards (RS) ● US_Gaap, UK_Gaap, IFRS Custom Dimensions – Reporting Standards
  • 17. Data Category (DC): ● Source data ● Pre-tax ● Tax (input and calculated) Custom Dimension – Data Category
  • 18. Tax Type (TT) ● National, Regional Custom Dimension – Tax Type
  • 19. Implementing HTP
  • 20. Ranzal standard project implementation methodology was applied Strategy
  • 21. Review current tax process Compare to HTP Identify HTP process “gaps” Analyze
  • 22. The results of the analyze phase will determine the level of customization for: ● Metadata ● Rules ● Data forms ● Reports Design
  • 23. Create entity structure with corresponding attributes Add accounts and correct User Defined Attributes Add any necessary custom dimension details Configure Tax Automation Create additional rules, if needed. Add web forms or Reports, if needed Assign security access Build
  • 24. UAT and Training was given Extensive testing for parallel process Resolve UAT and parallel issues HTP was migrated to Production Test and Rollout
  • 25. What we learned
  • 26. Upfront design and requirements – longer than anticipated ● The level of complexity and understanding of the tax process before the project will help determine the time needed Understanding relationship dimensionality ● Between Entities, Accounts and Customs ● Combination on User Defined fields determine tax calculations What we learned
  • 27. Focus on Tax Requirements ● HFM – Org by Period – not necessary in HTP Data Sourcing is very important Ability to upgrade/patch ● Metadata – keep current metadata and select the Oracle metadata needed/wanted. ● Rules – Manually cut and paste custom code into the new Oracle rules file. What we learned
  • 28. What we all know…
  • 29. Michael Malandra Pittsburgh, PA USA +1.724.759.8572