Calculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules


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Ranzal Practice Director, Jeff Richardson conducted this presentation at the recent ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in Long Beach, California.

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Calculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules

  1. 1. Calculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules Jeff Richardson Edgewater Ranzal
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Overview of Calc Manager ● Terminology ● Functionality Demo What’s new in Q&A
  3. 3. About Edgewater Ranzal  One of the Largest Hyperion Practices in the U.S.  Oracle / Hyperion Platinum Partner - Highest Status 15 Years 700+ clients  Vertical Expertise with High- 1000+ projects Profile Clients from Coast to Coast  Sound Project Methodology Insures Project Success  “One Stop Shop” for ALL EPM Implementation needs
  4. 4. Our Services Business Consolidation Planning Intelligence Data Project Infrastructure Services Management
  5. 5. Calculation Manager – What is it? Tool for administering rules for Planning, Essbase, and HFM ● We’ll focus exclusively on Planning/Essbase in this session. For HFM, see my colleague Chris Barbieri at the following sessions: ● Getting Started with Calc Manager for HFM ● Session 11, June 29, 8:30 – 9:30, Room 101B ● Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM ● Session 12, June 29, 9:45 – 10:45, Room 101B
  6. 6. Calculation Manager – What is it? Intuitive graphical user interface for rule construction and administration Replaces use of Hyperion Business Rules for construction of calc rules for Planning Required to develop rules for EPMA enabled Planning apps ● Now an option for Classic Planning apps, as of version Integrated into Workspace
  7. 7. Terminology Within Calc Manager, there are three types of objects ● Components ● Smaller pieces of a larger rule – SET commands, FIX statements, formulas, etc ● Rules ● Finished calc script ● Can be built using templates (standardized or custom) ● Rulesets ● Lauch rules sequentially or simultaneously depending on your logic requirements
  8. 8. Calc Manager Functionality There are two options to build a rule ● Graphical, using the Rule Palette ● Script Mode Details on Graphical Model ● Great choice for inexperienced developers, potentially even power users ● This is the default mode for creating and editing a rule ● Drag new and/or existing objects into the rule. ● Generates calc script coding based on objects in palette ● Global ranges define global FIX statements
  9. 9. Calc Manager Functionality Details on Script Mode ● Similar to creating a calc script in EAS ● Developer can create rule in EAS and paste into script Rule can be designed in Graphical Mode, edited in Script Mode, and returned to Graphical Mode.
  10. 10. Templates There are several system templates provided within Calc Manager for Planning and Essbase BSO apps: ● Clear Data ● Copy Data ● Amount-Unit-Rate ● Allocate Level to Level ● Allocate Simple ● Aggregation ● Export-Import Data ● SET commands In addition, custom defined templates can be created using the Template Palette
  11. 11. Rule Components – Rule Palette When creating a rule in Graphical Mode, the following components are available in the Rule Palette: ● Formula ● Script ● Condition ● Member Block ● Member Range ● Fixed Loop
  12. 12. Executing Rules Rules can be attached to web forms and executed on save Also, from Tools – Business Rules menu in Planning Only Essbase rules can be launched from Calc Manager directly
  13. 13. Migrating Rules Rules developed in Hyperion Business Rules can be migrated to Calc Manager ● Rules migrated with the Planning application to which they belong ● Business rules are migrated as business rules ● Sequences are migrated as rulesets ● Variables migrated as variables ● Macros migrated as templates
  14. 14. Demo of Calc Manager DEMO
  15. 15. What’s New in Support for Essbase ASO rules Smart List selector in Condition Builder Parameters for UDA’s and Attributes in Function Selector Support for Public Sector Budgeting Improved performance on large dimensions (member selection) LCM support for Classic Planning apps
  16. 16. Questions Jeff Richardson (410) 726-9350
  17. 17. Presentations Calculation Manager: The New and Improved Application to Create Hyperion Planning Business Rules – Monday, 11:15 am, Room 102C Security and Auditing in HFM – Tuesday, 4:30pm, 101B Getting Started with Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 8:30am, 101B Advanced Topics in Calc Manager for HFM – Wednesday, 9:45am, 101B Maximizing the Value of an EPM Investment with ERPi, FDM & EPMA – Wednesday, 11:15am, 101B Taking your FDM application to the next level with Advanced Scripting – Friday, 8:30am, 101B IFRS reporting within Hyperion Financial Management – Thursday, 10:30am, 101B
  18. 18. Jeff Richardson (410) 726-9350