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  • Annual plan

    1. 1. Harvest Selects – The Sexy Bread
    2. 2. Index  Content Strategy  Custom Applications: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Diwali Campaign Valentines Day campaign Quiz: Easy Tone Fitness Center Recipe of the Week contest My Lunch Box Contest  Twitter Contest
    3. 3. Developing a Content Strategy • Social media is built on creating dialogue with users • Social Media Conversations are driven by users flocking around Preferred Interests & NOT around Brands • Content should inspire people to talk about it and the business is then woven into the conversation contextually • Ideally Brand Updates should be less than 10% of the Overall Content Plan
    4. 4. Our Content Strategy Yrals develops Monthly Content Plans in the following formats: 1. Brand Updates: Brand and product focused updates that will highlight various aspects of the properties, services, offers, events etc. 2. Category Updates: Share content that resonates with the interests and sensibilities of the TA yet maintaining brand perspective 3. Engagement Updates: Build INVOLVEMENT & further Virality - Puzzles, Games, Memes, Parodies etc. that trigger a high response ratio with respect to reach
    5. 5. Content Labels Harvest Selects Highlights Celebration Workout Motivation quotes Food Quiz Engagement Updates Food Art Healthy Recipes Pair It Up Monday Morning Blues Fancy Lunchbox Celebrity Diets Face-Off Calorie Count Harvest Puzzle
    6. 6. Harvest Selects Highlights All you need is our Sexy Bread for that Sexy
    7. 7. Workout Motivation quote Do it for the body you have always wanted!!
    8. 8. Engagement Update Here's a good health tip for the ones suffering from high blood pressure. This is one helpful recipe. Try it!
    9. 9. Healthy Recipes These baconand-egg toasts make for a fun breakfast or easy dinner. Try them today, here is the recipe
    10. 10. Monday Morning Blues You can’t go wrong with this CranberrySweet Potato Quick Bread on a Monday Morning. Here is the recipe
    11. 11. Celebrity diets Celebrity Diets Do you wish to have a figure like Deepika Padukone?? Here’s her Diet Plan.
    12. 12. Calorie Count Did you know there are only 52 calories in a Cucumber Salad? So how about you indulge in it today?
    13. 13. Celebration Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    14. 14. Food quiz This fruits will help quench your thirst because it contains 93% of water. Can you guess the name of this fruit?
    15. 15. Food art How creative are you in your kitchen?
    16. 16. Pair it up You can’t go wrong with the heavenly combination of Bread and Chocolate Spread. Don't you agree?
    17. 17. Fancy Lunchbox How cool is this multi functional lunch box?
    18. 18. Face off Who has the sexiest body: Eva Longoria vs Jennifer
    19. 19. Harvest Puzzle Find the Multigrain Bread!!
    20. 20. App1 Diwali Campaign
    21. 21. Diwali Campaign 2014 • Diwali Campaign for Harvest Selects is designed to enhance the overall viewership and interaction for the Brand. We made sure that the 3 C’s are completely in sync with the Brand Image. – Concept – Creative – Content • The slides ahead will give you a better idea, as to what we’re talking!
    22. 22. Targeted Medium: Facebook What we have planned for? • Diwali seems to be a perfect holiday to catch hold of people (Mainly Women) getting active on Facebook. Shopping, exchanging wishes & gifting is the Agenda that everyone has, during this time of the year! • We tried to encash the same, and built a “SEND DIWALI GREETINGS” app via Facebook apps. • Incorporating a simple liner in the contest, to be creatively completed by the fans • You are my BAG full of happiness, because………………………….. (As people post Diwali wishes all through the week, we need to ask them to post similar Diwali wishes for their friends via Harvest Selects Diwali App, inclusive of the keyword, that forms the Brand’s Product USP – “#BAGS”
    23. 23. Idea: Creative| Content | Concept I. Creative: Interactive Cover Photo & App icon II. Content: Facebook updates & tweets III. Concept: Facebook app Fan gate to make the non fans like the page, before they access the contest “Click Like to enter the contest” Fan gate to existing fans: “Send Diwali Greetings to loved ones Click to continue” Reference - Da milano
    24. 24. Step 1
    25. 25. Step 2
    26. 26. Step 3
    27. 27. Final post on Facebook Timeline
    28. 28. App2 Valentines Day Campaign “Make your Valentine's day special by associating the brand with the users. Making them feel special. Users have to upload their image with their special someone they would spend this Valentine's Day.
    29. 29. Flow:  Before- Like page: non-fan they have to first like the page  After like page- Instruction page, Here all the instructions & info about the contest is given including prizes along with T&C’s. User clicks the "Get Started" button  Give permissions  Upload Page - Here the user uploads his/her image along with a special person they want to spend this Valentine's Day. (pics can be uploaded from PC / FB albums)  Share Page - User can share this activity with their friends on Facebook.  User can also invite his/her friends to play this contest.  Users can view their entries in the gallery. They can also see other entries as well. Benefits – More Brand loyalty will be instilled in the fans. – Will make the page more exciting. – Since the users will stand a chance to win some cool prizes they will participate & engage more with the page Gratification: We can excite users by giving away goodies
    30. 30. Step 1
    31. 31. Step 2
    32. 32. Step 3
    33. 33. Step 4
    34. 34. App3 Quiz: „What‟s Your Move’
    35. 35. App 3 – Easy Tone Fitness Center Quiz Fitness Calculator Check out Reebok’s fitness calculator to tone your body out Enter your Height and Weight to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) Height: Weight: BMI:
    36. 36. Easy Tone Fitness Center Quiz Features: • The Easy Tone Fitness Center Application is an extension to the Reebok Easy tone Application • User has to enter the following details: (1) Physical Attributes like Height and Weight (2) Food Intake (3) Intervals of food intake (4) Exercise Routine (5) Habits like Drinking and Smoking • Based on User’s details, a result gets published advising the user steps to take in order to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle
    37. 37. ‘What’s Your Move’ Application Choose the frames for YOUR MOVE and share it with your friends to complete the Dance
    38. 38. ‘What’s Your Move’ Application Your Move Select your friend to share YOUR MOVE
    39. 39. ‘What’s Your Move’ Application Features: • User can choose 4 to 5 frames to perform a part of his ‘Move’ • User then has to share the first part of his ‘Move’ for his friend to complete the next part • Finally the friend sends the first and second part to a 3rd mutual friend to complete the move which is published on all 3 users’ Facebook wall • The ‘VIRALITY’ lies in friends collaborating to complete the ‘Move’! • Maintenance:  Status Updates will revolve around themes chosen specific to the brand communication  Standard updates that revolve around typical brand communication will happen simultaneously
    40. 40. App4: Recipe of the Week Contest
    41. 41. Facebook Application 4: Photo Voting App Name: Recipe of the week! Goal: To get more Fans & engagement on the Harvest Select’s page Duration: At least for a month Mechanism: 1. Like the Page 2. Fill in the details of the fun experiment 3. Upload the picture/ recipe of the same 4. Share it with your friends for votes 5. Invite friends to play the app 6. View gallery page Frequency: Once in a week, we need to announce the winners. Reference – more.Megastore contest
    42. 42. Step 1
    43. 43. Step 2
    44. 44. Step 3
    45. 45. Step 4
    46. 46. Step 5
    47. 47. Step 6
    48. 48. App5 My Lunch Box Contest
    49. 49. Name: My Lunch Box Contest! Goal:  Stimulate first user experience  Increase the Engagement Index on Facebook & Twitter  Break the Clutter, by encourage Users Involvement Mechanism:  Before Like page: for new fans  After Like : Instruction page  After get started – Users need to select Harvest select Bread from various types of bread  Add veggies  Add sauces  Dedicate / Send it Sandwich to another Facebook friend Expectation: Increase in page visits
    50. 50. 1] Retweet & Follow: FLOW: A simple contest where participants stand a chance of winning by following and Retweeting the brand’s tweets. PRIZE: After the duration of the contest is over, the winners can be chosen on a lucky draw basis / the one who has maximum interaction with the brand 2] Photo Upload Contest: FLOW: In this contest, users need to send in a photo of theirs and associate it with the designated hashtag #DedicateADessert Users get an opportunity to strike on interesting conversations with your followers PRIZE: The best or most popular picture can become an ambassador on Social Media.
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