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Digital Media Plan_LPQ


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Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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  • “Direct users in interactive communication to build recall”
  • Approach:to tap into the mind space of its consumers and attain thought leadership.
  • Commercials for Campaign1 (Fan page Launch) is very high but it is justifiable
  • Transcript

    • 1. Le Pain Quotidien India – Digital Plan
    • 2. IDENTIFYING INNOVATIONS & SOULTIONS Mapping Competition (In terms of brands having a dedicated page for India) BrandsSocial media platforms Le Pain Quotidien India Hakkasan India Facebook (approx. fanbase) No. Global has 44k Fans 2K fans Le Cirque 54 likes. (Global 2K) Trader Vic’s California Pizza Kitchen Hard Rock Cafe Mainland China Oh! Calcutta 621 likes 72K fans 22k fans 48K fans 27K fans Twitter Google+ (followers) YouTube Pinterest LinkedIn No No No 1K No No No No No No No No No No No No 200 followers No No No Present 24K followers No No, but Global No, but Global No 12k followers No Present No No No 500 followers No No No No No No No
    • 3. Social Media Platform to be targeted Instagram Wikipedia Youtube Twitter Foursquare Facebook Pinterest Google+ Blogs
    • 4. Content labels Brand Related • Self-promotional content: Update about the offers • New product available • Collect & broadcast testimonials • On ground and CSR activities Category / Industry Related • Health Tips • Q&A updates about weekends • Food & Drinks : Facts & History • Highlight cultural differences Engagement oriented • Celebrations / Current events • Memes & Trivia • Food art • Puzzles, Polls & Quizzes
    • 5. Science behind content posts  Use content that attracts & nurtures prospects Take benefit of F&B industry – Always use attractive visuals  Striking caption will lead to likes  Incorporate logo in all the photo updates as it help in recall  Segregate topics & have regular album posts because this will enhance the Social Reach of the page. To compliment the Facebook timeline, highlight the albums posts.  Update your page at least twice a day (Learn when does your post get maximum Reach & Engagement; accordingly schedule it) For eg: Schedule your second update at 5:30 pm if this gets the best traffic Sample updates behind
    • 6. Taste the yumminess of your favorite ingredient in every bite of this little muffin. Can you unscramble and guess which is it? PELAP RCMULE Attack the most important component of Virality: Shares & Comments On basis of conjecture - such updates will get more comments . Even shares as it is visually attractive
    • 7. So what if a cake is too much to take! A pastry will always suffice for your sweet-tooth. Come celebrate this Diwali by gorging at Le Pain Quotidien  Update this during Pre-Diwali preparation. At this phase, post more about desserts. Frequently post contextually relevant content as this will get a deeper connectivity with it’s TG
    • 8. Community building Objective:  Avoid spillover & acquire the right audience on the fan page  For Franchise create promoted posts targeted to specific locations  Shoot ads that is targeted to: o Upper class & Upper middle class (we can also mention fans who like pages Mercedes benz, Taj, Hyaat , Economic times etc.) o Interest based targeting for travel, food & dine etc. o Fans who are Apple iOS owners o Target prospects in Mumbai, esp. Bandra , Colaba, Charni road, Nariman Point, etc. o Also down the line target metros where we want to set the future market
    • 9. Applications/ Tabs for Facebook 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Franchise Tab Locate Us Tab with Google map Feedback / Review Tab Menu Tab Pinterest Tab Tweets to page tab Instagram tab YouTube tab Book an appointment tab
    • 10. • Campaign idea1: LPQ’s Facebook page launch Why ? Because this is very NEW, out of the box… something that has never happened before. Since LPQ has no dedicated page for India, let’s unveil this fan page with a bang! Chance to acquire real customers/clientele as (organic) fans • Campaign idea2: Make a difference this Christmas! A Twitter contest Why a CSR activity? Because this will aid in acquiring deeper connect with it’s TG than anything else. Rather earning something, this festive let’s give out something to the needy
    • 11. Concept Note: To witness the launch of our Facebook page, encourage traffic from offline media , direct marketing & Twitter Send mailers to all customers & clients associated with LPQ Attract Twitter users through ATS’s & direct tweets to join us on this event Campaign idea1 Name: Unveil Facebook presence / LPQ’s Facebook page launch Requirement: Create a unique online menu. Also, we need to build a Responsive site (OPS i.e compatible for desktop, mobile & an iPad app) Why will users be motivated to come for this event? Because.. At this event users are free to pay for what they want! To build a hype over it we suggest to invite a celeb for this launch. It could be Abbay Deol/ Farhan Akthar because both can be liked by LPQ’s niche TG In the interest of the brand, press releases for the same can be issued
    • 12. Campaign1: Post Event  Publish event pictures as album post on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram  To broadcast event related articles, host a media desk app on Facebook  Upload video content (interviews with guest) of this event on YouTube channel  With supporting of this content create a Wikipedia page to enhance the visibility of Digital platforms
    • 13. Campaign idea 2 - CSR activity: Make a difference this Christmas! “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
    • 14. Idea: Part of LPQ’s CSR activity: need to tie up with NGO . Where every mentions on Twitter by the users will help the user to contribute a bread/meal towards the NGO Goal:  Break the Clutter, by encourage Users Involvement emotionally  Stimulate first user experience  Increase the Engagement Index on Twitter  Garner testimonials / influence users to become advocates Mechanism:  Cross promote this on Facebook. Divert some Facebook traffic to Twitter  Users need to Mention his/her friend in the tweet Expectation: The more the users tweet (@mentions), the more we donate Campaign idea2 Name: Make a difference this Christmas!
    • 15. Campaign Idea2: calendar plan  Before initiating #MakeADifference moment, have filler content (quotes about sharing, charity etc.)  A week prior start with Teaser Updates & Tweets Can you guess what’s coming up soon? Hint – Sharing is _________  During the phase, Tweet regularly about the countdown  Cross promote it on Facebook, to pull traffic from Facebook to Twitter Sample: #MakeADifference moment is starting soon on Twitter. Stay tuned to our twitter handle @LPQ_India to know more about this and to participate, click here:
    • 16. India (Sample Page)
    • 17.  Motivate LPQ chefs and experts to write guest posts on food & lifestyle blogs with back links to LPQ Facebook, Google+, YouTube (behind the scenes video) and Twitter.  To create a strong presence over digital, blog daily  Integrate this with Facebook page & website
    • 18.  Upload all behind the scene video by chefs/ video of baking a bread (use them on Facebook as well)  Use relevant keywords in Titles & descriptions. Have multiple tags and incorporate annotations  Upload interviews with celeb (during launch) & experts  To get more subscribers upload generic content i.e. How to video’s. Upload videos like how to deliecious muffins for christmas eve  Regularly upload video’s & change cover page frequently
    • 19.  Repost pictures that are uploaded by followers on Instagram  #Contest Alert Most liked insta pic would be posted on LPQ’s Instagram profile and showcase them as brand ambassdor.  Pics can be encoraged with following hastags: #LPQ Dessert&Foodthat Ilove #TagsForLikes #YummyAmazingMealAtLPQ
    • 20.      Integrate with FB & Twitter Regular pins with catchy captions & attractive board names Repin pictures posted by customers Create menu boards & seasonal boards Create customer’s voice board – Pins by customers
    • 21.  Through Google + page we need integrate all accounts in . Under About section, incorporate URL’s of website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.  Use a attractive cover page  Apt use of circles – segment your audience  Join contextual relevant communities  Product pages, blog post pages, website and other relevant landing pages need to have an easy to click G +1 button
    • 22.  Need to promote local updates targeting loyal customers & locations around – to reach the right audience at right time  Encourage Foursquare special deals – esp. for Foursquare users  Foursquare special offers On weekends checkin with your friends & family and then stand a chance to get featured on LPQ’s social networks  Ask people to write tips about LPQ on foursquare and most liked tips get coupons
    • 23. 1] Retweet & Follow: FLOW: A simple contest where participants stand a chance of winning by following and Retweeting the brand’s tweets. PRIZE: After the duration of the contest is over, the winners can be chosen on a lucky draw basis / the one who has maximum interaction with the brand 2] Photo Upload Contest: FLOW: In this contest, users need to send in a photo of theirs and associate it with the designated hashtag #DedicateADessert Users get an opportunity to strike on interesting conversations with your followers PRIZE: The best or most popular picture can become an ambassador on Social Media.
    • 24. To have decent SERP presence bookmark the website URL on sites like stumble upom, Digg, Delicious, Reddit etc • List both the outlets of listing sites like suleka, yellow pages, just Dial, ask me, ask laila etc. • Encorage more & more reviews on Zomato, yelp, burrp, mouthsut, Trip advisor, gourmet India etc. Create back links for YouTube, Google plus page & Google places.
    • 25. OPS - Responsive site:  A one page responsive site will be very useful.  These days it is a must because the attention span of users is very limited. Therefore, an interactive site is a MUST!  A new online menu which is proposed can be integrated on the website.  Develop an interactive mobile app that will appeal our TG  Target certain keywords and optimize the SERP presence