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  • Today there’s more than just print media. Messages are now presented in several forms of mass media: television, internet, magazines, and smartphones. Why do you think it’s called a smartphone?
  • Now for the topic of today, we will be talking about media literacy. What is literacy? What would media literacy be? Here’s what media literacy means…
  • Why is media literacy important? Media helps us make sense of the world we live in. It tells us what is cool, what to buy, and what information is important. So if you added it up, how many hours do you watch television?
  • Here are products that influence our lives.. What does this slide sell? How does it make you feel? We live in a commercial world. Everywhere we look there’s a logo. On the street, in media and even on the clothes we wear. So lets look at these logos. What do they sell? How does it make you feel when you look at the logo?
  • Why do you think you could recognize the logos on the previous page, but not this page? Do you see those logos more on TV? Due to exposure, marketing and big money? Do you know how much it costs to have your commercial air during the superbowl?
  • So lets examine what makes a commercial successful
  • Read through the voiceover and look at the images. Okay in looking at the images. Do you think they were appropriate for what he was saying?
  • Okay guys we’re going to switch gears for a moment. So we already talked about print media and television… What other type of media do we often use? What do you think this number represents? This number represents the amount of websites available on the World Wide Web. That’s a lot of information at your fingertips. Is the information on the web all true?
  • Who here has a Facebook account? How much time do you usually spend on Facebook? What can you do on Facebook? What shouldn’t you do on Facebook? There’s also a responsibility when posting information, especially on the web.
  • Now we’re going to look at a PSA called “The Internet is a Good Thing” Let me show you what their storyboard looks like.
  • Just bring up the music
  • In addition to commercials, it is also important to understand how stories are presented on the local news. Who watches Hawaii News Now? What kinds of stories do you usually see about your community?
  • So if you can’t share a message or story on the television news or local newspaper…then where can you go?
  • Public access television is an important resource because it will air any message that you feel is important. And each an everyone of you can make a difference in your community by sharing a message on access. Who provides public access television on Oahu?
  • Media Literacy Presentation

    1. 1. Television Radio Smart Phone Internet Magazines
    2. 2.  Examining messages that inform, entertain, or advertise  Creating different forms of media  Contributing to society through the use of media
    3. 3.  The average American spends at least 10 hours a day using media  290 million own at least one TV  234 million own a cell phone  211 million are online  116 million surf the mobile web
    4. 4. • The average person will see approximately 150 advertisements in 24 hours from all media involved [Radio, TV, News Papers, Billboards] • Examine Commercials – Who’s the target audience? – How does it get the viewer’s attention? – What do they want the viewer to do?
    5. 5. • Similar to a television commercial – Define target audience – Get the viewers attention – Call to Action
    6. 6. • How much time do you usually spend on social media? • What can you do on social media? • What shouldn’t you do on social media?
    7. 7. • Decide who the target audience is. • Decide what you want the audience to do in response to your PSA • Choose the approach that can best reach your audience • Balance words and images
    8. 8. Tragedy