Gmail voor zakelijke markt: Google Apps


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Any time, any where, any device: always connected to your email, agenda, contacts and documents

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Gmail voor zakelijke markt: Google Apps

  1. 1. Randy Benjamins | opent onbegrensde werkplekken | +31 (0)30 711 0940 |
  2. 2. 100% Web
  3. 3. 4 trends impacting your business Innovation Collaboration Local Motors can take a new car from “there is an 81% correlation between concept to creation under 18 months. collaboration and innovation”. (Source: c/o Wired magazine) (Source: Future Foundation, 2010) Social Mobility “By 2012, 50% of businesses Smartphone sales to exceed will use micro-blogging.“ desktop and notebook PCs in 2012. (source: Gartner, 2010) (Source: Morgan Stanley, 2010)
  4. 4. inhibitors restricting ability to adapt complex architecture Personal Productivity “$8 out of $10 spent in IT is ‘dead money’ Users collaborating by sending email — not contributing to business change and attachments. growth.” (Source: Gartner, 2010) Complex interfaces Device Centric Applications built for a business Users dependent on a specific process rather than usability. device to get things done.
  5. 5. Helping you embrace these trends with 100% web “In a 100% web world, business applications are delivered over the Internet and accessed in a web browser.” Dave Girouard, President, Google Enterprise Innovation Accelerate creativity and innovation by providing intuitive and compelling tools that help your users focus on creating and sharing new ideas. Collaboration Improve collaboration, drive efficiency and increase productivity with tools that enable true real-time collaboration from anywhere. Consumerization Leverage powerful consumer tools that your users enjoy as consumers to encourage greater business networking, enhanced sharing and a more satisfied workforce. Mobility Empower your employees to be productive from anywhere while removing the need to have a specific device to hand to communicate effectively or to fulfill a task.
  6. 6. Google is uniquely positioned to deliver this vision Web Enormous Engineering Native Scale Excellence 99.984% Gmail availability 2010Born Online Dual Homing 99.9% Availability SLABuilt for the web from day one Always available data With no maintenance windowsWeb user base 100% more efficient Leading Security100s of millions of online users Compared to ave. data center SAS70 Type II certified1% Testing Custom Linux Stack 218 Features Launchedwith 100s of thousands of users Built for our unique architecture last year in Google Apps The most intuitive products built on the most scalable infrastructure
  7. 7. Wat is Google Apps
  8. 8. Gmail Enorme opslagruimte, bewaar alles en makkelijke zoekTalk Presence, chat en video conferenceCalendar Agendas makkelijk delen en afspraken plannenDocs Makkelijk samenwerken, overal en altijdSites Zelf sites maken en delenVideo De kracht van video binnen je organisatiePostini Spam, virusscan en archivingMarketplace 3rd party business apps
  9. 9. ● Gmail (25 GB) ● Chat, Voice & video ● Calendar ● Docs ● Sites ● Video ● 99,9% garantie ● Admin support € 40 / user / year1 year archive + € 8.5010 year archive + € 23.50
  10. 10. Gone Google Commercial cleaning productsAutomotive supplier Business Services35.000 12.000 Google Apps Users30.000 Google Apps Users Google Apps Users "Never having to upgrade again. And"We significantly reduce costs while "You can subscribe to what Googles giving us something new everysimultaneously improving user you need when you need it single day."collaboration and productivity,"André and focus your capabilities on Brent Hoag – Director of ITGold – Technical Senior VP your true business," Bryan Kinsella – CIORetailer Airlines11.000 Google Apps Motorola Mobile Devices20.00055.000 Google Apps Users Users Google Apps Users"Ahold chose Google Apps for its 25 "KLM crew members will now be "Google has mass computing power andGB of storage per account, able to send and receive email they have the ability to deliver it in aintegrated IM (Google Talk) and a effectively from any location and secure way to enterprises."series of additional features that using any Internet connectedfacilitate communication" device." Walt Oswald – VP of IT
  11. 11. Goedkoop Forrester jan 2009
  12. 12. Betrouwbaar en Veilig Eigen hard- en software Better uptime than on-premise ● Honderduizenden identieke servers ● Custom Linux OS ● Snel updaten van systemen ● Geen third party risicos World Class Security ● De beste jongentjes uit de klas ● Data obfuscation ● Beveiligingsreviews voor alle code SAS 70 Type II gecertificeerd Safe Harbor gecertificeerd Top 10 Whitepaper
  13. 13. Wanneer en Waarom Google Apps
  14. 14. Wanneer Google Apps? ● Vervanging mailserver ● Update mailserver ● Verlagen jaarlijksterugkerende kosten ● Verlagen kosten software licenties ● Standaardisatie mailsystemen of versies ● Vergroten opslag capaciteit ● Innovatie - Overal, altijd, elk device ● Verhogen productiviteit ● Alternatief Sharepoint, Skype, Dropbox, ... ● ... Source: Should Your Email Live In The Cloud?’ (Ted Schadler, Forrester, 2009)
  15. 15. Waarom Google Apps? ● Platform voor samenwerking en communicatie ● Delen van informatie met mensen binnen en buiten de organisatie ● Innovatie kracht van Google ● Consumenten ervaring in zakelijke omgeving ● Beste prijs/kwaliteit verhouding ● Veilig ● ...
  16. 16. 100% focus op cloud sourcing sinds 2007 Grootste team met Google Expertise in Benelux Meeste klanten in BeneluxElite Member of Google EMEA Partner Advisory Board >50,000 Google Apps Gebruikers Geïmplementeerd Heldere Project Aanpak Gecertificeerde Google Apps Trainers Great 24/7 Support
  17. 17. Onze visie Run je bedrijf, niet je Server ● Hardware en software niet meer nodig ● Flexilbiliteit en kostenbesparing ● Maakt resources vrij voor core businessg-company: 100% cloud sourcing
  18. 18. Route naar de cloudDe business case garandeert dat de implementatie én het vooronderzoek binnen een jaar worden terugverdiend.
  19. 19. Route naar de cloud On Premise Device Management Devices ERP Device Mgmt. Applications Google Apps Your Apps 3rd Party Apps Cloud Connect User Mgmt. CRM Google’s Global Platform Secure Data Geospatial Search Connector
  20. 20. NEXT STEPS
  21. 21. Op Reis?
  22. 22. Stapsgewijze implementatie: 4 stappen , 4 competenties en >4 toolsWorkshop Proof of Concept Premiere group Role - Out ● Wat levert het op ● Technisch bewijs ● Functioneel bewijs ● Voordeel voor organiisatie ● Succes criteria ● Plan van aanpak 4 Competenties van onze professionals ● Sterkste track record met Google Apps in Benelux ● Implementatie expertise ● Ervaring met MS, Lotus, Group Wise ● Scherp project- en programmamanagement
  23. 23. great-support on-line wegenwacht service voor de digitale snelweg altijd toegang tot volledige kantoorautomatisering 24/7onafhankelijk van locatie, device of internetverbinding Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) great-support€ 40 / persoon / jaar + € 40 / persoon / jaar
  24. 24. Vragen?Randy Benjamins | | 06 8322 7633 | +31 (0)30 711 0940 |
  25. 25. g-company klanten
  26. 26. Referentie Case Volledig geautomatiseerd migratie per student
  27. 27. Referentie Case Google Apps, Google Sites Portal, Postini Services en Google Search Appliance Uitfaseren Lotus Notes
  28. 28. Referentie Case Proof of Concept en Pilot met Google Apps Coexistence Exchange en Google Apps
  29. 29. Referentie Case Intranet voor Nederlandse vereniging voor Inkoopmanagement op basis van Google Sites met integratie van Google Search Appliance voor File Server achter de firewall
  30. 30. Referentie Case Site voor Center Parcs op basis van Google Sites
  31. 31. Referentie Case g-company volledig on-line, nergens eigen servers