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Drama Evaluation
Drama Evaluation
Drama Evaluation
Drama Evaluation
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Drama Evaluation


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  1. Drama Evaluation The MAD showcase was a success. I have gotten plenty of compliments fromfriends, teachers and even parents. But it was not easy to get to that stage; there wasloads of practice and stress.Group 1 – Off Course Our first group was a mess. We had a bunch of ideas, which was great but we struggled to come up with a smooth working scene. The first story we created has many characters and scene and it was too long. Once we changed some things it was still too long and messy. Then, when we had everything sorted out, it turns out that our story didn’t match the rest of the performance and so we had to change from being about the president of the world to a normal high school student, which was not that hard. We had to cut out the death penalty scene as well and so our play was short. During our practice I realized that my performance wasn’t that good because I was not in character. I can actually tell that I am myself a few times during practice and I tried hard to improve that. I tried to speak with more confidence, kept my back straight, and being calm and composed. I don’t know how, but during the performance I was different. I sound,
  2. talk, stood differently. I’m not sure if anyone noticed but it was strange. I messed up at some points of this group because I forgot my cue and what I had to say. At one point I accidently turned around when it was still Eileen as the mother and when I forgot my lines, I stood quiet and stared at Eileen to let her keep talking.Group 2 – Captain James Simpson My next group was more organized. We came up with a story in one period andworked well together to improve it. We came up with the basic story and either added orcut out some scenes. When we were performing for the class, we did great but Ms.Rankin mentions mirror imaging in the beginning of the play to show that Ron and I arethe same character. I had a problem with this at first because I had no idea what tomirror but then we eventually came up with a mirror sequence, which was rather good!Something I was not good at in this group was that I have trouble miming. I couldn’tmanage to create a believable heavy bag and weights. That is why we got actual propsinstead. I had my school bag filled with heavy thick books to make them heavy. Onething I noticed, particularly in the adult audience, that I did okay was when I was talkingto the girls. I used the lamest pick up line in the world and got the audience laughing.During our second performance, we had a technical difficulty, the bang that wassuppose to kill us never came so Jasmine, Na Heon, and I stood there trying to think of
  3. something to say. A minute later I told Jasmine to do something and she went bang andwe all dropped dead.Monologue I was clueless at first when I was writing my monologue. I had to research onbullying in the army, which was surprisingly common and also researching on how towrite a monologue. After gaining more understanding on the topic, it became easier towrite the monologue. I mentioned some quotes from a website to help make mymonologue more influential. I was happy with my monologue and felt that the onlyproblem was that I was totally nervous about delivering my monologue alone in a bigroom full of people that have their attention on me. Over the few days of practicing mymonologue in front of the class, I slowly gained more confidence and after saying it overand over again in front of Ms. Rankin, I got better. I can tell that I got better because atthe beginning, Ms. Rankin didn’t believe what I said but now she has helped me makemy monologue believable. During the performance, I was confident about mymonologue. It might be rushed sometimes but I think I had a clear voice. I made surethat the audience gets every single word that came out.
  4. Performance I was not feeling nervous during the final performances so it made my voice andactions more. I just imagined the performance as a practice. I was rather carefree and Itry to make sure that my voice is loud. It seems loud from where I am but after I havewatched the video, I can’t hear myself at all! I have a problem with concentrating though. I can’t help but smile when otherpeople laugh. Even if I had heard other people’s monologue over and over again, I stilllaugh at it but I tried not to move to avoid getting attention from the audience. What Iwould do is move into a position that hides my face. If I concentrate more, I woulddefinitely be able to focus and stay still plus make my characters more believable. I think our dance movement was messy but it still went well. The audience seemsto like it. But I’ve watched the video and our dance looks really good!I could’ve made myactions clear and exaggerate them more though.