How to borrow ebooks from Open Library.


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How to borrow ebooks from Open Library.

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How to borrow ebooks from Open Library.

  1. How toborrowebooks fromOpen Library.Randolph County Public Library
  2. 1) Go to and select ‘Sign Up’.
  3. 2) You will need to create an account. Fill out the form, and select ‘Sign Up’.
  4. 3) Next, log in to your email account and select the link in the email from Open Library. This will link you back to Open Library. Select ‘log in to continue’.
  5. 4) Enter your password, and select ‘Log In’.
  6. 5) This will bring you back to the homepage. Select ‘lending library of over 100,000 eBooks’ link in the header to browse ebooks.
  7. 6) Let’s check out While My Pretty Ones Sleep by Mary Higgins Clark.
  8. 7) Select ‘eBook’ under Borrow to check out the title.
  9. 8) Select ‘Download ePub’ to download to a non-Kindle ereader. (Tip: You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID. If you need help with this process, see our tutorial ‘How to download Adobe Digital Editions.’)
  10. 9) Select Open with Adobe Digital Editions to download the book to Adobe Digital Editions. (Tip: If you need help transferring the ebook to an ereader that reads ePub formats (non-Kindle ereaders), see our tutorial ‘How to download an ebook onto a NOOK ereader.’)
  11. 10) Once the book appears in Adobe Digital Editions, plug in your non-Kindle ereader and drag-and-drop the book onto your device.
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