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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Texas STaR ChartSchool Technology and Readiness<br />
  • 2. Texas STaR Chart<br />An Introduction and Review<br /><ul><li>Agenda-
  • 3. Purpose and Origins of STaR Chart
  • 4. Overview of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology
  • 5. Review Llano High School STaR Chart data</li></li></ul><li>What is the STaR chart<br /><ul><li>A tool for technology planning and assessing
  • 6. Online resource for district self-assessment of effective technology integration across the curriculum
  • 7. Indicates the district’s status toward reaching the goals of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology</li></li></ul><li>Long Range Plan for Technology<br /><ul><li>Four key areas
  • 8. Teaching &amp; Learning
  • 9. Educator Preparation &amp; Development
  • 10. Administration &amp; Support
  • 11. Infrastructure for Technology</li></li></ul><li>STaR Chart Levels of Progress<br /><ul><li> Early Tech
  • 12. Developing Tech
  • 13. Advanced Tech
  • 14. Target Tech</li></li></ul><li>Teaching &amp; Learning<br /><ul><li>Focus Areas
  • 15. Impact of Technology on Teacher Role &amp; Collaborative Learning
  • 16. Patterns of Teacher Use
  • 17. Frequency/Design of Instructional Setting Using Digital Content
  • 18. Curriculum Areas
  • 19. Technology Applications TEKS Assessment
  • 20. Patterns of Student Use</li></li></ul><li>Teaching &amp; Learning<br />Llano HS Score<br />
  • 21. Educator Preparation &amp; Development<br /><ul><li>Focus Areas
  • 22. Content of Training
  • 23. Capabilities of Educators
  • 24. Leadership &amp; Capabilities of Administrators
  • 25. Models of Professional Development
  • 26. Levels of Understanding &amp; Patterns of Use
  • 27. Technology Budget Allocated to Technology Professional Development</li></li></ul><li>Educator Preparation &amp; Development<br />
  • 28. Leadership, Adminstration and Instructional Support<br /><ul><li>Focus Areas
  • 29. Vision &amp; Planning
  • 30. Technical Support
  • 31. Instructional &amp; Administrative Staffing
  • 32. Budget
  • 33. Funding</li></li></ul><li>Leadership, Adminstration and Instructional Support<br />
  • 34. Infrastructure for Technology<br /><ul><li>Focus Areas
  • 35. Students per Computer
  • 36. Internet Access Connectivity/Speed
  • 37. Distance Learning
  • 38. LAN/WAN
  • 39. Other Technologies</li></li></ul><li>Infrastructure for Technology<br />
  • 40. Llano STaR Chart Results<br />;district=Llano&amp;campus=<br />
  • 41. What does Llano HS do next?<br /><ul><li>Focus on Teaching &amp; Learning
  • 42. Redefine what it means to be educated in a digital age
  • 43. Align goals, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology use
  • 44. Align all decisions with the missions &amp; goals and on best practices</li></li></ul><li>What does Llano HS do next?<br /><ul><li>Focus on Educator Preparation &amp; Development
  • 45. Ensure ALL teachers and administrators meet SBEC proficiencies
  • 46. Move ALL teachers and administrators to competent level in technology
  • 47. Give Teacher time and support to implement technology</li></li></ul><li>What does Llano HS do next?<br /><ul><li>Focus on Administration &amp; Support Services
  • 48. Increase on-site technical support
  • 49. Increase technical staff to get to state goal of one technician per 350 computers
  • 50. Provide appropriate budget to support technology plan </li></li></ul><li>What does Llano HS do next?<br /><ul><li>Focus on Infrastructure
  • 51. Purchase more classroom computers
  • 52. Provide distance learning opportunities
  • 53. Install a file server
  • 54. Move toward a 21st century classroom model</li></li></ul><li>In Summary<br /><ul><li>The STaR Chart provides a method of collection data to measure if schools advancing to goals expressed in the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology
  • 55. The STaR Chart provides information that can direct educators as they seek professional development, and funding for technology related initiatives.</li>