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Poetry Poetry Presentation Transcript

  • Eminem &Pamela Prentiss- Harrison
  • What is hip hop?• Hip hop to me is a strict type of writing. It must have rhythm as well as a type of rhyme. Along with rhythm and rhyme it must be thoughtful and not just a bunch of words mixed together.
  • The night falls gentle upon the earthbut hard within the heart of a terror-filled child.There is no peace this nightbut a sentry-like awareness ofevery noise, every movementwithin the house.A silent prayer is taken upon the wingsof the mourning dovewho waters the ground below with its tearswatching puddles form where each drop landsforming a new ocean of sorrow.There is no peace this night.The tender child draws itselfinto a tiny ball as if to disappear... footsteps are heard in the hall"please no" is whispered, "please go" is prayedas the doorknob quietly turns. There is no Peace by Pamela Pentiss-HarrisonThere is no peace this night.The dove soars higher, shaking sobs within itsbreastpenetrating clouds, gliding on windseeking its sourcelooking for the Lightknowing there will be no peace this night.The shadow falls acrossclenched fists, tousled curls,drawn up limbs, eyes squeezed shutagainst the scene about to unfoldscarcely breathing, knowingthere is no peace this night.Feverishly winging towardthe rainbow of light and celestial destination,the dove contracts and gasps with the painof its little charges spiritand delivers the messageTo the being of Light & Beautywho swoops down to grasp the hand of the childand deliver its pain to another dimensionto be stored until the child is strongerand able to face the reality of evil on the earth.The angel cradles her charge,gently rocking, while tears stream down her face...mixing with the silent tears of the child.The dove quietly sings its grievous song ofmourningfor the lost innocence of this precious tot.There is no peace this night.
  • How are they the same?Eminem and Pamela both talk about the importance of child abuse. Not only about physical abuse but emotional abuse and the life long affect that it has on the child.
  • How are they different? Pamela talks more about theinnocence of a child while Eminem more about the grief of the child.
  • Both the poem and the song change shift every stanza.
  • So why is this so important?Both Eminem and Pamela talk aboutthe importance of what child abusecan really do to a child and the longterm affect it can have on the child.