What To Do When Your PC Crashes
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What To Do When Your PC Crashes






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What To Do When Your PC Crashes Document Transcript

  • 1. What To Do When Your PC Crashes It is a common program that unexperienced people dial to expensive computer geeks to repair theircrashed personal computer , now the thing is that this computer geeks not always know what theycertainly and sometimes they will mean you can spend more money than necessary.But how can you, unexperienced in fixing computer individuals , tell if a self called computer geek isnot true or right. In the following article my goal is to try to give you some basic resources whichdoesnt pretend to sell you into the best computer technician which can repair a penny , but at leastyou will know any time a computer geek is totally using cheat programs you!first of all lets brake in accordance with categories all of the most common personal computertroubleshooting, those will be:• Panic!, my computer doesnt start• Help!, my OS wont i can work/play/enjoy• OMG!, I think someone should be spying mePanic!, my computer doesnt start:Come forward ! unless you buy a computer nearly every single 3 years weve all been there, shoulddefinitely people I know completely anxiety when this happens and call me personally crying, yellingand coursing everything in the word. Chill out, identifying whats wrong when your computer doesntstart is easy in asking yourself a few questions before anxiety.first of all, does power comes on? take a closer look when you force the on button, any other lightflashing? if not regardless of whether this sounds dumb see if your power supply is OK, PC isconnected or a if UPS is jogging on a treadmill , try using a live release , then if the power supply isok then you need to go to the back of the type of CPU there must be a little fat-free switchsomewhere with a brand generally: "110/220 V" now there you need to select proper voltage to fityour home outlet voltage. If this still doesnt work and only if you dont hear your large definitionspinning, this may be some of the immediately following : video card not working, or a some of yourmotherboard essentials are loosen because of recently available movement. If you feel confidentsufficient you can disassemble your PC coupled with tweak everything there, after this still doesntactivates , it probably is in a short outlet , try reseting BIOS as a result of removing the CMOS batteryfor 5 or 10 seconds, this electrical power looks like a hand-clock electrical power only it is bigger, thenyou really place it back again and your computer should start again asking you for all the correct datetime, when not get a reliable computer nerd.Help!, my OS wont let me work/play/enjoySo maybe the computer do turns on, but you prefer to throw it trough your window because it is sodamn poor , it is taking like personal training seconds to show startup navigation , and better not opena penny because it can crash your main OS. At my personal experience computers that are very sloware filled with malware, spyware and stuff like that. Usually is to late evening and you have to formatyour main HD and reinstall car windows. But here are a few names that will you out to not formatingyour computer while fixing it:-COMBOFIX: this incredible tool contains a fix for the most common
  • 2. malware modus operandus, easy to find, just enter in in google, download, double click on on andwait for the report-HijackThis: these tool is special as soon as your internet surfing is making youwant to die, because it has the ability to uninstall all of those bad toolbars slowing your attachment ,but you need to read the book , beware that you can really fallout your computer if you dont readpoints first.And so many others that we will be posting in later on on hubs.OMG!, I think a friend or relative is spying meSolution is simple: "MOVE TO LINUX!" but rather...Linux is not for all employees. The best recommendations are, to start BEWARE WHERE YOUCLICK, should definitely of spyware comes simply because you click into some screaming youshouldnt click, always check the type of URL in your browser to have if it is correct, specially youmight be running a payment. Also have a firewall program up and running, and some nice anti-virus.The best way to fight spyware should be avoiding it, and it is would-be.Well, I hope youve enjoyed this little article, and in addition to this this tips will help you immediatelyyour computer crashes.By just how , here you can get a "Do it gut computer repair manual" for just $2, Ive read it and thereis various useful information, if you dont ever want to pay for a computer nerd to fix your computer.To Watch TV ON Your PC FREE Click Here