A war song to englishmen
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  • 1. A War Song to Englishmen and A Dream By Daniel Adams
  • 2. Background of William Blake  He was born on November 28,1757 in London, England. William began writing at an early age and claimed to have had his first vision, of a tree full of angels, at age 10. He studied engraving and grew to love Gothic art, which he incorporated into his own unique works. He was a misunderstood poet, artist and visionary throughout much of his life, but he found admirers in the later part of his life, which has been very influential since his death on August 12, 1827.  His main influence was the Bible
  • 3. William Blake Collections  A war song for Englishmen  America, a prophecy  The Tyger  The Lamb  Songs Of Experience  Songs Of Innocence
  • 4. Meaning of A war song to Englishmen  The poem is a general call to war for countrymen, only not a war for aggression, supremacy, hegemony, or territorial gain, but instead a call of rebellion to an individual right to fight to be set free.  The symbols of the poem is war and religion
  • 5. Poetry elements of A war song to Englishmen  There is no set rhyme scheme for this poem  The poem uses a meter that is set to a deliberate marching rhythm pattern that produces the solemn and unified tone that of a battle cry.  The alliteration used in this poem is souls must seek, his harp, well fought-field, shall smile and Black- Brow’d
  • 6. Meaning of A Dream  The poem is about a dream that Blake had about A mother ant has lost her way in the night and fears for her children.  The poem uses the same imagery that is in a little boy lost and little boy found which was about a mother that represents the human soul that is longing for peace and comfort only God can give
  • 7. Poetry elements of A dream  The rhyme scheme  He uses a trochaic meter with rhyming couplets that gives the poem a nursery- rhyme quality of work.  The poem has a soft alliteration of the words hie, thee, and home.
  • 8. Works Cited  http://www.biography.com/people/willia m-blake-9214491  http://www.gradesaver.com/the- complete-poems-of-william-blake/study- guide/section11/  http://mrsjgibbs.files.wordpress.com/2014/ 01/study-pack.pdf