Analyses of front, contents and double page spreads


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an analyses of my 3 magazines

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Analyses of front, contents and double page spreads

  1. 1. The mast head is large, bold The date, issue number andand is overlapping the image price is presented in smallwhich tells the reader its the text which shows it ismost dominating aspect on inferior and less importantthe front cover. compared to other aspects of the front cover.The main image showsBob Dylan (famoussinger) in smart,traditional clothing,which provides the The ‘‘plus’’ is in a redreader with additional box to catch the readerinformation about him eye and to signifyand his music style. Also importance.he is looking directly atthe viewer (camera) totry and communicatewith the audience. This part of text (Bob Dylan) is large and bold which signifies to the reader that this is the main cover line/ artical.The gap and linesbetween these parts ofthe text shows that theyare all different coverlines.
  2. 2. The issue of the magazine isclearly presented in big,bold, red text. A slogan is added to show brand recognition. the image is on the right corner of the page, so itThe sections of the doesnt use the wholecontents are easily page to distract theseparated by lines a red audience form thesubtitles, to help the contents .reader find what theirlooking for easier andfaster. These contents areThe page number are separated from the restlarger than the text so in a coloured box whichthey are to clear to see suggest there morefor the readers. important or the editor wants you to focus on them. The top line of all the text are bold, bigger and The website, sate and sum up what the text is page number is placed at about to provide the bottom of every additional information to page, if the reader needs the readers. a quick glance.
  3. 3. The text saying Bob The long shot image of Also the large image isDylan has been place Bob Dylan takes about in black and whiteright at the top, notifying or up to three quarters which gives it a morethe reader that these of the page, this shows realistic feel.pages are part of his that it is the maindouble page spread. subject of the page.Traditionally the firstletter in this case the‘‘I’’ is in a very large Date and pagefont size to make the number are put atarticle more the bottom of theaesthetically page away from thepleasing. main article so it can be easily read and understood by the reader.In the article someparts of the text iswritten in italics andsome arent, this This quote ‘‘my songs are personal. Ishows the reader This quote has easily wouldnt want people singing along withwhen the interviewer been shown to the me. It would sound funny.’’ is put in ais talking and when reader because of it very large font because the editor or theBob Dylan is talking. white text against the person that interviewed him believes this dark image. point is important and wants the reader to focus on that point.
  4. 4. The mast head is large,bold and clear and abovethe main image whichshows it is superior andmost important to The text (cover lines)anything else on the front bellow the masthead arecover. smaller however the same colour which informs the reader that they are also important.The medium/close up shotof the three band membersare clearly shown againstthe black background with The band member on thean edited blue colour right is looking at theoverlay. Which could ignite camera, whereas thea scenario of ghost’s others are indirect. Thisemerging from the could send a message toshadows. the reader that he is more important than the other two.Linking with the imagethere is text (main cover The barcode, issueline/ article) saying reunion details and price arewhich informs the reader tucked away at thethat they, the band (THE bottom corner of the pageXX) are coming back which shows it is relevanttogether. but not really important..
  5. 5. The date is placed at the very top of the page in small text allowing it to be informative, relevant however no soThe contents title is important to the reader.placed at top canter of thepage, so its for the readerto see and read. The contents are separated into sections/ categoriesInstead of one big with bold, underlinedimage, smaller images subtitles which makesare scattered on down it easier for the readerthe right and left side to find which articleof the page, to engage they want.the audience moreand to compliment thetext.. A drop shadow effect is used on some of the images to make them The page numbers are more aesthetically bold so the reader can pleasing to the reader. easily see them and then check what’s going to be on that page because the contents are parallel to the number. The same black and white colour scheme and the same text font is being used throughout the contents page to keep the magazine consistent.
  6. 6. The image takes a wholepage, half of the double The text is highlighted inpage spread. This tells blue, because identifiesthe reader that they the(band) are the subject of photographer, costumethe pages. designer and journalist to The website and the readers. page number is positioned on the‘‘The xx’’ is in bold right hand side ofbecause it is easy the page againstand clear to read to the whitethe audience. background, away for the large pieces of text which allow them to be easily‘‘The xx’’ is is also identified by thebold because it reader .makes the readerfocus andunderstand that it isimportant. The black, white and navy colour scheme has been used throughoutMore over ‘‘The xx’’ the front, contentsis also bold because and double pagethat is the name of spreadthe band and that iswhat the page isgoing to be about. The main article is presented in three spaced out columns. This makes it easy for the reader to understand where to start and where to finish and most importantly easy and clear to read.
  7. 7. The skyline above the Some points of themasthead informs the masthead is overlappedreader that they will get by the image whichfree CD’s and Posters in signifies that the readerthis issue. does not need to see the full masthead toThe All time low is the recognise the name and is big andbold and in blue insteadof purple showing it isdifferent and important The medium shot of thewhilst keeping consistent, band (ALL TIME LOW)and complimenting the members have beenvibrant yellow and purple edited to be darker, blackused around the page. white and grey for a more realistic feel also to standThe smaller purple text out agonist the very(cover lines) dispersed colourful and vibrantaround the front cover background.are there to inform thereader of the articles Also all the bandincluded in the members have a modernmagazine . fashion including hair style this shows the reader it is a modern magazine and points out its target audience.The image of the free The barcode, issue details One band member is inCD that is being given and price are in the bottom front of the rest this couldaway informs the reader corner, horizontally placed signify he is moreof the songs they will which makes it easy for the important or he is thebe getting. reader to understand. lead singer.
  8. 8. The contents page usesThe image in the middle two pages instead of one,dominates the page so to be able to fit more on Page numbers are in boldthe reader can focus on contents. for the reader to easilythat. see.Once again the The bold yellowsame band and white text inmember is in front the red circle isof the others used to catch theproviding attention of theinformation to the reader.reader that he is aleader. The side areas is filled in with black to also catch theSome boxes are attention of thefilled with yellow reader.which tells thereader they arevery importantparts. Above the contents there are More images are scattered towards the bottom and red sub middle of the page and some highlighted in yellow to headings/titles show importance which provides the reader with more which sum up the information about the article. (‘‘a picture says a article to help the thousand words’’). And moreover page numbers are reader know what added in the corner of the pictures allowing the reader the article is to view the image and go strait to that article. about strait away.
  9. 9. The all time log is inside a The main singer image uses the whole purple arrow at the top second page, once again this shows he is left hand side of the more important and more dominant to the double page spread other because he has a whole page image which tells the reader that where as the other only have small images. this is what the pages are going to be a about . The close up shots of the other The bold white text members of the and the smaller band are used to yellow text below provide additional that sums up the information to the blue boxes below. readers about the band.The page numbers arepositioned at the bottom The headline is in big, The parts highlighted incorners of the page in bold text and is blue are mini articles thatwhite against the dark positioned in the middle dont corporate to thecoloured background so of the left page. So its main article. And there inits easy for the reader to clear and easy to read. blue to signify to theidentify. reader that there different.