Hp qtp certification questions


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Hp qtp certification questions

  1. 1. For more QTP Scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comThirteen Top Questions about QTP CertificationQ. 1: How many types of HP Software Certification Credentials are available?Presently HP offers following two types of certification credentials to the individuals.1) AIS - with full form as “Accredited Integration Specialist”.2) ASE - with full form as “Accredited Systems Engineer”.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 2: Where do the QTP related certification fit in AIS or ASE?QTP Certification gets covered under following two parent streams by the broader name HP Quality Center v9.1) AIS - HP Quality Center v9: Accredited Integration Specialist in HP Quality Center v9.2) ASE - HP Quality Center v9: Accredited Systems Engineer in HP Quality Center v9.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 3: How many types of exams we need to clear to get AIS - HP Quality Center v9 Certification?1) Mandatory or Core Exam: Covers – Implementing HP Quality Center Software (Exam Code: HP0-M81)2) Elective Exam: One can chose either of the following examsa) HP QuickTest Professional 9.2 Software (Exam Code: HP0-M16)orb) HP WinRunner 9.2 Software (Exam Code: HP0-M12)<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 4: How many types of exams we need to clear to get ASE - HP Quality Center v9 Certifications?1) Mandatory or Core Exam: Covers – HP Quality Center 9.2 Software (Exam Code: HP0-M15)2) Elective Exam: One can chose either of the following examsa) Test Scripting using HP QuickTest Professional Software (Exam Code: HP0-M80)orb) Test Scripting using HP WinRunner Software (Exam Code: HP0-M82)<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>www.ramupalanki.com
  2. 2. For more QTP Scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comQ. 5: Does HP provide any part certification i.e. after clearing either of the mandatory exam or theelective exam?No. HP does not provide any certification for individual exams may be the Mandatory / Core or the Electiveexam.Hence to get the HP Certification, successful clearing of both Core exam as well as Elective exam is essential.After clearing the elective exams, a Score Card is provided by Prometric, which also commands great respectin the IT sector.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 6: Who conducts the AIS or ASE Certification Exams?1) AIS Certification Exams: These are Test Center exams. They are conducted in a Prometric Test Center.Prometric is the global leader providing testing & assessment services & conducts the AIS certification examson behalf of HP, being their partner.2) ASE Certification Exams: These are proctored, performance-based exams. These exams are conducted inHP performance-based test centers throughout the world. During the performance based exam, you will beprovided with a virtual lab environment wherein the concerned software alongwith a sample application shall beprovided to perform activities referred by exam questions.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 7: Are there any Exam Preparation Guides available?Exam preparation guides are available for all the certification exams. These guides provide following basicinformation like:1) Objective: Purpose of the concerned exam preparation guide.2) Audience: Who should appear in this exam.3) Requirements: Basic requirements for the concerned certification.4) Prerequisites: If any for appearing in the concerned exam.5) Exam details: Covering information likea) Number of questions in the exam.b) Type of Questions: Multiple choice / Performance based.c) Time commitment in hours.d) Percentage Required to Pass the Exam.6) Exam content: specific broad areas covered in the exam.7) Sample Questions: 2 - 3 sample questions just to present an idea.www.ramupalanki.com
  3. 3. For more QTP Scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.com<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 8: Where can we get the concerned Exam Preparation Guides?Exam preparation guides are available freely for download.Use the following links to Download the Concerned Exam Preparation Guide:1) For AIS - HP Quality Center v9 CertificationsExam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M81Exam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M16Exam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M122) For ASE - HP Quality Center v9 CertificationsExam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M15Exam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M80Exam Preparation Guide Exam Code: HP0-M82<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 9: How can we register for the certification exam?Use the following link to register for the desired certification exam.Register for the Certification Exam<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 10: What is the schedule of HP Certification Exams?Use the following link to view the schedule of the desired certification exam.Certification Exam Schedule<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 11: How much we need to pay for the certification exam?a) Examination costs vary according to region and local currencies.b) On an average, the cost is USD $750. However HP recommends to refer information provided in yourregional registration web-page for exact cost details.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>www.ramupalanki.com
  4. 4. For more QTP Scripts, visit www.ramupalanki.comQ. 12: What is the mode of making payments for exams fee?1) You can make the fee payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Purchase Order2) You may register for your courses online, using a credit card.<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>Q. 13: Is there anyone who can provide online coaching on QTP?Yes. The content Manager of this site Software Testing Genius provides specialized online training onQuickTest Professional. Some of the features of the training are as under:1) The training is provided by highly experienced, B.Tech – IT HP certified Expert on Quick Test Professional.What you learn is from his great knowledge & rich experience of working on QTP with several projects in topranking MNC’s.2) Physical distance between the tutor & trainee has become irrelevant. During the training session throughWebex / similar software, you will be able to watch each other’s PC screen in a real time environment as ifgetting a classroom training.3) Our training courses will develop your skills to a level that you should be able to clear HP Certification Examon QTP vide exam Code HP0-M16 with a good score.For more details of online training, please write to: software.testing.genius@gmail.com with “QTP TrainingQuery” in the Subject Line & specifying your present level of knowledge & experience (if any) on QTP, so thatwe can recommend the most suitable training module to you.Article by:http://www.softwaretestinggenius.comA Storehouse of Complete Knowledge on Software Testing & QA under one Roofwww.ramupalanki.com