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Plot 4th grade
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  • Turn to page 489 in textbook


  • 1. Plot Reading Street Unit 4 Week 5Created by Ramona Atkins
  • 2. So . . . What is plot? Plot is only found in fiction.Plot is the story structure that shows the character in action.  Plot begins when  The problem a character has a builds up during problem or the rising action conflict. or the events that happen while trying to solve the problem.
  • 3. Plot Plot reaches a climax  Plot ends with the when the problem is action slowing met. It is the Aha! down during the moment that excites resolution. This the character. It is how the problem answers how or why is solved and the the problem happened plot ends. and what to do about it.
  • 4. Strategy: Prior KnowledgeGood readers use prior knowledge to helpunderstand what they are reading.They ask themselves, “What do I already knowabout what is happening in this story?”The things you already know will help you tounderstand the events in the rising action andclimax of the plot. Making predictions will helpyou see if your thinking about what the writer istrying to tell you.
  • 5. Beginning today and the next two days, you will analyzethe structure or sequencing of plot using a storymountain. The structure is the main parts of the plot.It is like the structure of a house. You have to have abottom, the foundation. Then you add walls to hold upthe house. Then you put on the roof, it is the top of thehouse. Then you add all the extras that complete thehouse. roof Extras walls Doors, windows foundation houseSo . . .What’s a story mountain?
  • 6. A story mountain is a graphic organizer thatshows the sequence of plot and how the storymoves along. It helps you to break down the partsor features of plot just like the parts of a house. ClimaxProblem Resolution
  • 7. Got it?Thumbs up orThumbs downQuestions?Let’s practice