Pageflex	  &	  MindFire	  Two	  Great	  Technologies,	  One	  Great	  Solu5on	  
Today’s	  Agenda	  •  Overview	  of	  mul5-­‐channel	  marke5ng	  and	  marke5ng	     automa5on	  •  Pageflex	  Storefront	...
Your	  presenters	  •  Marion	  Williams-­‐BenneN	      –  Pageflex	  Corporate	  Communica5ons	  Manager	  •  Leslie	  Wen...
Mul5-­‐channel	  marke5ng	  •  Mul1-­‐Channel	  Marke1ng	  is	  the	  art	  and	  science	  of	     bringing	  together	  ...
Marke5ng	  automa5on	  •  The	  goal	  –	  to	  create	  interac5ve	  “conversa5ons”	  with	     customers	  and	  poten5a...
Marke5ng	  automa5on	  •  In	  addi5on	  to	  mul5-­‐channel	  marke5ng,	  marketers	  are	     also	  using	  technology	...
Marke5ng	  Automa5on	  at	  Its	  Best	          	  "Marke5ng	  automa5on	  is	  o`en	  construed	  as	              mecha...
A	  large	  and	  growing	  market	  •  More	  than	  $76B.	  by	  2017,	  from	  less	  than	  $50B.	  in	  2013	  
The	  opportunity	  for	  PSPs	  and	  MSPs	  •  It’s	  a	  natural	  outgrowth	  of	  other	  services	       –  Personal...
Compelling	  Results	  •  Adding	  marke5ng	  services	     can	  be	  a	  catalyst	  for	  growth	       –  36%	  of	  pr...
Pageflex	  Storefront	  •  We’re	  no	  longer	  talking	  about	  web-­‐to-­‐print	  •  We’re	  talking	  about	  flexible	...
Pageflex	  Storefront	  web	  portals	  •  Can	  be	  deployed	  for	  mul5ple	  customers	  and	  	  different	     ver5cal...
Pageflex	  Storefront	  •  Different	  skins,	  different	     workflows	  for	  different	     audiences	  •  Robust	  archite...
MindFire	  Studio	  •  Drag-­‐and-­‐drop	  interface	  to	  author	  &	     manage	  mul5-­‐touch,	  mul5-­‐channel	     m...
Marke1ng	  Automa1on	  Workflows	  …	                   	   Generate	  higher	  quality	  leads,	          at	  lower	  cos...
Marke1ng	  Automa1on	  Workflows	  …	                    	    Nurture	  Contacts	  un1l	  they	           are	  qualified	  
Combined	  Offering	  Campaign	            Campaign	                Campaign	  Workflow	             Template	              ...
What	  a	  customer	  has	  to	  say	  •  ZUZA	      –  Long	  5me	  commercial	  printer	  in	  	         Southern	  Cali...
ZUZA	   –  Customers	  are	  at	  various	  levels	  of	  sophis5ca5on,	  many	      don’t	  have	  the	  internal	  resou...
Pageflex	  &	  MindFire	  Studio	  Use	  Case	  •  DreamLand	  is	  a	  management	  consul5ng	  firm	  with	     offices	  th...
DreamLand	  Campaign	  •  DreamLand’s	  MSP	  puts	  the	  campaign	  in	  Pageflex	     Storefront	  •  Each	  DreamLand	 ...
Value	  for	  DreamLand	  •  They	  can	  extend	  cross-­‐media	  marke5ng	  out	  to	  the	     local	  offices	      –  S...
Summary	  •  Marke5ng	  Automa5on	  is	  cri5cal	  to	  successful	  lead,	     prospect	  and	  customer	  communica5ons	...
To	  learn	  more	           	                         800.551.0549	                  marke5ng@pa...
Try	  it	  out!	                            	                            	                            	                 hN...
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Pageflex and MindFire Studio- Two Great Technologies, One Great Solution


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InfoTrends estimates that in the coming years, the market for multi-channel marketing campaigns will grow by over 28%. Clearly, this trend represents an opportunity for print and marketing service providers.

Is your business ready?

If you're looking for ways to get in on this trend, Pageflex and MindFire have a solution for you. Our new collaboration brings together the robust automated multi-channel marketing campaigns created in MindFire Studio with the extensive document management capabilities of Pageflex Storefront.

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Pageflex and MindFire Studio- Two Great Technologies, One Great Solution

  1. 1. Pageflex  &  MindFire  Two  Great  Technologies,  One  Great  Solu5on  
  2. 2. Today’s  Agenda  •  Overview  of  mul5-­‐channel  marke5ng  and  marke5ng   automa5on  •  Pageflex  Storefront  –  what  it  is  and  how  it  enables   marke5ng  automa5on  •  MindFire  Studio  –  what  it  is  and  how  it  enables   marke5ng  automa5on  •  The  combined  product  offering  -­‐  use  case  •  Customer  experience  •  Demo  •  Ques5ons   3/15/13 2 Pageflex Confidential
  3. 3. Your  presenters  •  Marion  Williams-­‐BenneN   –  Pageflex  Corporate  Communica5ons  Manager  •  Leslie  Wengenroth   –  Pageflex  Director  of  Marke5ng  •  Dave  Rosendahl   –  MindFire  Co-­‐founder  •  Craig  Hath   –  ZUZA  Port  Master  
  4. 4. Mul5-­‐channel  marke5ng  •  Mul1-­‐Channel  Marke1ng  is  the  art  and  science  of   bringing  together  a  variety  of  different   marke5ng  channels  to  reach  a  customer    where  they   “live”     –  Usually  a  combina5on  of  “places”  which  can  include  a   printed  catalog,  a  retail  store,    a  web  site,  in  social   media,  or  in  their  email.    •  Objec5ve  –  to  reach  the  customer  in     ways  and  in  channels  that  speak     directly  to  them  and  use  that     informa5on  to  create  future     campaigns  
  5. 5. Marke5ng  automa5on  •  The  goal  –  to  create  interac5ve  “conversa5ons”  with   customers  and  poten5al  customers   –  With  a  targeted  message       –  Delivered  via  their  preferred  channel     –  With  support  for  mobile  devices   –  With  automated  triggers  to  generate  follow-­‐up   –  All  seamlessly  integrated  •  The  plaXorm  and  the  campaign  needs  to  respond   quickly  to  changing  channels  and  ongoing  responses  •  It  all  needs  to  be  measured  –  ROI  is  cri5cal!  
  6. 6. Marke5ng  automa5on  •  In  addi5on  to  mul5-­‐channel  marke5ng,  marketers  are   also  using  technology  to  automate  their  marke5ng   opera5ons:   –  Marke5ng  automa5on  replaces  high-­‐touch,  repe55ve   manual  processes  with  automated  solu5ons   –  Lets  you  use  and  reuse  what  you  learn  about  your   customers  •  Marke5ng  automa5on  can  also  help  you:   –  Gain  efficiencies  in  your  produc5on  process   –  Support  a  distributed  sales  and  marke5ng  team   –  Ensure  5ght  brand  and  crea5ve  control  
  7. 7. Marke5ng  Automa5on  at  Its  Best    "Marke5ng  automa5on  is  o`en  construed  as   mechanical,  cold,  and  impersonal-­‐-­‐and  its  name   certainly  doesn’t  help.  The  term  “automa5on”  conjures   images  of  shiny,  futuris5c  technologies  with  human-­‐like   intelligence.  However,  marke5ng  automa5on  is   designed  to  help  us  mere  humans  work  with   superhuman  speed,  while  s5ll  delivering  a  friendly,   relevant,  and  personal  marke5ng  message  to  poten5al   clients.“                          -­‐  –  the  blog  of  the  CMO  organiza7on  
  8. 8. A  large  and  growing  market  •  More  than  $76B.  by  2017,  from  less  than  $50B.  in  2013  
  9. 9. The  opportunity  for  PSPs  and  MSPs  •  It’s  a  natural  outgrowth  of  other  services   –  Personalized  communica5ons   –  Data  driven  communica5ons  •  With  new  technology,  it  can  be     just  as  easy  as  direct  mail  •  InfoTrends  es5mates    worldwide  growth  in    PSP/MSP   market  will  be  28.2%  from  2010  –  2016  •  It’s  very  profitable!   InfoTrends Workflow Software Report, 2012
  10. 10. Compelling  Results  •  Adding  marke5ng  services   can  be  a  catalyst  for  growth   –  36%  of  printers  see  double-­‐ digit  revenue  growth     •  Average  10%  revenue   growth   –  71%  have  increase  in     digital  print  volume   •  13%  growth  on  average   Infotrends- The Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Services Provider, 2011
  11. 11. Pageflex  Storefront  •  We’re  no  longer  talking  about  web-­‐to-­‐print  •  We’re  talking  about  flexible  web  portals    
  12. 12. Pageflex  Storefront  web  portals  •  Can  be  deployed  for  mul5ple  customers  and    different   ver5cal  markets   •  Business-­‐to-­‐business,  business-­‐to-­‐consumer,  enterprises,   franchises,  small  businesses   –  Founda5on  for  all  sorts  of  targeted  communica5on   •  Print,  email,  mul5-­‐channel  campaigns,  personalized  video   and  rich  media  
  13. 13. Pageflex  Storefront  •  Different  skins,  different   workflows  for  different   audiences  •  Robust  architecture  and  APIs   to  5e  into  other  services  and   applica5ons  •  Resul5ng  in  a  consolidated   self-­‐service  plaXorm  for  your   customers  -­‐  available  24/7    
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. MindFire  Studio  •  Drag-­‐and-­‐drop  interface  to  author  &   manage  mul5-­‐touch,  mul5-­‐channel   marke5ng  automa5on  workflows  •  Enables  simple-­‐to-­‐sophis5cated   workflow  crea5on,  leveraging  any   in-­‐or-­‐outbound  media  •  Designed  with  a  learn-­‐once,  apply-­‐ anywhere  philosophy  
  16. 16. Marke1ng  Automa1on  Workflows  …     Generate  higher  quality  leads,   at  lower  costs  
  17. 17. Marke1ng  Automa1on  Workflows  …     Nurture  Contacts  un1l  they   are  qualified  
  18. 18. Combined  Offering  Campaign   Campaign   Campaign  Workflow   Template   becomes  Template   introduced  to     available  as  a  created  in   Pageflex   Storefront  MindFire   Storefront   Product  
  19. 19. What  a  customer  has  to  say  •  ZUZA   –  Long  5me  commercial  printer  in     Southern  California   •  Rebranded  in  2011   –  Pageflex  Storefront  is  our  solu5on  of  choice  a`er   outgrowing  2  other  systems.   –  Par5cipated  with  MindFire  on  the  beta  of  studio  and  the   beta  for  integra5on  with  PF  Storefront.     –  Aggressive  go  to  market  strategy.         •  Marke5ng  Automa5on  is  the  cornerstone  of  our  own   marke5ng  execu5on.  
  20. 20. ZUZA   –  Customers  are  at  various  levels  of  sophis5ca5on,  many   don’t  have  the  internal  resources  to  implement  an   automated  marke5ng  program  (even  large  companies),   or  don’t  want  to  invest    in  implementa5on.   –  Current  MA  plaXorms  really  only  focus  on  digital   channels,  the  opportunity  to  combine  physical  with   virtual  into  a  campaign  and  offer  it  to  the  user  base  for   implementa5on  on  demand  is  extremely  large.     –  I  call  this  the  Killer  App!  
  21. 21. Pageflex  &  MindFire  Studio  Use  Case  •  DreamLand  is  a  management  consul5ng  firm  with   offices  throughout  the  U.S.   –  They  want  to  publicize  a  series  of  educa5onal  seminars   they  are  having   •  The  goal  of  the  seminar  is  to  generate  quality  leads   –  Their  MSP  creates  a  campaign  that  includes  email  with   microsites  to  invite  poten5al  customers  to  their   educa5onal  seminars   •  The  goal  of  the  campaign  is  to  add  prospects  to  their   database  and  drive  aNendance  to  the  seminar  
  22. 22. DreamLand  Campaign  •  DreamLand’s  MSP  puts  the  campaign  in  Pageflex   Storefront  •  Each  DreamLand  office  and     sales  manager  can  access  the     campaign   –  Personalize     –  Preview     –  Select  their  data   –  Order  •  Track  the  results  through  MindFire  
  23. 23. Value  for  DreamLand  •  They  can  extend  cross-­‐media  marke5ng  out  to  the   local  offices   –  Saves  5me  and  reduces  resources  at  corporate  office   and  at  the  MSP  •  Campaign  defini5on  and  Storefront  user  group  access   controls  branding  and  messaging   –  Easy  to  setup  with  minimal  risk  •  Local  personaliza5on  and  segmenta5on  +  wider  use   drives  beNer  responses  •  Tracking  allows  comparison  and  analysis  
  24. 24. Demo  
  25. 25. Summary  •  Marke5ng  Automa5on  is  cri5cal  to  successful  lead,   prospect  and  customer  communica5ons  because  it   creates  the  types  of  personal  communica5ons   customers  now  demand.  •  Automa5ng  these  cri5cal  communica5ons  provide  you   and  your  clients  with  a  valuable  sales  tool.  •  Providing  these  types  of  campaigns  alongside  your   other  marke5ng  efforts  adds  tremendous  value  to  all   the  communica5ons  efforts  you  create  –  for  your   clients,  for  you.  
  26. 26. To  learn  more   800.551.0549   877.560.3473        
  27. 27. Try  it  out!         hNp://   hNp://    
  28. 28. Ques5ons  
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