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Dscoop8 Presentation: How Marketing Automation is Changing the Printing Industry
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Dscoop8 Presentation: How Marketing Automation is Changing the Printing Industry


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Marketing has evolved and it directly impacts your print business. Learn from your peers as they share their real-life examples on how they have used marketing automation technology to offer a new, …

Marketing has evolved and it directly impacts your print business. Learn from your peers as they share their real-life examples on how they have used marketing automation technology to offer a new, highly in-demand service to their customers. See how marketing automation empowers your marketing team to generate quality leads, and helps your sales people close more deals—faster.

You’ll learn how to:
· Leverage marketing automation as a new service, and as a tool to grow your business
· Build multi-channel campaigns leveraging print, email, mobile and social media
· Create drip marketing campaigns with lead nurturing and lead scoring

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  • 1. How Marketing Automation isChanging The Printing Industry Saturday, February 23 2:15 to 3:15pm
  • 2. Today’s presenters Joe Manos Ted Raymond Executive Vice President Principal MindFireInc Allegra Marketing & Print @jemanos @AllegraAZ
  • 3. AgendaI.  What marketing automation is and why it is important to you?II.  How to leverage marketing automation as a service, and as a tool to grow your businessIII.  Real-life examples of drip marketing campaign with multiple lead nurturing sequencesQ&A
  • 5. Trends driving MarketingAutomation •  First let’s examine why Marketing Automation has become the #1 focus area •  There are clear trends driving corporate marketers to seek partners to help them manage this new area of opportunity
  • 6. CMOs Declare 2013 the Year of Digital•  A new CMO Council Study reports the following: –  60% of CMOs think their digital strategies lack innovation –  Fewer than one in five CMOs think their organizations are any good at digital marketing –  They are charging into Big Data •  Data and web analytics are going to be big hiring priorities for marketing departments, says Liz Miller, VP of the CMO Council, which counts more than 6,000 members worldwide
  • 7. Additional FindingsIts a directive from the topThe CEO is saying to the CMO,“Listen, customer preference iscontrolling the switch, so come to mewith accurate measurement, give mevisibility into the marketing spend”60% say they will be making agencychanges this year to address a lackof innovation and dearth of value-added thinking from their outsidepartners
  • 8. Marketers are looking for help!•  According to a study by The Horn Group and Kelton Research: –  80% of chief marketing officers feel marketing automation will increase in importance over the next five years.•  In the same study: –  60% of CMOs indicated that they are unable to find a partner to meet those needs.•  As such, unparalleled opportunities exist for service providers that produce measurable results through a blend of traditional and digital services
  • 9. Need A Game ChangerWhen I reflect on the state ofmarketing automation, three stats painta very ominous picture:•  70% of the buy cycle is complete before sales engages with buyers•  Only 50% of a typical sales team achieves quota•  Only 10%-15% of new leads are considered sales ready
  • 10. What does this mean forMarketing Teams?•  Typically “Resource Challenged” in this area•  Ready to Leverage Multi-channel digital online campaigns•  Ready to benefit from enhanced Contact Centric tracking and measurement•  Leveraging mobile marketing as a critical strategy•  Working with innovative partners•  Looking for help and expertise for Marketing Automation success
  • 11. Tap into growing markets•  Forrester predicts spend on interactive marketing (email, mobile and social media) will grow from $4.7b in 2011 to $15.7b in 2016•  International Data Corporation predicts Marketing Automation will grow from $3.2b in 2010 to $4.8b in 2015
  • 12. Marketing Automation can help youGrow Your Business Generate quality leadsand close more deals–faster with marketing automation
  • 13. Drip marketing•  Key concepts: New lead Engaged Customer –  Lead generation –  Lead nurturing –  Lead scoring•  Sending scheduled outbound messages to move the leads forward in the sales funnel, incrementing the lead score…
  • 14. Score  =  0   New lead: a name (Subscribed to your newsletter) +7 days Responded to your Score  =  10   +10   direct mail +3 days Visited your site Score  =  15   +5   (pricing page +10)Sales check-in call +10 days Clicked your email Score  =  22   +7   (downloaded a Case study) +5 days Attended your Score  =  37   +15   Webinar/demoAutomated notificationto sales team …
  • 16. How can Marketing Automation helpyou sell more?Two key ways:1.  A new highly in-demand service you can offer to your customers2.  A new tool you can use for your own marketing (self-promotion) to grow your business
  • 17. Offering Marketing Automation as a New Service We will review several real-life examples Created by Ted and his team at Allegra Marketing & Print
  • 18. The Path to MSP•  The twenty mile march –  Amundsen vs. Scott –  Printer vs. MSP•  Our early approach –  Marketing Plans –  Marketing Strategy•  What we learned Roald Amundsen –  New business –  Existing accounts
  • 19. Organizational changes•  Invest in human capitol•  New roles were needed –  Design –  Web development –  Copywriters –  Art directors –  Strategist –  Data managers –  IT –  SEO / SEM
  • 20. Building the organization•  Evolve your business model –  In house vs. outsource…. or both•  Think about scheduling –  Project management is different with marketing projects•  Create time for non billable activities –  Training –  Brainstorming –  Culture building
  • 21. Selling marketingautomation•  Identify new stake holders•  Understand key business issues•  Have a conversation about business not printing or marketing•  Solve a problem don’t sell a product
  • 22. Stakeholders•  When selling marketing automation you need to bring all the stakeholders to the table –  Sales –  Marketing –  IT –  Database Managers –  Finance•  Engage executives, middle managers and users in the discovery process
  • 23. Asking the right questions•  Because marketing automation impacts so many areas of the sales process you must ask the right questions –  Understand sales process –  Get clear on the marketing approach –  Create internal service level guarantee –  Find out KPI’s. •  cost per lead •  cost per conversion •  Average time to close
  • 24. Pitching the program•  Bring the stakeholders together•  Create a formal presentation•  Use visuals•  Highlight the business result not just the process•  Provide a formal proposal not a quote
  • 25. Pricing marketingautomation•  Don’t think about a cost plus model•  Understand the financial impact a program has on your client•  Sell programs on a contractual basis
  • 26. Who to target•  Companies with an outside sales force•  Companies that have some type of database or CRM•  Companies that have a higher ticket product and / or long sales cycle
  • 27. Basic Lead Nurturing•  Client – World At Work –  Global trade association of HR professionals•  Program – Drive additional awareness of W@W program areas and further increase segmentation.•  Channels – –  Direct Mail –  Email –  Micro-sites
  • 28. Basic lead nurturing•  Start with a simple campaign•  Drive to micro-site•  Trigger leads based on response•  Consider multiple touches
  • 29. Intermediate Lead Nurturing•  Client – Republic West –  Home Improvement company with division in window & door replacement, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, room additions.•  Program Objectives –  Reduce time to close –  Reduce cost per conversion –  Improve productivity per rep•  Channels –  Online Search –  Direct Mail –  Email –  Micro-sites
  • 30. Intermediate Drip•  Segmented by area of interest.•  Twelve touches over three months•  Behavioral based “Lead score”
  • 31. Advanced MarketingAutomation•  Client – American Solar –  Residential solar installer based in AZ with 10 years experience•  Program Objectives –  Grow top line revenue by 30% –  Reduce cost per conversion –  Improve productivity per rep•  Channels –  Paid Search –  Referrals –  Event registration –  Direct Mail
  • 32. Tactics and outcomes•  We conducted an in-depth needs analysis of both sales and marketing•  Primary tactics of the program. –  Provide a differentiation when American Solar was the alternative bid. –  Provide a solar education for leads that are not sales ready –  Provide “drip” for leads that are currently “No Go” but may purchase in the future
  • 33. Advanced MarketingAutomation•  Multiple inbound channels Paid search is an –  Event registration increasingly important –  Paid Search part of the strategy –  Direct mail –  Referrals
  • 34. Everything in CRM•  In any automation system a data warehouse is essential•  This impacts multiple stake holders –  Sales –  Marketing –  IT –  DB Manager
  • 35. SalesForce.comintegration•  Workflow starts with the sales team•  “Second Bid” drive first logic point•  Lead status drives all other drip campaigns Second Lead Bid Status
  • 36. Build workflow based onoutcomes•  Identify key decision points for the buyer•  Understand the buying cycle•  Get into the clients head•  Build a workflow that provides value through education or offers
  • 37. Lead scoring•  Develop a lead scoring model 51 –  Look at measurable behaviors –  Make assumptions on behaviors. Test, Test, Test•  Provide value for specific recipient behaviors
  • 38. Develop assets•  Write compelling copy•  Create visual assets•  Develop offers –  White papers –  Buyers guides –  Tip sheets –  3rd party reviews
  • 39. Prelaunch•  Program business logic•  Create HTML version of the emails•  Host downloadable assets•  Review scoring models
  • 40. Testing•  Create multiple personas•  Test, Test, Test –  Browser rendering –  Triggers –  Scoring –  Reporting
  • 41. How does it work•  Inbound leads come from multiple sources but all drive to CRM –  API integration for all leads captured electronically. –  Referrals entered by sales rep into
  • 42. Drip emails•  Each workflow has seven touches•  Each touch has multiple scored behaviors•  When 50 point threshold is hit report sent to sales rep•  All behaviors can be measured
  • 43. How to get started•  Just do it – If you wait until you’re comfortable you’ll never start•  Start with a simple campaign and learn•  Build one for yourself•  Work with a client who is collaborative
  • 44. Q&A
  • 45. Thank you!Joe Manos Ted RaymondExecutive Vice President PrincipalMindFireInc Allegra Marketing & @AllegraAZ