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Chicago is a city that has seen its fair share of crime. The city currently experiences a higher murder rate than larger cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles. Only 60 percent of murders in the Chicago area are solved. In general, Chicago has a higher than normal crime rate. Approximately 300,000 crimes are committed annually in Chicago with nearly 1 in every 30 residents becoming a victim. The security needs of homeowners in the Chicago area are going to be somewhat different than elsewhere. Residents of Chicago are more likely to be victims of burglary and theft than people in other cities. An alarm system can have a dramatic impact on the security of a home. A home with a security system is three times less likely to be burglarized.
Stealth's home security solutions ensures Chicagoland security systems are installed properly so you maximize your return on all your security system investments. Wherever you work in and around Chicago, IL,Stealth's home security solutions will install your security system to manufacturer specifications and your personal satisfaction.
For a security system you can rely on, call Stealth's home security solutions at (866) 424-3521 systems chicago security cameras chicago cctv installations chicago home theater

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  1. 1. S.W.A.T (Stealth Watching All the Time) Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems, Inc Crystal Lake, IL 60014-3506 Toll Free: (866) 424-3521 SECURITY SYTEMS CHICAGO CCTV INSTALLATIONS CHICAGO HOME THEATER CHICAGO RESIDENTIAL CAMERA SYSTEMS CHICAGO
  2. 2. Overview  Project Objectives and Purpose  Approach  Sub-systems  Division of Labor  Schedule  Risks and Contingencies
  3. 3. Project Statement  Home Security and Safety  Detection of intruders  Intruder prevention by alarms and lights  Recording of home activity  Generate reports (logs)  Allow remote access
  4. 4. Motivation for Implementing  Allow home owners to always know what is happening in their house  Allow remote access to the system  Fend off intruders
  5. 5. System Diagram
  6. 6. Control System  Communicates with each sensor  Communicates with Visual Station  Records data from sensors  Responds to events (trigger alarm)
  7. 7. Control System  Main control processor: ATMega128  RF link: ZigBee Wireless  Internet: TBD Ethernet module  Data Storage: SD cards  Alarm Trigger: Standard IO  Programming: C/C++ using Eclipse  Visual Station: Connected via Serial
  8. 8. Sensors  Infrared motion detection  Magnetic proximity for doors/windows  Glass integrity sensor  Temperature sensor
  9. 9. Sensors Simple control processor: ATMega8 RF link: ZigBee Wireless Magnetic sensors: HALL effect switch Glass Integrity: Glass Break Detector Temperature: Analog or Serial Infrared Sensor: Self-Designed
  10. 10. Visual Station  Contained within a laptop  Continuously updating sensor values  Graphically displays information  Monitor and control system settings
  11. 11. Alarms  Lights  Noise (siren)  Email
  12. 12. Power Sources  All parts of the system will be powered by AC  All digital components and chips will run at 3.3V
  13. 13. Extras Control the coffee pot or oven Lock doors Camera nodes Real time graphs of each sensor Other Control Nodes (Turn on lights, open garage door) SMS notification
  14. 14. Division of Labor  Programming: Paul and Pavel  PCB Designs: Paul and Pavel  Analog Circuitry: Jeff and Tyler  Power Implementation: Jeff and Tyler  Sensor Construction and Implementation: Jeff and Tyler  Documentation and Testing: All
  15. 15. Gantt Chart
  16. 16. Budget STK 500 Programmer ATMega128 ATMega 8 ZigBee Chips Temperature Sensor IR Sensor Components Magnetic Sensor Broken Glass Sensor PCB Passives Power Circuitry Power Supplies Alarm Lights Alarm Siren Buffer Budget Program MCU on Control System and Sensor Nodes 3 Revs of the Control System MCU 3 Revs each sensor MCU 3 Revs Wireless chips for all MCUs 3 Revs of Temp on all boards 3 Revs of self built IR Sensor 3 Revs of Magnetic Sensor 3 Revs of Broken Glass sensor 3 Revs of PCB (includes shipping/handling) 3 Revs of Passive components 3 Revs of Power for all Boards Power the Control and Sensor Boards Simple Alarm Sound Alarm Allow for unseen costs
  17. 17. Budget STK 500 Programmer ATMega128 ATMega 8 ZigBee Chips Temperature Sensor IR Sensor Components Magnetic Sensor Broken Glass Sensor PCB Passives Power Circuitry Power Supplies Alarm Lights Alarm Siren Buffer Budget TOTAL $85 $45 $48 $60 $30 $30 $30 $90 $120 $60 $90 $35 $15 $10 $77 $825
  18. 18. Risks/Contingencies 1. Wireless communication adds to sensor interface complexity *Remove wireless link from sensors. Use simple wires. 2. Number of remote units increases complexity *Decrease number of remote units
  19. 19. 3. PC interface functionality of graphing and displaying data *Simplify the Visual Station graphing functionality 4. Remote access via web server *Simplify the web server or use the Visual Station instead Risks/Contingencies
  20. 20. Questions?? Stealth Watching All the Time