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  1. 1. POSITION DESCRIPTION COMPANY OVERVIEW AND CONTEXT IDP Education Pty Ltd is a global organisation, based in Melbourne Australia. IDP manages three core business lines of student placement to Australian institutions, English language testing and management of education related aid programs across the countries within which IDP has a presence. IDP’s strategic objective is to expand the student placement business into other markets. As such, the US has been identified as the first of these new markets with the plan to begin placing students for the November 2010-11 academic year intake. IDP VALUES AND BEHAVIOURS Values: ° Community ° Quality ° Integrity ° Expertise ° Caring Behaviours: ° Innovate ° Drive ° Partner BUSINESS UNIT/TEAM OVERVIEW International Development Services sources and manages education programs, including scholarship programs, funded by the governments of Australia or overseas countries, or aid development banks, in order to make a difference to people’s lives in the countries in which IDP operates or might choose to operate. POSITION PURPOSE This position provides services to the APS project. It provides database development and management as well as data integrity, analysis and reporting. The position has a management accounting function in the provision of data integrity and analysis, and management data integrity for management reporting. The position also prepares analytical reports relating to APS and development business. POSITION DIMENSIONS No. of staff supervised: Directly: N/A Indirectly: N/A Position Description – Template Page 1 of 4 POSITION TITLE: Project Database Officer LOCATION: Canberra REPORTS TO: APS Senior Program Manager BUSINESS UNIT: International Development Services DATE: 20/03/2009
  2. 2. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Key Responsibility Description Manage various databases  Enter data into the student management information system, including student, higher education institution, OSHC, visa, family entry and other data within agreed timeframes and with high level of accuracy and maintain up to date records within a maximum of 5 working of required change  Set up student financial data/bank accounts to effect fortnightly student stipend payments  Assist in the input of financial data in the database and maintain up to date financial records  Support the processing of course variations and supplementary academic assistance as necessary and update the database  Monitor and report on the accuracy of student records to reflect course variations and other changes within 5 days of advice of the approved change  Assist in generating project reports from the database, including students’ profile, study progress, enrolments, financial reports and projections.  Maintain a log of any changes and/or enhancements in the database. Implement minor enhancements to the database according to approved procedure. Provide staff training as necessary  Support the arrangements for homeward travel for APS students on completion of their course and update the database  Contribute to written procedures and User’s Manual to meet the specific needs of this program in relation to financial and database administration  Contributes to branch technical knowledge of Database structures, development and management Reporting and Data Analyses  Prepare reports for internal and external clients using variety of tools, including MS word, developing queries and reports in Access and Excel  Identify, analyse and respond to program wide issues Manage student and program issues  Operate within a multi-faceted structured operating environment including contract, company and branch.  Develop solutions and options to operational and program issues and has ability to develop innovative program wide options.  Operate across multiple functions including student management, finance, data management and contracts. Communicates with key internal and external stakeholders.  Prepare clearly articulated reports as part of the program and branch reporting requirements which involves research, analysis and synthesis of information  Develop research in key external (as part of project preparation and management) and internal (as part of the management accounting and project management function for APS)  Operate in the Microsoft Office user’s (Microsoft Office suite including MS Project and Visio) and developers (Access and Excel in particular) platforms to develop solutions to management issues and to prepare reports and documentation as part of project and branch management.  Operate within company (IDP), branch (International Development) and contract (AusAID) environments and have a clear understanding and working knowledge of each to apply to international development functions. Position Description – Template Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. RELATIONSHIPS Internal External  Within APS team  Within IDS branch  Within IDP  Liaise with project office in Jakarta  Communicates with Project/Country offices when required  Communicates with external providers ie travel consultants, Universities  Communicates with Scholarship holders  Contributes to reports and correspondence to external providers and clients. CHALLENGES FOR THIS POSITION  Effective time management – balancing competing priorities  Multi-discipline skilling – meeting work requirements  Integration and knowledge across multiple contracts and programs  Effective resourcing PERSON SPECIFICATION Essential requirements (skills, knowledge experience & qualification):  Adequate Microsoft Office suite skills (esp. Access and Excel)  Good interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills both internal and external to IDP  Ability to manage multiple work streams simultaneously and cope with competing workloads  Excellent writing skills  Problem solving skills – the ability to ‘think outside the box’  A working knowledge of contracts or the ability to acquire such knowledge  A working knowledge of the Australian education environment or the ability to acquire such knowledge  Project management experience / knowledge including financial aspects  Experience with database administration within a project management environment where contractual financial obligations must be met to retain the business  Qualifications relevant to database administration  Demonstrated experience in using computerised databases including ACCESS, EXCEL spreadsheets and other desktop publications for more than two years  Demonstrated experience in assisting in the production of databased reports in project required formats within a contractually obligated timeframe  Demonstrated high level accuracy in data entry and respect for integrity of data in a computerised database Desirable requirements (leadership & team/project capabilities) :  At least three years’ experience operating and or utilising various databases with intermediate-level skills  Demonstrated experience as a team player operating in a cross cultural environment  Sound customer service skills, preferably in a cross cultural environment Approved by: People and Culture, Branch Head, General Manager April 2009 Position Description – Template Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Position Description – Template Page 4 of 4